vendredi 30 mai 2014

15 truth from marketing practitioners

15 truth from marketing practitioners 

Recently I attended a conference on the theme of the meeting was “PR and marketing new media environment." At the meeting, I concentrate on the three most enterprises are facing now. In fact, with bright truth to put in there, we need to chew, digest. I will address the content summed up as “business operations SNS 15 big truth”, more detail, in the hope that useful to you.

1, the enterprises should not put money on some kind of social media, such as WEIBO (as tasteless, tasteless gesture)?

This is like war formations, each of the arms bear a different role . Do not piecemeal , stop-gap , blindly follow the trend . To plan the company's social media framework , ask yourself: Is this social media positioning in the overall architecture ? Whether it can be replaced or repetitive ?

2 , where to now operational aspects of microblogging force ? I used to say " content is king" , now go deeper thinking: "Interaction is king ." Include : Active provoke interaction, fans aggregation platform , turning crises into opportunities.

3 , even if you then bother to microblogging , please think about : the value of microblogging in crisis public relations . Please enter the micro Boehner to corporate public relations crisis defense system.

4 , you decide to put any human, material and not on microblogging. So please think about the "digital assets ," this issue . How to deal with over the years accumulated a fan ? How worthy shout Happening "fans economy" era ?

5 , wants the company’s internal magazine paper intact , even slightly moved even further to the letter ( subscription number ) on ? Self-deception ! Now wechat( subscription number ) abundance, you are overwhelmed No. interested subscribers , who are concerned over leadership speech , wechat cultural construction company (subscription numbers ) do ?

6 companies to build wechat( subscription number ) top priority is to make it clear : "The subscription number to see who ? " I still think that a more reliable enterprise wechat( subscription number ) there are three types ( welcome to correct and supplement ) :

A look inside the company’s employees .

B to partners to see . ( Eg : media reporter / supplier / dealer / distributor / investor) .

C provides exclusive , major news .

7 , the number of fans obsessed leaders stop micro letter ( subscription number) , the Stop Forced staff sharing " amount of fans ," the. I hope you are wechat( subscription number ) have tens of thousands of fake powder , or want to have 10 heavyweight "champions type " true powder it?

8 , wechat( service number ) no success code. Do not superstitious or searched those " hands-on " type of tutorial. Each industry vary widely, the world is not two identical leaves ; such a simple truth equally throughout the wechat( service number ) , you and Company B will provide exactly the same services?

9 , the company's wechat( service number ) how planning ? Best advice is to put forward a while to see blood : frontline staff ! Planning wechat( service number ) is by no means behind closed doors : Several marketing or public relations people locked up in the house the night brainstorming N N days thought out . Go to first-line fieldwork and practice your target customers will use these feature? It is real helpful?

10 Wechat( service number ) is planning to simplify . In the mobile terminal , simple things will go further , and can continue to grow. Customers want to find the most valuable to his service in the shortest time . Do not beat around the bush , do not take it for granted and do not put their professional Imagination equivalent customers want .

11 , planning wechat( service number ) methodology conclude two :

A deepening with impetus and comfortable service model.

B information , the information the user wants to be called on at any time at their fingertips to help them in the shortest possible time becomes wise manner .

12 , no matter what the social media , " content marketing + influence marketing" is the most grueling test of the team !

13 , companies do their own practical is king ! This is a very simple truth, but the status quo is : a lot of social media companies are so-called " magic" confused , always thinking about how to save the enterprise social media products and rotten rotten service . For the simplest case , if your customers about your product or service complaining , do you dare to initiate activities on any social media platforms? Anyway, I was afraid of it.

14 , insist ! Although the mobile Internet wave swept every day burst of " uncertainty" ; But the " perseverance " is the truth . Weibo your heart work or wechator other , there will be surprises , do not doubt . Conversely, if you always keep digging wells , never dig water wells .

15 , the propagation direction of the social media era , to borrow the words of a senior seniors : EQ big ideas , big data intelligence .

jeudi 22 mai 2014

WeChat began to restrict the marketing of personal accounts

WeChat began to restrict the marketing of personal accounts

To prevent WeChat become a marketing platform, Tencent WeChat yesterday's announcement, it will add a lot of friends in business by marketing personal WeChat number limit their contact number.

"WeChat circle of friends is a niche circle of acquaintance chains, it is not marketing platform", WeChat said, do not encourage the use of personal WeChat number for marketing. In order to protect the user experience, purification platform environment, in addition to limiting the number of contacts, but also for users to report more involved fake and commercial infringement WeChat No. accordance with relevant laws and regulations for processing. WeChat official also suggested circle of friends for harassing message appears, the user can take the message shielded circle of friends, unfriend, or to a single message to report such an operation.

Earlier rumors, WeChat personal account of the number of friends who will be suppressed in 5000 less. WeChat official responded by saying that in order to avoid personal circle of friends to do the malicious use of false marketing, WeChat product mechanism will indeed make adjustments, but the specific program is still testing.

Concern for ordinary users, Tencent, said these initiatives in order to curb the marketing behavior is actually a circle of friends, the number of ordinary user account and add friends and public interest groups do not have so many, so the requirement does not prevent ordinary users Use WeChat.

WeChat growth also brings fiery WeChat marketing campaigns, many companies or individuals were to start purchasing, sellers and other marketing activities through the public accounts, WeChat group, circle of friends, etc.. Even individual practitioners friends crazy marketing as many as people, fraud and other criminal incidents breeding. Beginning last year, WeChat constantly marketing chaos remediation, first blocked a number of "Taobao off" marketing public account; followed WeChat5.0 version of the service class of the public accounts for message sending limit. These initiatives directly limiting the public accounts of the marketing behavior, marketing, personal account of chaos began to WeChat group, circle of friends metastasis.

Tencent has been opposed to WeChat become a marketing tool. "Father WeChat's" Xiaolong repeatedly announced that, WeChat will keep it simple, "doing something valuable to users." Not long ago, WeChat upgraded to a business group establishment, and receives the original Tencent O2O business electricity supplier, was sent to outside commercial expectations.

jeudi 15 mai 2014

WeChat business : Get fans will be able to make money ?

WeChat business : Get Fans will be able to make money ?

 In real life, the likelihood of consumers , are just a fan of the optimal cost is rarely a particular obsession of a specific brand or product . Great pains to please their fans , as back to basics , get down to enhance their product and service quality user experience .

wechat showings , wechat car , wechat shopping , wechat recharge , with the explosive growth of the user , wechat mobile terminal business in full swing . Chiefs have vied for corporate gathering Rush , buyers fought in my circle of friends to spare no effort . Faced with the sudden wechat artifact, some by surprise , and some stop watching , some vision first.

Apart from a very few , such as China Merchants Bank , China Southern Airlines , millet phones, get the sweetness from the wechat not many , some of these more Needless to say , such a small Taobao sellers . Not long ago a " sellers on wechat people , you now okay ? " Road to make the businesses are described as sad .

First obtain fans and earn money ?

Merchant will throw the same point of view : I do not know that it can not make money , first get fans. Standing on the merchant's point of view to consider , that 's right. Because we do not know what method is most effective when it is no doubt , no matter how, no user is all talk .

Admittedly, no fans everything is 0 , but with the fans there everything? Mobile Internet in all sorts of time and space barriers cleanse digestion after traditional business , does provide a natural platform for fans and broad marketing . However, marketing is really conquering fans is that all future products for the strong fortress it?

Not necessarily so. If you can not keep a clear head and calm insight , just smoke and mirrors , the marketing puzzle fans will be caught and can not extricate themselves. The vast majority of fans on wechat diehard fans are not hardcore , can not afford any sign of trouble . No reason to get your fans to public attention for two main reasons : First , trust your product, your product will bring them value ; Second, they see your product from the petty . Once these have gradually lost luster charm , fans will gradually leave. The more typical example is the millet "hunger marketing ."

This is clearly not the best wechat marketing, because you never know which day you push the information users are tired of your boring product .

I believe that the nature of the Internet is its people. If there is no form of communication between the fans , interactive , even if your product , there are one million fans , he is just a bunch of cold figures .

User psychology, behavior, interests as the starting point for marketing , confessed the truth is , since the media age in the face of more and more rational and mature user psychology , increasingly fragmented catalytic behavior , people increasingly interested the more diverse today, the first time how to catch the user's eye , allowing users more time and effort involved in interactive brand marketing in the past, is a prerequisite for all marketing approach. And all this comes from your services.

Return wechat mind : Service is king

In real life, the likelihood of consumers , are just a fan of the optimal cost is rarely a particular obsession of a specific brand or product . Great pains to please their fans , as back to basics , get down to enhance their product and service quality user experience ( both functional experience and emotional experience ) , so that their brand or product with real charm of the Mountain.

samedi 10 mai 2014

Spare Parts Market in China !

Spare Parts Market in China ! 

After the fall of sales, automakers face another danger. In an opinion issued Monday, 8 October , the Competition Authority called on the government to legislate for the gradual liberalization ( over five years) the area of ​​repair and spare parts called " visible " on which they are quasi monopoly.
For several years, a showdown took place between Renault , PSA Peugeot Citroën and independent repairers around this market . Admittedly, hoods, fenders , bumpers , doors, windshield, lights and other mirrors are an estimated turnover of between 1.8 to 2.6 billion euros, and generate a lot of envy.

Competitve market?

For the Competition Authority , the liberalization of the sector could " lead to consumers by an average decrease of about 6 % to 15 % of the price of visible parts ." Moreover, it "will allow manufacturers and suppliers to guard against the risk of unpreparedness to face the possibility of opening the market at European level ." Today, these parts are protected under the " law of designs and copyright ." Therefore , only the manufacturer can distribute these parts to different repairers. According to the Competition Authority , " builders hold this makes a real legal monopoly over 70 % of sales documents, are a duopoly with the equipment on the remaining 30% ." As for repair , they are " required to supply a significant proportion of their requirements from the manufacturer distributor network." The price of the latter.

According to the Federation of automobile distribution, thanks to the monopoly , manufacturers have inflated the price of parts by 26% between 2005 and 2010. "While consumer prices have varied during the period of 7 63% , "said the federation .
The French manufacturers have always defended the monopoly on these coins. Sale, they say, can reward the innovation , to ensure quality and safety , and especially to ensure a supply of all these parts. New entrants would produce , abroad , the most profitable parts . Today, 6% to 7 % of the references visible parts generate 80% of sales in this sector.


Manufacturers argue that liberalization could affect their competitiveness : they evoke a loss of up to 230 million euros . And stressed that they could not absorb the after-sale investments devoted to the creation of new vehicle models. Which would result in significant job losses , particularly in France . In its opinion, the Competition Authority dismantles these arguments. Countries that have liberalized , such as Italy and Germany, have not experienced such consequences.
She also believes that " the argument on competitiveness advanced by French automakers is their lack of profitability on the sale of new vehicles and the fear of losing a current source of profit on the aftermarket in China" .

" The restoration of competitiveness , says the Authority fails to issues of regulatory protection , but rather to adapt their business model. " As for job cuts, it considers that " any losses should be very limited and could be offset by new jobs related to the manufacture of visible parts by OEMs, both for export and for the domestic market.

dimanche 4 mai 2014

The apps market in China

A substantial growth of apps market in China

According to market reports, the volumes of downloaded applications are going to know a remarkable increase in Asia in particular in China in 2014. Indeed, thanks to the lightning growth of sale of mobiles, vaster fixed prices, the number of download made a spectacular boom. We plan that China is going to become the second market after the USA in terms of volumes of download. We have already observed a clear increase of the volumes of data downloaded in China, by comparison with the other countries Asian as the Thailand or still India. However, these two countries have of their known sides a respective growth of 27 % for India and 40 % for the Thailand.

How apps market increase in China?

In spite of this remarkable growth, the Chinese market of the applications is not still capable of overtaking the American market or the European market. However, the proportion of Chinese download is relatively important. We could analyze this small gap between the Asian market and the American market by the price practiced on the Asian market. In China, the average price of download of application is higher with regard to that practised on the American market. In America, it borders 1,48 dollar by application whereas in China are needed 2,62 dollars to download a program. What makes that the Chinese income of the sales of applications represents hardly two thirds of the income in the USA.
So, even if we find only 11 % of paying applications in China, the platform knew a spectacular jump of 73 % in one year. The platforms of independent downloads could have a weight importing in the future but for the moment Chinese content themselves applications which we download directly on the site.
Let us note to finish that in April, 2011, the sale of IPhone in China knew an increase of 250 % in one year, against 155 % in the USA.