dimanche 29 juin 2014

Textile workers paid Higher in China than in Eastern Europe

Textile workers paid Higher in China than in Eastern Europe 

A survey conducted by the Clean Clothes Campaign in ten eastern states members of the EU, including Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia showed that working conditions are sometimes worse than in China and Indonesia, explode the myths about the "Made in Europe" label.

Companies such as H & M, Zara, Hugo Boss, Adidas and Benetton pay their workers in Eastern Europe and Turkey, the legal minimum wage, which is under the poverty line as defined by the European Committee of Social Rights .
Moldova and Ukraine have the lowest net minimum wage to € 71 and € 80 per month respectively. Croatia has the 'highest' of the study area with € 308 per month, which is still "well below a living wage," the study showed.
In China, the minimum wage is 175 € and 196 € in Malaysia.
"By profession I am an economist. But due to lack of employment opportunities that I sew. Here, people work like robots. No rest. Nerves are ruined, the eyes are spoiled, "said one anonymous Bulgarian worker on the website of the campaign. Interviewed workers also complained of not being able to take days off, or even get sick. Romanian workers admitted that, despite the lowest minimum wage is so low, they were not yet able to earn that amount, and were forced to work overtime, the researchers write.
These workers are often forced to work up to 200 hours per month, the survey found. A Bulgarian worker even said to have worked "up to 400 hours per month." "In practice, the minimum wage is often the ceiling instead of the bottom line for wages," according to the Clean Clothes Campaign.
Three million garment workers
The Clean Clothes Campaign, composed of trade unions and NGOs in 16 European countries, found that formal and informal, three million workers are affected by these working conditions drama. Given the average of three people per family in the area, meaning that nine million people depend on the garment industry and footwear.
"Wages of poverty in this sector therefore have a direct impact on the livelihoods of those 9 million people and limit their chances of overcoming poverty and homelessness to poverty", highlights the report.
Disclaimer of pregnancy Hugo Boss
For women, the working conditions become worse, the study showed. In addition to often being sexually harassed by their employers, a group of Turkish workers admitted "signed a pledge not to fall pregnant in the next five years" in their contract with Hugo Boss. "One of the workers surveyed said one of his colleagues decided to have an abortion because she feared losing her job because of" breach "of the contract," the study said. In many countries, women are the sole breadwinners, having to take care of their parents and their children at the same time. Many are also single mothers, and having a contract - a contract - this is their only chance to get paid health insurance, as is the case in Macedonia.
"Testimonies of women show the compression triple, triple burden they feel: who is responsible for the family by doing paid work, care work, and growing vegetables to subsidize their low wages," the Clean Clothes Campaign writing.
The strong dependence of women on their use is an additional opportunity for these employers to put pressure on women workers to accept worse working conditions, they conclude.
A survey of four production sites Hugo Boss Croatia and Turkey also showed that workers were denied the right to collective bargaining, workers were intimidated, and women have been victims of sexual harassment. In an email response to EurActiv, the company said it "rejects the allegation and referred evidence has never been shown to us. Hugo Boss works with selected manufacturers with which the company has established relationships confidence for many years. for this reason, companies are well known to us. accordance with our social and safety standards will be monitored regularly by independent external audits as well as our own team Hugo Boss "consultants. In most of these countries, laws have been put in place to make it more difficult for unions to be accepted as they propagate anti-union sentiments and employers have had an anti-union pressure "always justified by the difficult situation sector and international competition. "
"The unions expressed ruin businesses [...] and the government interferes pro management," the researchers found.

Hugo Boss Germany rejected the study's accusations in an emailed response to EurActiv:
“We clearly reject the allegation mentioned and a proof has never been shown to us. Hugo Boss is working with selected manufacturers, with whom the company has established trustful relationships for many years. For this reason, the companies are well-known to us. Compliance with our safety and social standards is monitored regularly in independent audits by external consultants as well as by our own Hugo Boss teams.
Our Hugo Boss social standards are based on the conventions of the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and they entail numerous measures to ensure minimum wages and regulated working hours, health and safety at the workplace and the prohibition of child labor.
There can be no talk of illegal practices towards our workers and there can also be no talk of paying poverty wages, as we take strict care of our partners complying with at least the legal minimum wage, as is usual for the industry and the entire sector.”
The study also showed widespread "practice of wage theft" in the region, such as theft of leave, cash payments, non-payment of social security contributions, misuse of probation and learning arbitrary deduction for various reasons. There was also pay discrimination and minorities, refugees and migrants.
The Clean Clothes Campaign calls on governments and the European institutions "to the minimum wage immediately spend at least 60% of the national average wage and require multinational companies accountable for their actions along the supply chain and to ensure that brands respect the rights and the rights of workers "

vendredi 27 juin 2014

Volkswagen Kombi stop touching farewell commemorative video "wishes"

Volkswagen Kombi stop touching farewell commemorative video "wishes"

Volkswagen Kombi at December 31, 2013, in Brazil officially discontinued, so far, the car 63-year epic journey came to an end. Volkswagen Kombi classic "van" experienced scenery 63 years, has set off a hippie family, set off surfers, also is developing practical models of consumers.

mercredi 18 juin 2014

Jingdong 618: Save money fighter

Jingdong 618: Save money fighter

"Save Money" has been the theme of business promotion, in order to attract consumers in the marketing war, we must "save money" in a different way.

Jingdong latest on-line advertising 618 anniversary film, we can see Jingdong on the "save money" to abandon the concept of "how much money you could save," spread the inertia of thinking, but wonderful in the end by telling the audience can save money in life to what extent the province to achieve instant results attract attention.

This series is currently in "save money, so why" as the theme has started running commercials on television and major video sites, and synchronize promotion letters on weibo and other social media.

Jingdong few pieces of this TVC with a simple lens and humorous way, the "save money" to the extreme performance, the audience laugh at the same time, points out the "save money, so why" promotional theme.




vendredi 13 juin 2014

Hanhan microblogging marketing

"Will be no subsequent period, sometimes together, July 24 release." - At 9:05 on May 29, a famous writer, director, racers, thousands of otaku father Han issued such a micro-blog. After 24 hours, a good report card was born: 330000 forwarding, 90,000 comments, and 150,000 points praise. So far, the amount forwarded this microblogging has more than 37 million times.

Forwarded within 24 hours 330 000 What is the concept? Another strong opponent of the data may be used as reference: When GJM released "Little Age 3" trailer microblogging forwarding number within 24 hours of 26 million people, the official micro then said excitedly, "Crack the record, simply can not stop down. " The amount of microblogging forward Han "no period after" catch-up this figure, only half the time.

Yes, in terms of social media alone, "will have no period" has been created in the history of the most popular trailer. Han is how to do it?

the video:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzE4NjI4ODQw.html
No period after the pilot trailer

If you put half a year ago - at that time, "no period after the" No boot - Han microblogging probably will not appear so grand. January 6, 2014, Han announced his directorial identity. After six months in the number of newly released microblogging Han almost more than the sum of the past. This is also the Han since April 1, 2012 since the reopening of microblogging, microblogging issued the highest frequency for some time.

Han humor is consistently sharp text style, which makes him a natural built-in "Satin Hands" attribute. So, when Han improved after the microblogging activity, everything moving in the direction of the masses loved. For the "satin hand" evaluation, so Han responded ↓

A person becomes satin hand is not difficult, the difficulty is to let a group of people to become satin hand. As often in micro-Bo Han po few stills, microblogging under review were slowly changed ↓

In this case, users are beginning God replies trend has now towering, Han also noted that his choice is: courage from black, to continue the challenge. This is the result of the challenge ↓

In Han's "provocation", netizens comment gradually collapse, simply can not stop. Large piece is hand eagerly eyeing comments only stay mettle, fame. For example, this ↓

Such ↓

There are so ↓

Even just send a simple reply punctuation is still difficult to escape the fate of God ↓

After promotion to the national father and Uncle Brother ↓

Obviously melancholic content or would lead to such comments ↓

So since Black became a habit ↓

When netizens have forwarded as a habit, "under a" hot is not difficult to foresee. "Will have no period" Pilot microblogging released the night before, Han microblogging notice: "fixed gear trailer, tomorrow 9:00 See bless me not to upload the wrong video.." Fans immediately reply quipped: " satin hand who open tomorrow at nine-time test. remember to bring the ticket and 2B pencil. "

Whether intentional or unintentional, Han microblogging gradually became a fertile ground for the growth of the satin hand, the exposure also increased significantly, which is "no period after the" microblogging outbreak has laid a solid foundation. Of course, in addition to the hands and love pink satin, Han their influence and power of its circle of friends also not be underestimated. Through the "no period after the" pilot microblogging large third-party data analysis software, transponder 33 million people, more than 30% of the figure is made up of people and add user-contributed V, Overheating Ningcai Shen nearly 8,000 large V, "New Weekly" and other media officials are involved in the topic of micro-propagation.

So, microblogging play well what is the use? Listen to the other associated data: "no period after the" trailer was released, within 24 hours Youku trailer-on-demand will reach 3.4 million peak, more than the sum of Youku notice 24 hours after the annual peak-demand film. As the final box office, guess what?


lundi 9 juin 2014

Interaction with followers on sina weibo

Interaction with followers on sina weibo

When a company decides to create a weibo account, the brand building and selling products are the main goals. And no matter which is the priority, you should have a large number of followers. How to interact with them and maintain the influence among these people become essential for the company.

Pay more attention to the followers. Some are really customers, and some of them might not be potential customers, but they do keep in touch with your brand and products. There is a great chance that they might provide an access to your targets. So keep patient and select some tweets to reply or retweet which is easy to explain your products or raise a good reputation of the brand. Make it a continual move and cover utmost followers, showing your respect and sincere.

Act professionally and interesting. The brands well-known as their good performances on weibo like durex and T-mall. They tweet interesting pictures and some jokes created by themselves adding their own styles. Creativities and interesting things keep followers’ attention and professional tweets and replies help build brand reputations. Some companies could give advice for unique products’ features, and that will help to establish the authority in the industry and develop closer relationship with the customers and followers.

Target clearly. The account should find a group of potential customers or people who cares about these products. Understanding what they really want to know, and release the exact information they need. Thus it will be efficient to spread the right content to the right people.

Bring benefit to your followers. There are all kinds of activities online, they encourage and reward retweeting spreading the brand or a certain product. This will bring a large scale of attention for some time. Followers look through your content and retweet to their friends, appealing more audience for your public account. Maybe you can get an opportunitiy to release some QR codes or discount in the online shops,

Set up some groups to guide. Groups are rarely seen on the weibo marketing, but when you as a public brand account reply some questions directly explain the confusion coming from potential customers professionally, it will show an image that your company is mature skilled and willing to help. And when a company is not advertising blindly all the time, the audience will think of it trustworthy and helpful, which is good for it to run some activities in the long term.

jeudi 5 juin 2014

When China became the largest Buyer of Robots !

When China became the largest Buyer of Robots !

China, once the work " workshop of the world " manual, became the largest buyer of industrial robots, as rising labor costs and increased competition from emerging economies have forced manufacturers to turn to technology. The country bought one to five robots sold worldwide in 2013 , surpassing tech-savvy Japan for the first time in its attempt to drive productivity gains.

36,560 industrial robots per year!

China bought 36,560 industrial robots last year , an increase of nearly 60 per cent in 2012 , according to new figures from the International Federation of Robotics , an industry group based in Germany. Japan bought 26,015 robots in 2013 , the United States third with 23.679 .
"China has the market 's fastest growing robot . Within a few years , China will be much larger than the second and third largest robot market ," said Per Vegard Nerseth , head of the robotics ABB.

Robot sales to China have increased by 36 percent on average each year from 2008 to 2013 , according to IFR data. The growth potential is still enormous : in 2012 , China had only 23 robots per 10,000 persons employed in the manufacturing sector , compared to 396 in South Korea.
Increased demand for robots in China is primarily driven by large multinationals, particularly in the automotive sector . The automobile industry in China , the largest , represents the world for about 60 percent of the demand for robot in the country , according to a study by consulting Solidiance management .

Chinese Factories needs

"Many Chinese companies would still rather watch someone break your back trying to lift a heavy box of paying for expensive table " lifting said Pilar Dieter , who heads the Asia-Pacific practice Solidiance . But progress sensors , hydraulics , mobility and artificial intelligence help make robots more flexible , precise and independent , allowing them to be used in a wide range of manufacturing applications .
Arturo Baroncelli , IFR President , said the ability of robots to penetrate new segments of production, other than automotive and semiconductors, by technological developments will ultimately drive growth in China.
Companies world robots, such as Switzerland ABB, Fanuc of Japan and Germany Kuka were casting resource in the Chinese market to capitalize on the rapid automation of the country. In 2011 , Foxconn , assembler based in Shenzhen Apple has promised to build a " robot army million " over three years to replace workers who perform repetitive manual tasks.

"The manufacture of the robot is currently dominated by the Japanese ," said Ms. Dieter , who believes that the six Japanese companies account for about half of all sales of robots in China. However , the first four leaders of China Hardware robotics have a combined market share of only about 5 percent.
While China is the most dynamic market for robots , Japan has always , by far , the largest number of industrial robots in operation, with more than 310 000 in 2012, compared to 96,000 in China and 168,000 U.S.

See also http://china-market-research.blogspot.com/2014/05/spare-parts-market-in-china.html