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How to increase your visibility in China ?

How to increase your visibility in China ? 

It is very easy to design a website in China , but it is difficult to make one " successful" and attracts a lot of traffic.
A website attracting nearly a million of Chinese visitors per month and we also greatly helped other blogs. I myself started a blog late last year and I was surprised at how quickly it began to receive thousands of visits to each of its publications. There is an art happens when the traffic of a blog and because we are aware of some of this knowledge, I felt compelled to share it.
Please note that this publication replaces another popular enough that I had written on the same subject in 2007. This publication is intended to be useful for bloggers , whether those who write just for fun or those who have head have an income thanks to their writings. I want to say that all the tactics I describe will not necessarily work for everyone , however, some of them should be useful and applicable.

# 1: Submit your content to an audience likely to share

When you are at the strategic level on the Chinese people you intend to target with your publications, it is imperative that you take into consideration the ability of the public to share your publications. Some readers will be more or less active in sharing your content , but it is important you to get involved more in your writing style , the choice of subjects or your targeting so sharing your content is done in a natural way . You will need to talk about a subject that attracts the attention of readers who will share publications or questions.
If you can identify groups with high levels of concentration in blue and orange circles in the diagram above , then you can greatly increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and also increase traffic to your blog. Targeting a group of people who are less inclined to share your content may not be a serious decision , especially if the subject is to your heart. However, by doing this , you minimize the chances of seeing the name of your blog circulating on the net.

# 2: Discover places on the net or your target audience tends to regroup.

In China, you have 700millions in terms of netizens and 7billions of search every day on Baidu.
You need to research in order to determine or consumers with different characteristics tend to cluster and what they do during this time. This research should enable them to understand the customer in order to better target their advertisements through. For example, an advertisement offering extreme sports to a 65 and can be considered a total waste of resources and time customers.
Luckily for you , bloggers do not need to spend a colossal sum to know where your audience gathers on the net. You probably already know the blogs, forums, websites or social communities online and they tend to go . Based on your list of places , so you can promote your blog through tools such as DoubleClick Ad Planner . Optimize the content of your blog for SEO
Search engines are a godsend gold regarding the increased traffic of a site or a blog. However, many bloggers ignore this for many reasons , especially due to misunderstanding. As I already said , referencing must never interfere with the meaning of the content . In 2011 , Google has recorded over 3 billion daily searches globally and this number continues to grow.
Take this opportunity to massive traffic is invaluable for bloggers . SEO for blogs is both simple and easy to implement, especially if you use an optimized platform such as WordPress , Drupal or Joomla .
Never let your bad experiences with spammers taint the amazing power and valuable contributions SEO can have the level of traffic for your blog. # 4: Make use of Twitter, Facebook and Google + to share your content and find new contacts
Weibo has just announced that they have reached 465 million registered accounts. For its part, wechat has over 250 million active users .
Google facebook and twitter are inactive in China.

Note that these people fit perfectly into the category of " content distributor " that I described above , which means that they are likely to spread the word about your blog.
However, relying solely on these networks to attract traffic requires patience foolproof, but also attention to the evolution of these and a greater consideration in terms of content to be shared and to which we must take to do so. We must not overlook the impact of Twitter on SEO . My advice would be to use the following process:
If you have not already done so, create a personal account and an account for your blog on the following sites: weibo, douban, baidu forums... My friend Dharmesh has a personal Twitter account and an account for OnStartups , one of his blogs. He has also created on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn.
Document these profiles vastly more possible. Use photos , write compelling descriptions and make each of these most useful and credible as possible profiles. Studies show that well- informed profiles are more likely to attract readers and to correlate with other similar profiles .
Link contacts with people with whom you have shared personal and professional experiences. Follow the news of those who can easily let you know . Services such as FollowerWonk FindPeopleOnPlus and can easily help you

Start sharing your content. At this level, you can share your own publications related to publications that you or those who you stronger .
Interact with the online community . Use hash tags, searches , or those who follow you on social networks to find interesting conversations for you interfere . Social networks can be considered as an extraordinary environment to let you know as well as your blog.
If you use a participatory approach in a systematic way , or if you give a positive and memorable track who views your interactions on these sites print your followers and your fans will grow and your ability to generate traffic to your blog by sharing content will be enormous.

For many bloggers, social media is one of the most important sources of traffic , especially during the first few months after the launch period where SEO is not really a big role to play. # 5 Install Google Analytics and pay attention to the results of the latter.
At a minimum, I recommend to all bloggers install Google Analytics , which is free , to see where visits originate recorded on their blog . This tool will also allow them to see what sources offering quality traffic , but also what is said about them and their blog.

Add graphics , photos and illustrations to your blog

If you are a person who can design graphics , take photos or make fairly simple illustrations, but rather funny, you should leverage that talent on your blog. By hosting images on your blog , you will create another kind of traffic , the image searches .
When creating images or illustrations, I strongly advise to ensure that others can easily share legally , so what you get as a content creator . To do this, you can , for example, include in the image a small annotation indicating that the image is perfectly reusable condition to link to your blog.
Some people may venture to use your images without any reference or link back, which is highly unpleasant. However, you can easily find this type of person using the similar image in Google Image function , as shown in the image below:
Do some research on the keywords most likely to promote your publications

Not surprisingly, for your publications automatically appear in the list of proposals at the level of queries made via the search engines , it is imperative to know what the terms and phrases used by users when formulating their queries search engines . It is quite difficult to guess these terms without first trying a little research. To help you in this task, you can bring you free tool called Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
The use of this tool is quite simple: after you open the tool , put in a few words and Adwords will arrange to provide you with sentences there is relative and are likely made ​​by users via search engine

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