dimanche 7 novembre 2021

Double 11 in China, trends in 2021

 This year's Double 11 store festival, China's biggest online shopping event, got off to a good start with great enthusiasm from consumers, with e-commerce platforms reporting strong initial sales and authorities ferring in high-speed trains. for transporter of goods.

While the recent COVID-19 outbreaks have dampened some consumer activity across the country, the early onset of the annual shopping spree, which typically falls on November 11, typically consumes November 11, with evidence. Chinese and offered a much needed boost to consumption, a key driver of growth.

In an effort to boost sales, e-commerce platforms kicked off the event on Sunday evening.

On JD.com, more than 190 million items were sold in just four hours after launching its Double 11 shopping festival campaign on Sunday at 8 p.m., according to the platform.

Highlighting the accumulated effectiveness, about 2 hours after the official start, over one million Chinese consumers received the products they purchased from JD.com.

Sales of many products on the platform exceeded last year. For example, home appliance sales in the first hour exceeded all-day sales and neither last cosme sales. the level of a day of last year in just four hours.

Alibaba Group's Tmall also experienced a similar boom: just an hour after the e-commerce platform launched its Double 11 campaign, more than 2,600 brands saw their sales exceed first-time sales, according to the year’s statement. by the platform.

If the statistics remain limited, the great enthusiasm of consumers is also palpable. The subject of Double 11 topped the social rankings of Chinese networks Monday morning, with the hashtag "pay the account due" plus Weibo.

Beijing resident Sun Qi told the Global Times on Monday that she purchased 17 products from Alibaba's Taobao this year, mostly clothing and basic necessities. 13.

Sun said the discounts and gift packages offered on Taobao for the VIP customers are relatively larger this year, so his basket for this year's Double 11 will also be much larger than last year.

Another Beijing-based consumer named Zhang told the Global Times that "the Double 11 shopping festival is relatively long and there is always something to buy during this time."

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mardi 18 mai 2021

The world's leading luxury goods market"

China is on its way to becoming the world's leading luxury goods market"

he Shanghai Shopping Festival, which took place in early May, was another consumer highlight for major international luxury brands, in a country on the way to becoming the world's leading luxury goods market.

While, pandemic requires, luxury sales collapsed in 2020 in Europe (- 36%), the Chinese market has grown like never before. The sums spent on purchases of fine wines, jewelry, watches, perfumes, designer clothes and shoes, etc., increased by 45% in the Middle Kingdom between 2019 and 2020. The major balances have changed rapidly. High-end fashion brands like Dior and Fendi now generate nearly 40% of their sales in China, and the start of 2021 looks just as promising. This insolent growth of luxury in China has several explanations.

China, less long hit by the health crisis, has regained its dynamism before Europe, allowing its rapidly expanding upper middle class to satisfy its passion for shopping. Half of China's population is now in the middle class, and Beijing is home to more billionaires than any other city in the world, according to Forbes magazine's list of international great fortunes.

Until 2020, selling to wealthy Chinese did not require selling in China itself. Three quarters of the purchases of luxury goods made by these new Chinese middle classes were made outside Chinese territory. It was the shutdown of international transport following the health crisis that abruptly ended the stream of visitors eager for European luxury.

New trends in luxury market 

The boutiques and department stores - particularly French - have suffered greatly from this air gap. The daigou too. This term designates professional buyers who earned substantial sums by carrying out in Paris, but also in Milan or London, the personal shopping of wealthy clients. This profession, recent, was in strong growth before the pandemic: these buyers are able to choose the most "trendy" products, the most adapted to the desires of their customers, to alert them of novelties which could please them, to negotiate the prices. for them, and to ensure the delivery

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lundi 10 mai 2021

China Hottest stories May 2021

Hottest Stories in China 

Content Marketing is the key to sell in China

In China, great connections and genuineness are indispensable in business. Content advertising furnishes an extraordinary chance to interface with clients, and to impart your business’ respectability and worth. Here’s the secret.


Digital marketing in China

Targetting Chinese people



WeChat has become an application that is too amazing to even think about living without anybody in China. With Tencent steadily opening up the stage to promoters WeChat publicizing is turning into an incredible asset for organizations wanting to develop their advanced presence in China.


Why Tesla bet on China? 

China’s auto market has developed amazingly in the course of the most recent decade. Related business sectors, for example, the auto reseller’s exchange can without much of a stretch be avoided with regards to the spotlight, however, it’s a giant and profoundly amazing business sector by its own doing.


samedi 10 avril 2021

Top reading this week Market China report


Top reading this week Market China report

Luxury Sectors Chinese Consumers Love Post COVID-19. The adoption of a healthier, minimalist lifestyle pushed consumers to embrace the Dieter Rams mantra: “Less, but better.” Instead of pursuing trends and the latest fashions, Chinese luxury shoppers want investment pieces. (Jing Daily)Chinese Tech Giants Going Global - JD ID 5 Years in Indonesia - Digital China Ep.45 with Leo Haryono

Chinese Tech Giants are going global. Let’s learn from JD’s experience in Indonesia in the past 5 years. Today my guest is Leo Haryono, CMO of JD ID. We are discussing Indonesian consumer trends, how what JD ID is doing in Indonesia is relevant to the China market, and what the company is planning for the future. (To watch click here)

The Chinese property bubble was a land bubble in private as well as business land in China. The marvel has seen normal lodging costs in the nation triple from 2005 to 2009, conceivably determined by both government arrangements and Chinese social attitudes. http://www.thecrowdvoice.com/chinas-real-estate-market.htm

Luxury Sectors Chinese Consumers Love Post COVID-19. The adoption of a healthier, minimalist lifestyle pushed consumers to embrace the Dieter Rams mantra: “Less, but better.” Instead of pursuing trends and the latest fashions, Chinese luxury shoppers want investment pieces. (Jing Daily)

What’s more, the pre-deals on Tmall

Because of the promoting publicity, pre-orders made up a major piece of the day. While the initial numbers were amazing, a year ago the organization said in excess of 27 million buys came by means of cell phones in the principal hour. That sum considers pre-orders made by clients


mercredi 17 février 2021

Popular beauty products in China

 Fair skin being a beauty standard particularly prevalent in the Middle Kingdom, its inhabitants are eager for anti-spot or whitening-effect products that allow them to have porcelain skin by hiding their imperfections and freckles.

he Chinese draw their beauty secrets from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), its millennial pharmacopoeia and its cult book “Pansa‘ ô ”. 3000 years of experience have enabled Chinese energy practitioners to discover the virtues of certain plants, but also the gestures that affect the beauty of the face and the vitality of the body.

In China, beauty goes hand in hand with preserving youth and the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body. This tradition inspires beyond China, Korea and Japan know perfectly these ancestral beauty recipes and integrate them into their rituals and their products ... Let yourself be surprised and seduced by this natural cosmetic which offers a holistic approach to beauty. beauty mixing the power of plants and the precision of gestures. Two experts share their beauty tips and secrets with you.

A little lesson in Chinese energetics applied to beauty

To better understand the intimate links between the Chinese beauty ritual and its traditional medicine, we interviewed the marketing manager of Herborist, a Chinese cosmetics brand that designs its products in accordance with the principles of TCM and its pharmacopoeia.

What role does traditional Chinese medicine play in the Asian beauty ritual?

Our balance or good health is based on the harmonious circulation of two complementary energy movements, Yin and Yang. In TCM, Yin Qi or nourishing energy offers us good internal nutrition to strengthen the body, Wei QI or defensive energy ensures its protection against external aggressions. Preserving youthfulness depends on our ability to eliminate what is called Qi Pervers, an energy that interferes with our body's balance. At Herborist, its two mechanisms are translated by the application of masks for the nutritive part (Yin QI) and daily care (moisturizing or anti-aging creams) for the protection part (Wei Qi)

Chinese desperate need for anti-aging solutions

The fear of getting older is becoming a real obsession for chinese people. According to a report of the british health care company, BUPA, which asked 12,262 people in 12 countries about their attitudes toward aging, people in China are among the most fearful of getting old. source

What are the three essential products for a beauty ritual in accordance with Chinese energetics?

As in all Asian rituals, it is essential to cleanse your skin well with a cleansing lotion to prepare it for treatment. Then apply a moisturizer to create a film that will protect the skin throughout the day. Finally, two or three times a week, make a mask to correct the deep imbalances of the skin. Applying this mask is an essential part of an Asian beauty routine.

Journey into the Chinese Pharmacopoeia

To uncover the secrets of the plants and flowers that make up Chinese cosmetics, we interviewed Nathalie Bouchon-Poiroux, co-founder of the cosmetic brand and Cinq Mondes spas. For 17 years, this house has been taking us around the world, in search of the best in beauty on 5 continents. Her Beijing skincare ritual is one of her bestsellers.