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2013 China e-mail marketing industry data reports

2013 China e-mail marketing industry data reports

A global leader in e-mail marketing services agency webpower recently released in China e-mail marketing industry data reports reveal the overall development of the email marketing industry, and the industry status quo mail marketing applications for the year 2013.

According to statistics, in 2013 the average EDM served whole domestic industry was 94.07%, the average open rate of 11.59% independent, with an average rate of 20.56% independent click to open an average rate of 2.38% independent clicking served.

Throughout China e-mail marketing industry, in 2013, the average delivery rate of 94.07%, compared with the 2012 average delivery rate of 90.90%, representing an increase of approximately 3.49%; average open rate of 11.59% independent, up 14.83%; mean Click to open separate rate 20.56%, up 1.18%; average rate of 2.38% independent clicking served, an increase of 12.26%.

From the full year to analyze trends, email marketing in 2013 show a steady trend of rising demand, which in the second quarter was the most prominent e-mail marketing, one, three, four-quarter performance is more stable. April, May, around June, it was the busiest year period of economic activity, the industry focused enterprise applications mail marketing tool, and actively carry out various types of e-mail marketing campaigns, mail frequent interaction with the user, e-mail marketing, the effect is significant.

2013 Status and Analysis of e-mail marketing industry

2013, to carry out permission-based e-mail marketing has become common knowledge within the industry and the application of e-mail marketing firms. In the e-mail marketing practices, in addition to continue to strengthen in the message header, content and design; mail user data collection and management; thorough application to send personalized e-mail strategy, the email marketing industry showed the following characteristics and trends in overall:

1 normative increasingly demanding. 2013 is the norm in e-mail marketing. On the one hand, the number of e-mail marketing, sending bonus is disappearing, bulk mail business purpose without bulk, resulting in non-delivery system planning of marketing strategies fail, unsubscribe complaints, lack of interaction, such as the negative effects of subsidence effects begin to be felt. On the other hand, countries continue to strengthen the e-mail marketing business activity, personal information security and other aspects of supervision and management, e-mail marketing to further enhance user awareness and legal level, etc. These objective factors that the parties are required to carry out e-mail marketing messages more standardized marketing activities.

2 personalized, precision marketing is the trend trend. Intelligent computing model based on BI to email marketing intelligence-based marketing automation technology becomes more mature, fully human liberation, marketing resources are more fully utilized, the accuracy and efficiency of e-mail marketing to get a double upgrade.

3 diversify email marketing application. Currently, whether domestic or international markets, are conducting an active e-mail integration with other channels. According to a survey from MarketingSherpa 1095 名 marketers show foreign companies have applied to email marketing websites, social media, events, blog, SEO / PPC, direct mail, mobile, print publications, public relations, SMS, in-store advertising and were integrated use of e-mail marketing. The domestic mail and text messaging, micro-channel, APP Push and multi-channel marketing is also effective combination, and breaking the previous simple simple channel integration, be more in-depth exploration of the integration approach. In favor of multi-channel data sharing, multi-channel seamless fit.

4 Optimized become the focus. On the message header, content and design testing and optimization, email marketing has become a business seeking to enhance the effect of the daily strategies. Cloud disk, cloud storage, html5, e-mail and other mail polymerization new feature upgrades, Gif, email dynamic effects, video, adaptive response to changes in design technology for e-mail marketing optimization technology provides a new means.

Chinese e-mail marketing industry is in a stage of rapid development. Although developed regions and abroad awareness on e-mail marketing also has some gaps, but the introduction of foreign advanced concepts and technologies, and advanced e-mail marketing service providers in the e-mail marketing product innovation and localization strategy, are for domestic enterprises to develop effective e-mail marketing, and tap the potential value of e-mail marketing offers a very favorable timing and objective conditions, and now in China, about 10 percent of e-mail marketing application business as an opportunity to begin to carry out data mining based on behavior interactive personalized e-mail marketing, be Comparison of high-end precision e-mail marketing, marketing opportunities for significant returns and market-leading. With the rise in e-mail marketing "big data", rational and efficient data collection, analysis, management and use, to protect the security of data, focusing on the end user's experience level data are also included in the agenda and other issues, a new focus.

In addition, the annual report for 2013 focused on e-mail marketing application four key industries: tourism / hotel services, foreign commerce, retail and traditional corporate status of a specific e-mail marketing, the depth of excavation, by e-mail marketing within the industry with outstanding performance TOP3 3 email marketing metrics data enterprises (average open rates independently, the average independent click to open rate, click the average independent service rate) for statistical analysis, combined with the market environment and the development of various sectors of the background, a detailed analysis of the industry TOP3 enterprises to cope different events change in marketing innovative strategies to provide practical experience in various industries to share the mail host.

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    A smallish campaign with a homemade list would not be likely to yield much of a result. To achieve anything worthwhile, a much more aggressive effort is needed. Then, the age-old value analysis applies: projected earnings = margin on total projected sales - cost of campaign.

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