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Social marketing shift three characteristics , for example with Durex

Social marketing shift three characteristics , for example with Durex

Social marketing has gone through a few years time , but today when it comes to social marketing , the first impression is still the most insiders Durex , I often hear a lot of companies are looking for when looking for Durex B division team . Most people have the impression that the reason is because they will social marketing is equivalent to this understanding : the microblogging operators often get a lot of turn comment. Such standards, Durex is certainly qualified , whether it is " Rainy Night overshoes " Liu Xiang Olympic events or promptly after the fall microblogging Durex creative team of flexible mechanisms to make them perfectly done that .

( Timely weibo after Liu Xiang Olympic Games losing )

But only if a large number of transfer assessment as the basis for the success of micro-Bo is obviously one-sided, and this effect is not sustainable , after all, you can not expect Durex have a " rainy night overshoes " This effect microblogging day. In a way , the daily operations of a micro-blog like waves, as a whole is stable and forward , but it will be the climax of the way there will be a trough, successful microblogging operators should be " wave of advance ."

Because of this , you have the impression that perhaps Durex have disappeared a long time, the last time my impression of Durex 's still stuck in it in the show released a micro-Bo , the contents of this event , compared with the two very different , but this was a relatively good past six months Durex content.

( Spring Festival Durex timely weibo )

So that often brings little surprise Dudu no longer magical yet ? Perhaps the fact that is not the case , as opposed to traditional marketing , social marketing is a dramatic change , in 2013 and 2011 social marketing has been very different , faced with such a background , Durex made ​​its own changes.

Durex integrated marketing

The summer of 2013 , in order to promote the new series of Durex hwan feel shock stick on the microblogging Durex launched a " feel -hwan trip " activities , the so-called " feel -hwan Journey " is the Durex ask a couple, once from Beijing Shangri-La in Yunnan travel to , but in this trip, the couple did not have any money , by the way have to be exchanged with the desired use Durex Vibes.

The purpose of this activity is in fact most people tell at a glance that we change the minds of sex toys in the "evil " impression , to guide people in an open , normal state of mind to look at this product. In this respect , Durex is intended to change the idea of everyone 's ideas and马佳佳have the same purpose .

But this spread is different from the past out of the past, just Durex active in microblogging circle , while at the same time spread online and offline . It was first released in the promotion of Events Online , and called on fans to help around the couple to complete the " feel -hwan trip ." After the couple arrived in a city , Durex official micro reported that the couple will live in the " exchange of goods " road anecdotes, such as the couple on the road Vibes been identified as airport security appliances, marble street stall in exchange with the love story Vibes have been so fun to get a good official micro- propagation , which we can also see that the best ideas often come from life.

Often because of the high degree of concern activities , the couple arrived in a city initiative to help get the local fans . An event which triggered the explosion point a couple in Chengdu when the "accident" to a pack Vibes lost in the street , being a guy go out and buy Lucai and call the local TV station picked up the phone the first time, the final Durex Vibes "free" boarded the station , got great exposure , and it passed the social network has been widely spread and become a successful event marketing .

The online campaign launched by Durex , and at the same time promoting online and offline , live events eventually turn in the line of transmission lines , to achieve a sense of O2O spread . Fans in action enhanced interaction , the Durex only published on the microblogging on the " feel -hwan trip" content and fan interaction, also called boot fans came from online and offline , deeply involved in the interaction with the Durex couple to achieve a spread on the closure.

Durex cross-border cooperation with Northern Ireland

Under normal circumstances, we will feel co-branded with the film 's only about sponsorship, and other traditional forms of implants . So how to cooperate with an official micro films?

The video:

During the Valentine's Day this year , Durex and movie " Northern Ireland " carried out a cross-border cooperation , Durex as " Northern Ireland " movie special edition customized small tin TT, prizes and interactive activities initiated in the micro -Bo , the movie do publicity, " Northern Ireland " was released the same day, in some cinema tickets as long as the couple can get this little tin . In return, the " Northern Ireland " as Durex cut a " Durex customized version" of " Northern Ireland " trailer , and play all day on Wanda screen.

Durex marketing changing revelation

From the above two cases , the 13-year Durex marketing into a single micro-blog that obtained before the outbreak is no longer content with mere huge event marketing , but gradually move towards integration and precise , specifically said to have the following three features .

Features a : Integrated Marketing Communications than simply social marketing

Internet has changed the world of marketing has changed the same way, but the current social marketing does not replace traditional marketing , networking will be separated by a thin layer and then the real screen, users go to the next line of intimate contact with the brand and purely on social networks the exchange difference is great , it's like two friends online dating , online chat regardless of how hot, they eventually need to go to meet the reality will make the feelings go further.

In today's increasingly serious fragmentation , only one mode of transmission has been unable to meet the demands of brand communications , integrating online and offline mode of transmission is the spread of a fly, of course, not all integrated communication means to invest heavily in various media , such as Durex in the " feel -hwan trip" spread in features for its fans on microblogging activities initiated by , the participation of users online and offline anecdotes then spread on a secondary line, which is a spread on the O2O2O ( online - offline - online ) .

Features two : From cast a wide net to focus on training

For most of the past, the official micro , their one major task is to increase the fans, no matter where he comes from accepting all these fans are , therefore zombie powder , became the official micro- controlled lottery regulars , the fact that they respect the official micro- value better than nothing. Fans should be really valuable as friends and their own ongoing exchange of people . So for the official micro speaking, your task should no longer be useless to increase fan , you should shout a " get out of control microblogging draw circle " or " Get out of the zombie powder microblogging circle" , you should train your core development fans , these core willing to continue to interact with you , willing to help when you need to stand up the first time , when these core fans over 1000 , when ( 1000 hardcore fans theory ) , you must be official micro vibrant .

Durex "mobile tavern " campaign has been able to attract many fans to participate to tell their love story , precisely because it has trained a large number of core fans.

Features three : Campagin: From Social to Social Auxiliary leading PR

Social marketing impact of traditional marketing can say is revolutionary, but today most of the time we see is still traditional PR -led social marketing , do not change the old traditional way of thinking forever could not handle the new media . Durex In both cases, social media is completely dominated by the traditional marketing methods , this approach is closer to the fans and easier to shorten the distance between the brand and the fans , Durex in many Campagin able to maintain flexible reasons for being in this . Of course , this is the Coca-Cola bottle in the nickname summer 2013 campaign has been to give us a lesson.

In a way , Durex marketing microblogging from the mere event marketing shift toward integrating online and offline marketing , showing the changes in the overall environment of social media , social marketing also shows the kind of break with the past should be forwarded to the success of a large number of pure judging whether or not the standard . Durex is the last example of social marketing in today's fragmented , made ​​perhaps change Durex still worth learning ....

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