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4 step before set up a Ecommerce Website in China

4 step before set up a Ecommerce Website in China 

1 - A comprehensive study of the Chinese market 

 Before you start to conquer the Chinese web, it is important to understand the Chinese market and the digital world, fundamentally different from that which was used to know in the West. So you have to get familiar with the Chinese web and its biggest players: Baidu, the leading search engine in China, Sina Weibo, the equivalent of Twitter and one of the most influential social networks in China, WeChat, the mobile application for instant messaging Tencent group, Alibaba, giant Chinese e-commerce, Youku, China's Youtube etc. Due to censorship by the government, ubiquitous on the web, domestic players have priority, and some major players in the Western web are made inaccessible (that is for example the case of Facebook, Google, Youtube).

 2 - Call for partners 

 Due to its specificity, the Chinese web access is difficult for a foreign company with no knowledge and experience in the field. Actors and web mechanisms are fundamentally different. Seek or partners with whom to cooperate, such as a digital marketing agency based in China, can prove to be a wise choice. It will advise you on the priorities to be performed on the mistakes not to make and is useful in the early months of activity.             

3 - A Chinese website 

 To get a place on the Chinese web, a website is the basis of any strategy. Your website should be translated into Chinese and must meet the standards of the country in this field. The websites in China are not like our western sites: they are responsible for information, images and text, and color codes are different. The homepage is particularly very important, both for Baidu for users: it must contain a maximum of information and clearly present the activity of the company and its offer so that it is no need to visit other pages to understand the concept and value of the site. The home page so has the role to capture the attention of consumers. To successfully design your site to this new clientele, the two golden rules are: inspire the design of the most influential Chinese web sites and find the balance between the culture of your company and the the country. A website in Chinese - Yoda Yoda, a Chinese website dedicated to cosmetics

 4 - An accommodation in China 

 It is advisable to host its website in China or Hong Kong to have a successful site. Indeed, the priority is given to national sites; China sites hosted outside are very slow to open and slow to navigation and there are risks they are censored by the Chinese government. You can even charge you for hosting your site or hire a company specialized in the field, such as Hi China. It is recommended to use multi-line services, regardless of the host used. .


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advertising in China exceeded 500 billion yuan

Sales of last year's advertising in China exceeded 500 billion yuan (US $ 81.3 billion). 

Yet those of traditional advertising fell by -2.75% For television - 9.17% for newspapers However, Internet advertising has seen an increase of 45.85% over the previous year, leading to a total of 63.8 billion yuan. (Source: People's Daily, the 43rd World Conference advertising) These figures show that the future of advertising is on the Internet. Yet to break into this market, you have to be able to solve a number of problems.

advertising in China 

 Here are the 10 challenges of an advertising company must address in the world of advertising in China Low international understanding among the Chinese staff, cultural differences and huge poor English While the trend is globalization, the Chinese who can move abroad to improve their English to a decent standard and really open up to an international culture remains low due to its cost. Therefore, only a minority of Chinese have a sufficient level of English to be able to easily understand the content published in the language of Shakespeare.

 So all communication and advertising agencies who wish to be present in the Chinese markets have to adapt, but it is very difficult because of cultural differences and language barriers.

Problem understanding the different consumers, especially wealthy consumers and campaigns with a generation gap
Due to the very sharp break in the history after the Cultural Revolution and the major economic rise of China, we are left now with a generation gap between those who have experienced deprivation and Maoist China and another type of Chinese, mostly made up of those born after the 80’s and 90’s, who are often called “little prince and princess”. This therefore makes it very difficult to correctly analyze the Chinese market to determine which target to choose and how to attract them because of this very important generation gap.
A very rigid protocol
Chinese have a very formal approach of business and hierarchy must be respected. This causes problems when you have to do business with Chinese companies. While discussing a business deal with your Chinese partner you must respect all the codes of good conduct to avoid problems that may cause you to lose a business opportunity because you could have offended the leader of the deal by doing something you thought was appropriate, according to your western standards.
Lack of communication training, staff must learn everything on the job
First, you should know that the Chinese have a very strong culture of investment, results, and achieving the lowest costs possible.
However, communication and marketing are disciplines whose results are often difficult to assess and quantify. As a consequence, these hold very little appeal to Chinese, so there is no real training in the field to allow the Chinese to gain expertise in these fields. Without proper training they have to learn everything on the job.
Secondly, although China has become a country where the internet has grown quickly, it is still very new, especially compared to countries like the USA.
Moreover, before the rise of the internet, media (TV and newspapers) were controlled by an iron hand by the state leaving little room for the possibility of communication training. Indeed, it is easy to communicate when there is only one message to be transmitted. With the rise of the internet, formation in communication started to make perfect only a little less than ten years ago. As such, Chinese communication and marketing experts are very few in number compared to westerners. These factors mentioned above have thus led to an acute shortage of trained candidates in communication

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Chinese High End Cosmetics Market

Chinese consumers do not see the cosmetics and beauty as an unaffordable luxury, dedicated to some happy few, but as consumer goods or even basic necessities. Today, the Chinese cosmetics market represents more than 134 billion yuan (17 billion euros), against only 200 million yuan (26 million euros) in the early 1980s.

International brands

International brands are leading the industry: they occupy 54% of the cosmetics market in China. US Procter & Gamble brand is ahead, followed closely by L'Oreal. Followed Japanese group Shiseido and Unilever. Due to the considerable increase in the cosmetics industry and of China, despite the many barriers to trade, foreign brands rush in China and competition becoms increasingly fierce. The main foreign investors in the cosmetics market from the United States, France, Japan, South Korea and Germany.

Chinese consumers are fascinated by high-end brands West and trust them. This explains the success of foreign brands and cosmetics industry market dominance comparée to Chinese brands.
However, the Chinese market is evolving very quickly. Local brands are gaining ground and most aim to commercialize high-quality products as well. Beyond admiration and fascination for Western high end brands, Chinese consumers, especially in search of quality offerings and the trend is towards cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Chinese fashion customers are gaining demanding and want to find products that meet their expectations perfectly.source

Chinese untapped segments

French and foreign manufacturers of cosmetics have an interest to enter the market by the end of a positioning statement above: this strategy will allow them to expand their business in optimal conditions in China. Demand remains high, and often unmet in second and third largest cities in China.
In terms of cosmetics deals, makeup and perfumes seem to hold untapped potential: according to some studies, about 90% of Chinese women use cosmetic creams, while only a third of them use makeup and less than 10% wear a fragrance .
 Estée Lauder now Focuses on make-up and perfumes to Attract Chinese customers and gain market share vacant. Estee Lauder is also preparing to launch several perfumes, dedicated solely to Chinese customers. In addition, the American group, known for its specific developments tailored to the needs of particular countries, has already launched nutritious, a brand dedicated to the Chinese market.

L'Oreal to adjust its positioning

L'Oreal, whose China became one of the largest markets, winning new 250 million consumers by 2020. The consortium decides to just stop selling its own brand of mass-market Garnier - which is his second brand terms turnover - in China. Garnier had never been a great success in China: not upscale enough to attract medium and rich client, and not low enough to attract more Chinese consumers cost, the constant search for deals and discounts.
Unlike India, where L'Oreal entered the marketplace through Garnier and great public position in China, the group has found its place on the local market, thanks to the strategy of high-end positioning, playing map affordable luxury.
In terms of distribution, L'Oreal has decided to sell its products in major retail chains and hypermarkets cosmetics, but mostly with a vendor dedicated to advising customers, to be distinguished from cosmetic products consumer and preserving its upscale image the spirit of Chinese customers. The group follows the same strategic positioning with its Maybelline brand leader in China.

Amway Artistry meets with success

Another example is the success of the American group Amway China, particularly through its cosmetic products available, sold under the brand name "Artistry". Thank you to a wide range of skincare and makeup, the upscale brand has managed to reflect an image of prestige in the minds of Chinese customers. China, Art does not play the card of luxury affordable. Rather, the brand aims to be affordable only to a very rich clientele. In fact, this positioning strategy appeared very effective in a country with an increasing number of wealthy individuals and high net worth.

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US strategy to boost outbound tourism Market

The United States and China will grant visas valid for up to ten years for visitors between the two countries under one announced by US President Barack Obama agreed.
Obama said the move would be "beneficial to all," speaking at a high-level summit of Heads of Asian companies in Beijing, known as APEC.

US strategy to boost outbound tourism Market

Visas between the two countries were previously valid for one year.
Sino-US relations have been rocky in the middle of the increased presence of the US in the Pacific and concerns over cyber espionage.

Obama's plan

But on Monday, Mr. Obama told the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit as executive chef greeted us the advent of a "thriving China, peaceful and stable."
"We want China to do well," Obama said. "We
compete for business, but we also seek to cooperate on a wide range of common challenges and common opportunities." Under the new visa rules, which come into force on Wednesday, student visas will be valid for five years, while business and tourist visas are valid for 10 years.
The agreement does not change how long a traveler will be allowed to remain in the United States or China, but how long the visas are valid for entry.
The United States will continue to require a personal interview as part of the visa application.White House officials said they hoped the deal would bring more Chinese visitors and spending to the US.
"Chinese tourists cite ease of visa policies as the second most important factor in deciding where to go for travelling, behind only cost," the White House said in a statement.
"A good visa policy is needed to these chinese tourists to secure our place as the chosen destination for millions of Chinese travellers." source 

About 100 million Chinese travelled abroad last year, but less than 2% spent time in the US.
Despite Mr Obama's upbeat message in announcing the visa changes, he reiterated that America would continue to press China on a number of issues including cyber espionage, currency manipulation and human rights.
"We're not going to stop speaking out on behalf of the things that we care about," Mr Obama said. He and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to meet later in the summit.

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Top Innovative Companies in China

Top Innovative Companies in China 

China’s high tech industry is increasingly recognized as a very dynamic industry. More and more Chinese high tech companies are gaining ground on the international stage. “China has changed its strategy and is now ready to offer high value technological products. Today, Chinese do not only copy foreign high tech brands’ features. They innovate and assert their innovation.” explains Fil Control, a French industrial group, leader in the textile machinery industry and owner of a subsidiary in China. 

What are the most innovative Chinese high tech companies in 2014? Here are 5 leading Chinese companies which show considerable dynamism in terms of innovation this year.


Founded by Zhang Zhidong in November 1998, Tencent has established itself as one of the leaders in China’s high tech industry, especially thanks to its flagship innovative software services such as QQ, an instant messaging system offering a social and communication platform but also online social games, music, shopping, micro blogging, group and voice chat. In January 2013, Tencent QQ had over 200 million monthly active users and a total of 623.3 registered users. Among Tencent’s flagship innovative services, we can also quote WeChat, the mobile text and voice messaging communication service, which has become a huge hit since its launch, with more than 355 million active users. Tencent is also one of the leading companies on China’s online game market. The group has been recognized as the most innovative Chinese company for more than one year, especially due to its experience and ability to invest in many projects. Tencent has perfectly understood its country’s digital potential and the new craze for social media and instant messaging platform, and has been able to take advantage of China’s digital revolution.


Lenovo, a Chinese brand founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi, is also as one of the leaders in China’s high tech industry and the world’s leader in terms of personal computers sales. The company is specialized in design, development and manufacturing of personal and tablet computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software and smart televisions. The brand became known worldwide in 2005 by acquiring the IBM personal computer division. Lenovo is particularly well-known for its diversification strategy and constant innovation, enabling the company to stay a step ahead in the high tech industry and keep enjoying its technological lead and edge. Lenovo is therefore, as well as Tencent, one of the most innovative Chinese companies.


Suntech Power is a Chinese company founded in 2001 by Shi Zhengrong, specialized in solar panel manufacturing. The company has become one of the most dynamic solar energy companies in the world and the world’s largest producer of solar panels and photovoltaic cells. Suntech Power has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2005. Suntech Power is well-known for its ability to innovate. Thus, the company was ranked 5th in the top 10 of the most innovative companies in China published last year by the website Fast Company, specialized in innovation, technology, ethical economics, leadership and design.
Founded in 1995 by Wang Chuanfu in Shenzhen, China, BYD Auto was initially a battery manufacturer: BYD has 65% of the global market for nickel-cadmium batteries and is the world leader in lithium-ion batteries with a 30% market share. Then, BYD Auto has diversified into automobile, and more precisely hybrid or all-electric vehicles design, development, manufacturing and selling. It is now the 4th Chinese car brand and aims to become the world’s largest automobile manufacturer by 2025. Thanks to its innovation and creativity, the brand has been ranked within the most innovative Chinese brands in recent years.
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What Businessmen should know about Chinese e-Commerce

The program electronic pass includes foreign exchange settlement and international sailing characteristics.
Alipay, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the dominant e-commerce operator in China, has launched a service to make it easier for Chinese Internet consumers to buy products from the United States and European online retailers.


Launched as part of the payment service PayPal online as Alipay, "ePass" combines border settlement currency Alipay deliveries offered by the Intelligent Logistics Network China, which in China goes by the nickname Cainiao. (Alibaba owns 48% of the logistics company.) EPass The service also allows Western e-tailers to conduct digital marketing through the Chinese network of online advertising Alimama.
"With ePass, United States and European merchants are able to offer Chinese consumers who are comfortable with online shopping in English in order to buy goods directly from existing e-commerce websites independent retailers in their home markets, "said Li Jingming, president and chief architect of the United States Alipay, in a statement released by Alipay.

Chinese online shoppers' habbits

Chinese online shoppers using ePass pay their orders in yuan and then have orders shipped to their home by Cainiao network of delivery companies. Consumers can use the currency Alipay mobile shopping app for shopping. Merchants "can easily use our infrastructure to tap into the Chinese market," Li said. "They do not have to worry about international shipping. They can just ship to a freight forwarder in their country of origin, which makes it easier to sell to China because it is for sale on their core market. "

The ePass program marks the latest step Alibaba took to make it easier for online shoppers in China to buy e-commerce sites Westerners. Earlier this year, for example, the Chinese e-commerce operator has an agreement with the delivery service e-commerce in the United States ShopRunner Inc. to reduce shipping costs to China for purchases Web sites of American retailers.
Alibaba launched last month its initial public offering in the United States The total value of Alibaba shares sold under the IPO reached 25 billion after underwriters exercised their options, making it the most large IPO in American history.

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100 million Chinese tourists every Year: the next booming market

Soon about 100 million Chinese tourists have traveled outside the country every year. This is a market that is valued over $ 100 billion per year, says Atout France Tourism Development Agency of France. But for European countries would be a mistake to be complacent because Chinese tourists are increasingly demanding. Some 538,000 Chinese tourists chose Italy in 2013 and another 425,000 collected France says CESIF, Business Studies Centre of Italy-China Foundation. An important global competition stakes to capture this new flood tourists. First priority: be more "Chinese-friendly."

The desire to travel 

Never in history has an "invasion" been desired and courted. The flood of Chinese tourists is peaceful and worthwhile US $ 102 billion per year, writes Atout France. Some 98 million Chinese tourists have traveled outside of China, according to CESIF. The World Tourism Organization has announced that in 2012 China became the world's largest market for outbound tourism spending, overcoming the United States and Germany. According to the latest data from Global Blue, the service provider tax refund and shopping based in Switzerland, the average spending of Chinese tourists output last year was US $ 1.218, with Russia comes right after.

Chinese luxury tourists 

It is in this spirit that Le Figaro in 2011 launched a free quarterly magazine for Chinese luxury tourists named Paris Chic. It is published in Chinese and distributed in China and France, and is a true guide to fashion, beauty, watches and gastronomy. In one of Italy's leading newspapers, Corriere della Sera, did the same, printing a publication that targets Chinese travelers. Also the Italian publisher Class Editori made ​​the same choice on a quarterly luxury magazine called Excellence of Italy. The same business and financial news publisher Chamber has launched a campaign for traffic signs in China before the 2015 Expo in Milan, Italy so you can be more "Chinese-friendly."

80 percent of Chinese tourism is composed of groups

Atout France says that about 80 percent of Chinese tourism is composed of groups, including small groups of 8-10 friends, although the proportion of solo travelers continues to grow. "At first, they used to visit something like 10 to 11 countries in a row, for 10 days. Now, this quantitative approach is less dictatorial and during a vacation in Europe Chinese groups tend to visit three to four countries in search of higher quality, "says marketing consultant Giancarlo Dall'Ara Italian hotel. Now, Chinese tourists want to know the best country they are visiting, spending your vacation in one or two locations. They love themes, such as the discovery of wine, museums and country life in Europe. The Expo will be in Milan, Italy, but can ask the Chinese to discover Florence, Tuscany and Venice wineries too. Unfortunately, from the point of view of several Chinese tourists their first foray into European countries was quite disappointing. They have dreamed all his life of Versailles and the Coliseum, but very often, either because of cost or lack of large capacity hotels in the center of cities like Rome, Paris and Madrid these groups are sent to the not so smiling suburbs. Then there is the issue of visas.

Interview of Chinese travellers

A 30-year-old Chinese executive working in Beijing admits that a trip to France was a disappointment. "I remember a lot of negative things from the train you have to take the capital Roissy: horrible and impractical," he says. Wang Yan, a Chinese businessman in the wine sector, agrees. "In the Italian hotels do not even have a kettle to make tea, which is essential for the Chinese people." "Italy, like other European countries, is not Chinese-friendly," Dall'Ara supported. However, the goal for the Italian, French and Spanish tourism is precisely Yan Wang. Individual Travel Chinese began growing two years ago. In 2012, visas issued from France increased by 30 percent. People who can afford it have all the steps taken by the Chinese travel agencies as Ctrip, one of the largest online travel agencies. Of course, several travel and tourism companies worldwide are developing strategies to gain market share in the booming country.

The number of tourists to France and Italy

The number of tourists to France and Italy are underestimated because it does not include inputs from other countries in the Schengen area. via 
Chinese travelers: the key for the French tourism development

A Schengen visa allows a person to enter the country issuing the visa, and then freely travel throughout the Schengen countries. Some countries are much easier to obtain a Schengen visa, although it is assumed that the process of being standardized. A recent study by the Agency in Beijing Trump France holds estimated 1.8 million Chinese tourists in 2013-14. Italy can hold 1 million Chinese tourists for exposure.

More information here 

Chinese Travellers are still in love With Paris
In its report on the tourism sector in France in 2013, DGCIS announced that the number of Chinese visitors increased by nearly 23%. Yet, according to an article in the Anglo-Saxon press (see here in English), they suffer from an evil called "Paris Syndrome", and the cultural clash between a fantasy city and its brutal reality would be the cause.

In 2012, the Italian Embassy in Beijing processed only 286,000 visas. Italy is committed to welcoming as many Chinese as possible and has recently opened offices more in order to process more visas. "They have opened two new offices in order to release the visas in three to five days., I think it's a step in the right direction," says Dall'Ara.
In particular, the efforts of all Schengen countries should focus on visa facilitation. The process for Schengen visa remains complicated. A report by the European Travel Commission entitled to understand the Chinese outbound tourism, one interviewee said: "Given the long and tedious process of visa, not worth going there for a short period of time." Words of tourist this reflect a common frustration with European visa procedures. They require a lot of documents, such as proof of deposit from a bank, confirmed reservations for hotels, permission to be absent from work and so on. Some embassies do not even have Chinese application forms. Clearly this is a significant disadvantage for European tourism. source

Schengen visas

A 2010 report of the European Tour Operators Association learned that 26 percent of potential Chinese visitors to Europe canceled trips due to the slow processing of Schengen visas. The processing of the visa at the British Embassy, which is not a member of Schengen, was listed as the most difficult, followed by France and Italy. Germany consular authority the best qualified to be fast and friendly.

The report of the Commission of European Tourism notes that despite all the Schengen countries that have the same basic needs, Chinese travelers appreciate the differences between them marked. Are entire forums online devoted to this subject, ie Internet users know that the embassy provides the fastest and smoothest application process. The Internet generation has fewer barriers to independent travel in Europe, you can leverage the collective knowledge online. This means that to attract Chinese tourists, a truly global visa fight is taking place.

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Relocation of Chinese Factories !

Relocation of Chinese Factories ! 

 Watch Manufacturing Company is one of the companies that contributed to the southeast coast of China move Switzerland as a center of the world watch industry. But now Renley, like many watchmakers, is mulling whether to move further into the interior of China.

Last week, representatives of Chongqing, a sprawling metropolis in western China, met with a group of leaders of the watch industry and offers an attractive package for them to move their factories there, said Stanley Lau, CEO Renley. Measures included very small land, less intrusive and lower wages environmental inspections.

When some leaders expressed concern about moving expenses, the answer came immediately. "The government of Chongqing said," Do not worry. If you agree to move your plant in Chongqing, I will pay your moving expenses, "says Lau, adding that at least 10 plants watches were already preparing to move.

Many inland provinces successfully attract migrants from coastal manufacturing centers, raising fears of a severe shortage of labor in the coming years.

A worker who has found new life at home is Ren Min, who had worked in the factories of toys and clothes in Guangdong province for seven years before returning to his hometown of Nanchong in Sichuan Province in 2009 . In 2005, Ren married a woman who also worked in Guangdong. The couple had a baby next year. When he was 1 year, they sent the boy to Sichuan to be taken care of by his grandparents.

She is , 32, now works for a supplier of bottled Carlsberg Jialing Industrial Park in Nanchong. "We miss our son very well after we sent the baby home, we decided to go back and find a job close to home," he said. "I earn about the same salary which I did in Guangdong. I am satisfied with my life now because I can stay with my family and take care of them. "

Another former migrant worker , went to work in a factory tap in Shenzhen Guangdong after he graduated from a technical school in Nanchong in 2004. Luo could save at most about 10,000 yuan ($ 1,600) per year during his four-year stay in Shenzhen because of the high cost of living. Luo returned to Nanchong and found a job in the industrial park in 2009. see also this article

A Chinese Worker situation

"Now I earn more than 3,000 yuan, 4,000 yuan sometimes even a month and I can save about 20,000 yuan a year," the 25-year-old said. "I earn about the same or even higher at the house of the amount I earned in Shenzhen, so why should not I pay back?" Jialing Industrial Park was built in 2007 and houses about 100 cars and clothing manufacturing and food processing enterprises, employing over 30,000 workers. Wang Zhengsong, entitled to hold jobs outside of Guangzhou. Blue-collar jobs are plentiful in China, but many graduates are reluctant to pursue Regarding Education Revolution: Graduates increasing in China, Employment Office not fail to take Upján. 24, 2013 The Education Revolution: the ambitious goal of China to Boom College GraduatesJAN. 16, 2013 Centuries ago, the cargo on the Silk Road through Asia included spices and precious stones. Today there may be computers and other electronic devices carried by rail along a 7,000-mile often sorry route.Hauling long treasure of the New Silk RoadJULY 20, 2013 These meetings are becoming more common as the Chinese economy slows down gradually.

Foreign investment down, the interior provinces are in a fierce competition to attract domestic industries competitive by offering significant financial incentives for businesses and even undercutting another in critical areas such as environmental regulations. Companies, under pressure to reduce costs, take offers seriously.

The turf war echoes the efforts of state governments in the United States, who have long used the tax sweeteners to convince companies to relocate. And the trend in China's coastal provinces exasperating, who argue that companies should be able to decide the location of factories based on the economic merits as the quality of ports and roads. "It's really a problem. I think governments should not give money to companies to relocate," said Li Chunhong, the maker of the top economic policy in the southeastern province of Guangdong. "It violates the transparency of the market." More than 2,000 people have returned and found employment in the industrial park in 2012, said Luo. CHinese said that as an increasing number of migrants returning home for Spring Festival, his office received more than 100 calls a day to inquire about employment opportunities. he said one reason many returnees is that all companies in the park are asked to pay the social security premiums for employees, while many small businesses in coastal areas have no such mandatory premiums.

Spring festival changement

Chinese official said his farm has about 2,000 vacancies after the Spring Festival.

"We plan to organize a job fair during the Spring Festival, and we distribute brochures providing information work in every town and village in the district of Jialing hopes of attracting more workers to stay and work at home, "he said.

Chong-qing Southwest China, a major source of employment, is expected to see 300,000 migrant workers to return to work this year, according to city authorities. Approximately 410,000 workers returned to the city in the first 11 months of 2012, according to Wang Caizhi, a labor officer from Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Chongqing. Among the returnees, 368,000 were employed and 43,000 have started their own business, he said.

"Chongqing attracts more world-class companies to set up factories, so there are many job opportunities for migrants," he said.

In addition to differences in wages between contraction Chongqing and coastal provinces that attract locals back, the government is also making efforts to attract and retain workers.

Pause during an interview to derive great Samsung smartphone from his pocket suit, Mr. Li described how 90 percent of the components of the phone was manufactured in a 60-mile wide circle near Hong Kong which includes cities such as Shenzhen, Dongguan and Zhuhai. "If a plant needs components, they can make a call, and within an hour the components are sent to the factory," he said. Guangdong Province has led China to embrace capitalism in the late 1970s and continues to compete with the Shanghai area as one of the two main export centers in the country. Tens of millions of migrant workers have poured in from all over China to fulfill Guangdong factories, many of them built by investors from Hong Kong. More recently, Guangdong has been a leader in China in an attempt to fight against pollution by forcing many factories to install new equipment, settle in remote areas to population centers or even close completely.

Guangdong is losing jobs 

Now, Guangdong is losing jobs to low-wage inland provinces. Blue-collar workers are rare across China, and their salaries are much higher, because college enrollment has increased fivefold in the last decade and some graduates consider factory work. With maneuvers on employment, many migrant workers have to stop taking bus and travel 30 hours being the coastal provinces and find a job close to home - leaving the factories in Guangdong in particular, interference for people to work on the assembly lines.

New ways of Railway of China west to Europe and sprawling new airports with freight terminals built deep into the interior of China, also make it possible to ship goods directly domestic factories in foreign markets without relying on giant ports in Guangdong, Shanghai and other coastal areas.

"More and more manufacturers are considering moving their production operations in Guangdong more inside China, or even to other countries," said Lau, who is also the president of the Federation Hong Kong Industries, a broad coalition of trade groups with factories across China's southeast. The city offers vocational training for workers and offers affordable housing, which costs about 10 yuan per square meter per month

Chinese Boss predicted that Guangdong would take to better paid jobs, especially in the areas of electronics, design and software. Enough already of high tech companies are moving engineers and other staff in Shenzhen the city easily has the commercial real estate market strong in China, with office space in short supply, said  CEO  a real estate control company.

The company Mr. Lau, which he founded in Hong Kong in 1983, is currently watch components and assembles watches cheaper in Dongguan, in Guangdong Province. Renley also assembles watches middle market at a factory in Hong Kong and luxury watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Renley owns brands like Buler, Timeout, Sultana and Jean d'Eve, but most of the production is sold under other brands for retailers that do not have operations in watchmaking.

Sitting in the conference room of his company, lined with windows that glow with expensive watches, Mr. Lau checked the pros and cons of moving its factory in Dongguan 630 miles northwest of Chongqing. With an urban population of 17.3 million, Chongqing is building a "Jewelry City" and trying to persuade manufacturers to settle there.

The call begins with lower wages. Although the fees within China is growing rapidly, it has not quite caught up. Chongqing watchmakers ensured an adequate supply of workers, and Mr. Lau felt that they would be paid $ 375 to $ 405 per month, charges imposed by the government to employers such as basic health insurance, pensions and housing allowances. This compares to $ 490 per month in Dongguan - where manufacturers can find employees. "There is a shortage of workers in all sectors," said Mr. Lau. Chongqing also has an abundance of land. The city blames a third less than Dongguan, and the land is close to major highways and shopping areas. Dongguan is so constructed that the only new sites tend to drive several hours in the peripheral regions.

Environnemtal regulation in China

Environmental regulation is one of the most difficult questions. Mr. Lau said that Chongqing required new plants to install modern pollution control equipment and adopt certain procedures, but then I had quite a few follow-up inspections. Four Chongqing municipal agencies declined to comment on their activities.

Guangdong was gradually reduced air pollution in recent years, in part by closing older plants and requiring new equipment and procedures for other sites. But for many industries with a history of pollution problems, such as metal plating - an important part of the watch - Guangdong also requires that plants move some designated industrial zones. Chongqing is also an emerging hub for rail shipments through Central Asia to Europe, said several executives who have operations in the city or are considering doing so. Hewlett-Packard already ships trains along the entire route of "New Silk Road" computers. In a speech on Wednesday, Mr Li, the manufacturer of the economic policy of Guangdong, called for a renewed focus on "Maritime Silk Road", the ships still carry the bulk of the Chinese trade. Many executives are skeptical that freight routes transcontinental railway across Asia and Europe supplant container ships. "We do not see this as a replacement or alternative bumps the status of the shipment of the ocean as the main mode of transportation between the two continents," said Jens Eskelund, general manager of the China division of AP Moller Maersk, the largest container shipping company in the world.

Chinese Industry

Mr. Lau said that the watch industry continues to be used almost entirely on air shipments so that rail services are not relevant. Each bulk buyer of watches in Europe and elsewhere generally holds its own shipping from the factory, and the result is a lot of small items, none of which is large enough for rail, which works best with full container. Renley Watch has not made ​​a decision on whether to move. Chongqing has offered this year to 2 million renminbi, or $ 325,000 in moving expenses for each of the first 20 plants in Guangdong watches willing to relocate.

Other countries may not be viable alternatives for manufacturing. Workers in Vietnam and Indonesia are paid less than half as much as their Chinese counterparts. But interest in investment in South-East has temporarily slowed due to a spasm of anti-Chinese violence in Vietnam last spring, when the rioters have destroyed hundreds of factories after a company controlled by the Company Chinese state began drilling for oil off the coast of Vietnam. You need to get good relationship with everybody in China...

"It's one of the problems that we never expected," said Lau. "Nowhere in the world is safe - wherever you go, you must take a risk."

Another factor may also cause manufacturers as Mr. Lau to stay in Guangdong

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lundi 11 août 2014

What I think about China stock market

What I think about China stock market

A-share of China jumped nearly 10% since late July, with the recent rise in blue chips.
In addition, an investment initiative in both directions between the stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong set to begin operations in October, the change in the central bank to "targeted easing" policies, especially economic stimulus China since the second quarter of this year should all support a rising stock market.
If the stock markets of China could turn bullish depend on the effectiveness of the government's economic reforms.More information about marketing in China here


The performance of the stock market is usually related to economic growth. In fact, a falling stock market can not be fully attributed to a down economy. Similarly, a rebounding economy does not necessarily mean a booming stock market. This is illustrated by the two experiences of China and the United States.
Since 2007, China has maintained an average growth rate of 9% annual economic, fastest among all economies in the world, but its shares continued their downward trend. For example, the Shanghai Composite Index fell to a low of 1,664 points from a record high of 6124 and hovered below 2000 for the last two years, showing a bear market more than five years.

In an essay published in 2001, Warren Buffett divided the 34 years between 1964 and 1998 in two equal periods.
In the first 17 years, the American economy experienced a cumulative increase of 373%, while the Dow Jones Industry benchmark finished dish, mainly hovering around 875 points in this period. But yields on long-term government bonds surged to gross domestic product, up 13.65% from 4.2% on the back of inflation.

 economy grew a more modest 177%

In the second 17-year period, the economy grew a more modest 177%, but the Dow Jones organized a 10-fold increase (from 875 points in 9181).
Bond yields have fallen steadily, from 13.7% to 5.09%, due to the difficult monetary policy of the Federal Reserve that brought down inflation.
Buffett does not seek to prove that GDP is negatively correlated with equity returns but simply that in the long run, the inflation rate (and thus nominal interest rates) that matter most to valuations actions and investor returns.source
Looking back on the economy of China, the broadest measure of China's money supply, M2, in the last eight years has increased by almost three times. Presumably, higher M2 should have reduced the interest rate charged to borrowers and increased the stock market. What ended up happening is that higher interest rates were charged for loans and credit to businesses and shares were down.

Increase in the money supply

This is because the increase in the money supply could lead to an increase in loans and corporate loans, resulting in increased production and more economic activity which will then stimulate production costs and increase the demand for capital. Consequently, M2 plus lowers the higher interest rates charged to borrowers and shortages of money even caused.
Read also Tourism market
In addition, the policy of low interest of China in recent years rates have also unwittingly encouraged inefficiency and privileged investors to invest in making good use of the resources of cheap credit, resulting in a waste of capital and exacerbate shortages of capital in the market, while increasing funding costs for business and the conduct of higher interest rates.

A prerequisite for the stock market to turn bullish China is that the government should abandon its policy to boost economic growth based on printing more money and avoid low-yield investments that could wasteful of capital resources and reduce the real interest rate charged to businesses.
In addition, the government should help reduce the costs of doing business and increase profitability by reducing taxes.

jeudi 31 juillet 2014

Cosmetics Market in China

The cosmetics market in China has been delighting global giants in this sector. Indeed, the Chinese are richer in recent years. Their purchasing power today allows them to live in comfort and luxury. The arrival of fashion brands and foreign cosmetics in China immediately made its effects, as sales soared significantly. China now ranks second in the global cosmetics market. China will probably surpass the Japanese world leader by 2020 if economic growth in the country continues to stabilize and this was the case in the past 10 years.

Foreign cosmetic brands flooding the Chinese market

As soon as they have settled in China, foreign cosmetic brands have quickly conquered the Chinese consumers. Today, these account for 90% of the market share, leaving 10% to small Chinese brands who increasingly difficult to assert themselves. Indeed, the Chinese prefer to assert their success by adopting a lifestyle to Western. They even go further by paying a large sum of money in different beauty products that cost a China twice more expensive than elsewhere. If the price of different beauty products more expensive in China is that the Chinese authorities do not want to lose any crumb of this burgeoning market. Sometimes some products are taxed 50% and this is equally valid for products purchased outside China's borders for products already in the country.

Small local brands are emerging

Given the current circumstances where Western brands flooding the Chinese cosmetics market, some Chinese brands still come to assert itself, said Thomas. Indeed, the products that they offer on the market start their entry into range for a few years. To attract Chinese consumers, their main strengths lie in the exploitation of local natural resources developed by pharmaceutical companies. If China is known to the world through poor quality products, today this is no longer the case, via googleplus

Quality is increasingly present in various Chinese products on the market. If today, Chinese brands have 10% share of the cosmetics market, this trend can quickly switch a few years as in the textile industry where Chinese manufacturers today have a monopoly in the world.
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Photovoltaics'markets in the world VS China

For the first time in ten years, Europe is no longer the primary market of new photovoltaic installations. As the graph below shows, Germany remains the world's first photovoltaic park. But China catches, surpassing the United States and sticky near Italy. In terms of new investments, Asia is far ahead, with 56% of the global market to 11.8 gigawatts (GW). Following Japan (6.9 GW) and the United States (4.8 GW).

A total of 38.4 GW of new solar equipment was set up in 2013. France has increased from 1.12 GW in 2012 to 613 megawatts (0.6 GW). This place far behind the European leader, Germany (3.3 GW), or countries like Romania (1.1 GW) and Greece (1.04 GW) ... Overall, the decline in European investment (divided doubled in 3 years) is largely offset by the increase in other regions of the globe. A decrease is explained according to the report by the tendency to prefer wind energy first "clean" power station on the continent. view also wiki

Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic power generation employs solar panels composed of a number of solar cells containing a photovoltaic material. Solar photovoltaics power generation has long been seen as a clean sustainable
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energy technology which draws upon the planet’s most plentiful and widely distributed renewable energy source – the sun. The direct conversion of sunlight to electricity occurs without any moving parts or environmental emissions during operation. It is well proven, as photovoltaic systems have now been used for fifty years in specialized applications, and grid-connected systems have been in use for over twenty year

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Thread sensor market in China

The big Market of Thread Sensor Market in China

Monitoring the thread tension is used as textile machinery quality characteristic. Using the measurement system and the next order in the thread tension, better results can be achieved in the treatment of the yarn. Also quality degradation such as thin places and wheels could be avoided.
Previous methods and technology for measuring the thread tension are strongly affected by environmental influences. Mechanical systems suffer from wear. The characteristics of the voltage sensor wire is enhanced by the use of technologies of the municipality of innovation. In practice, they offer an advantage of not wasting and an optimum long-term accuracy.

source photo @filcontrol 

Yarn Thread Sensor 

The yarn Thread sensor is adapted to be used for the very accurate and reliable texturing in other industrial machines and for monitoring of the voltage control.
- Relevance of the requirements on security and economic process - the sensor technology innovative digital Hall effect - Electronics protected from the environment - Designed for maximum reliability - Optimal long-term drift, the temperature drift and precision - protection against voltage surges - Protection against electrostatic discharges and machine vibrations - Improved abrasion - Resistance to common rotation ends - Simple installation and implementation (little space needed, easy integration into threadpath) - Compatible with existing units - Ask texturing and other industrial machines for voltage monitoring

Global Smart Sensor Market 2012-2016

"Research and Markets" has announced the addition of the "Global Smart Sensor Market 2012-2016" report to their offering.
Analysts expect the global market smart sensor to grow at a CAGR of 11.1 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the main factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing demand for intelligent sensors in the automotive sector. The global Smart sensor market has also witnessed rapid technological progress. However, the high deployment cost could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.
Key vendors dominating this space include Robert Bosch GmbH, OMRON Corp., Infineon Technologies AG, Honeywell International Inc. and Analog Devices Inc.
Other vendors mentioned in the report are ABB Ltd., Delphi Automotive LLP, Meggitt Sensing Systems, Invensys plc, Siemens AG, Vishay Intertechnology, and Yokogawa Electric Corp.

 The technological advancements

Commenting on the report, an analyst with the Hardware team said: "The technological advancements in the market led to an increase in the number of applications of intelligent sensors in different sectors Furthermore, providers of intelligent sensors are able to provide products high quality for customers .. the rapid evolution of technology and the global smart sensor market has led to the development of advanced and smart sensors with high precision. example, end users can rely entirely on smart sensors for various applications. "
According to the report, in cars, especially cars, smart sensors are used in security systems airbag. Conventional air bags were not so effective in detecting accidents, while smart sensors can quickly detect an imminent collision, its nature, the position of the vehicle, and also determine the type of airbag use and speed deployment. This helps to minimize injuries to passengers. Therefore, most cars, classic sensors are replaced by intelligent sensors. Hence the demand for smart sensors in the automotive industry has increased significantly.

dimanche 20 juillet 2014

12 million yuan to buy the name of Chinese Fast Train

12 million yuan to buy the name of Chinese Fast Train

China began to sell to companies the right to baptize high-speed trains in the country, state media reported Wednesday, while the rail industry seeks to become commercially viable.
To their astonishment, passengers boarding a train station in southern China have recently discovered that their train was called "China Unicom" - one of the three major telecom operators in the country - has reported Shanghainese daily Dongfang Zaobao.
But he could also be called "Bank of China" - the name of one of the giants of the financial sector - or "Lüziyao," according to a food company known for its mushrooms, peanuts and seasoned fish these two groups also paid to see a high speed train show their name.

A city of northeast China, it has a train called "Majestic rivers and mountains of Zhangjiakou" to extol the charms of its natural environment.
Each time, the new name appears on the display of trains departing panels.
China's railway sector - under the influence of a heavy public monopoly - was pushed in recent years by a series of scandals and accidents highlighting the corruption of his administration.

In March, the government, saying concerned with efficiency, decided to merge the Ministry of Rail to a state agency, and transfer its business to a newly created group, China Railway Corp. (CRC). It is the latter who started to sell the names of trains. 

An expensive privilege:

 a year of "sponsorship" - that is to say, the right to associate his name with a train - does not cost less than 12 million yuan (1.42 million), said Dongfang Zaobao.
"Use of the resources of the market" has become a priority now that rail operators are responsible for their profits and losses, told the daily Shanghainese anonymous sources.
China with the network of high speed trains the largest in the world, users expect amusing developments.
"Let the passengers are preparing: the high-speed train Durex is about to enter the station Durex wishes you a delightful journey." Imagined a surfer in an ironic microblog, referring to the condom manufacturer.

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Aircraft market in China

Aircraft market in China

The success of the repowering of the A320 in the egg kills short term Chinese ambitions to break the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing in the market moyencourriers aircraft. It allows time to prepare a new aircraft that could enter service in 2030. Latter could be equipped with open-rotor engines that would break new technological leap. Before electric aircraft, it will be the successor to the A320 will allow Airbus to hold off Chinese competition in the market for short and medium-haul aircraft over 150 seats. The Comac Chinese aerospace group is the most dangerous of all the contenders for wanting to break the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing, including bestsellers, A320 and B737, share this lucrative market, which represents over 70% of deliveries aircraft over 100 seats.


End of 2009, Comac C919 launched the program, a single-aisle 150 to 200 seats, whose entry into service is scheduled for late 2016. To nip in the bud the Chinese project that relies heavily Western skills, Airbus decided in late 2010 repower the A320 (A320 Neo). The success of this approach has led Boeing to do the same with the B737 (B737 Max) and pushed the need to launch a new device. The A320neo and 737 Max to enter service in 2015 and 2017, Airbus and Boeing, and have time to prepare for the next move.

Marwan Lahoud, Chief Operating Officer of Airbus Group, Airbus is expected to launch this new device in the middle of the next decade for commissioning in 2030. A new technological leap is expected. It could be caused by dust engine: open rotor, two times larger than today's engines without fairing (which will increase the diameter of the fan and therefore the dilution rate and efficiency propellant), and equipped with two contra-rotating propellers to "open", allowing the aircraft to reach a rate equivalent to that of a device with a conventional turbojet. Especially with its 4 meters in diameter, open rotor could not be placed under the wings. And would be installed vertically at the rear of the plane!

Particularly studied by Snecma as a propulsion options post 2030, open rotor would reduce fuel consumption by 10% compared to the Leap engine, the latest conventional engines CFM scheduled to enter service in 2016 on A320 Neo (in 2017 the B737 Max) with a gain of fuel consumption by 15% compared to current CFM56 engines. Choice or not the open-rotor should be decided between 2017 and 2020.
Noise, feared because of the lack of fairing, should not be a problem insofar as blocking open rotor should display similar to those of Leap engine performance. Which was not acquired there a few years.
However, if they offer the most potential, the open rotor is not the only option of semi-classical architecture, of which the engineers working for the post 2030 period. An engine careened high dilution rate can very well be favored by motorists. Alternatively, the market still prefers to wait to have an engine architecture, this time unconventional

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Jeep 2014 New Manifesto: The one thing to do a thorough

Jeep 2014 New Manifesto: The one thing to do a thorough

Sense and Sensibility unified understanding, not absolute elusive.

Jeep entire department in the latest ad, worked Jeep brand endorsement heavyweights - Wang, Feng, Hu Ge for the first time together, the common interpretation of spiritual dialogue Sense and Sensibility. And the more special thing is that Miss Zheng Jie, president of Chrysler in China personally photographed for Jeep - 73 years of "real SUV" endorsement, celebrity endorsements and brand until a few ideas to make summary: the one something to do thorough.


jeudi 3 juillet 2014

The new Declaration of six God: "naked summer"

The new Declaration of six God: "naked summer"

 This video tries to tell us, "naked summer" in power today, get rid of deposition in the heart of the haze, the release of the nature of inspiration, dreams of the future in order to get access to the passport.

Taken from the street to join a virtual 3D real way, this consists of six gods and Verawom work together to create a viral video by a bare word through ancient changed today, dished out the "Naked Summer" of this new concept, and weibo and other social platforms fueled lively discussion.


dimanche 29 juin 2014

Textile workers paid Higher in China than in Eastern Europe

Textile workers paid Higher in China than in Eastern Europe 

A survey conducted by the Clean Clothes Campaign in ten eastern states members of the EU, including Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia showed that working conditions are sometimes worse than in China and Indonesia, explode the myths about the "Made in Europe" label.

Companies such as H & M, Zara, Hugo Boss, Adidas and Benetton pay their workers in Eastern Europe and Turkey, the legal minimum wage, which is under the poverty line as defined by the European Committee of Social Rights .
Moldova and Ukraine have the lowest net minimum wage to € 71 and € 80 per month respectively. Croatia has the 'highest' of the study area with € 308 per month, which is still "well below a living wage," the study showed.
In China, the minimum wage is 175 € and 196 € in Malaysia.
"By profession I am an economist. But due to lack of employment opportunities that I sew. Here, people work like robots. No rest. Nerves are ruined, the eyes are spoiled, "said one anonymous Bulgarian worker on the website of the campaign. Interviewed workers also complained of not being able to take days off, or even get sick. Romanian workers admitted that, despite the lowest minimum wage is so low, they were not yet able to earn that amount, and were forced to work overtime, the researchers write.
These workers are often forced to work up to 200 hours per month, the survey found. A Bulgarian worker even said to have worked "up to 400 hours per month." "In practice, the minimum wage is often the ceiling instead of the bottom line for wages," according to the Clean Clothes Campaign.
Three million garment workers
The Clean Clothes Campaign, composed of trade unions and NGOs in 16 European countries, found that formal and informal, three million workers are affected by these working conditions drama. Given the average of three people per family in the area, meaning that nine million people depend on the garment industry and footwear.
"Wages of poverty in this sector therefore have a direct impact on the livelihoods of those 9 million people and limit their chances of overcoming poverty and homelessness to poverty", highlights the report.
Disclaimer of pregnancy Hugo Boss
For women, the working conditions become worse, the study showed. In addition to often being sexually harassed by their employers, a group of Turkish workers admitted "signed a pledge not to fall pregnant in the next five years" in their contract with Hugo Boss. "One of the workers surveyed said one of his colleagues decided to have an abortion because she feared losing her job because of" breach "of the contract," the study said. In many countries, women are the sole breadwinners, having to take care of their parents and their children at the same time. Many are also single mothers, and having a contract - a contract - this is their only chance to get paid health insurance, as is the case in Macedonia.
"Testimonies of women show the compression triple, triple burden they feel: who is responsible for the family by doing paid work, care work, and growing vegetables to subsidize their low wages," the Clean Clothes Campaign writing.
The strong dependence of women on their use is an additional opportunity for these employers to put pressure on women workers to accept worse working conditions, they conclude.
A survey of four production sites Hugo Boss Croatia and Turkey also showed that workers were denied the right to collective bargaining, workers were intimidated, and women have been victims of sexual harassment. In an email response to EurActiv, the company said it "rejects the allegation and referred evidence has never been shown to us. Hugo Boss works with selected manufacturers with which the company has established relationships confidence for many years. for this reason, companies are well known to us. accordance with our social and safety standards will be monitored regularly by independent external audits as well as our own team Hugo Boss "consultants. In most of these countries, laws have been put in place to make it more difficult for unions to be accepted as they propagate anti-union sentiments and employers have had an anti-union pressure "always justified by the difficult situation sector and international competition. "
"The unions expressed ruin businesses [...] and the government interferes pro management," the researchers found.

Hugo Boss Germany rejected the study's accusations in an emailed response to EurActiv:
“We clearly reject the allegation mentioned and a proof has never been shown to us. Hugo Boss is working with selected manufacturers, with whom the company has established trustful relationships for many years. For this reason, the companies are well-known to us. Compliance with our safety and social standards is monitored regularly in independent audits by external consultants as well as by our own Hugo Boss teams.
Our Hugo Boss social standards are based on the conventions of the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and they entail numerous measures to ensure minimum wages and regulated working hours, health and safety at the workplace and the prohibition of child labor.
There can be no talk of illegal practices towards our workers and there can also be no talk of paying poverty wages, as we take strict care of our partners complying with at least the legal minimum wage, as is usual for the industry and the entire sector.”
The study also showed widespread "practice of wage theft" in the region, such as theft of leave, cash payments, non-payment of social security contributions, misuse of probation and learning arbitrary deduction for various reasons. There was also pay discrimination and minorities, refugees and migrants.
The Clean Clothes Campaign calls on governments and the European institutions "to the minimum wage immediately spend at least 60% of the national average wage and require multinational companies accountable for their actions along the supply chain and to ensure that brands respect the rights and the rights of workers "

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Volkswagen Kombi stop touching farewell commemorative video "wishes"

Volkswagen Kombi stop touching farewell commemorative video "wishes"

Volkswagen Kombi at December 31, 2013, in Brazil officially discontinued, so far, the car 63-year epic journey came to an end. Volkswagen Kombi classic "van" experienced scenery 63 years, has set off a hippie family, set off surfers, also is developing practical models of consumers.

mercredi 18 juin 2014

Jingdong 618: Save money fighter

Jingdong 618: Save money fighter

"Save Money" has been the theme of business promotion, in order to attract consumers in the marketing war, we must "save money" in a different way.

Jingdong latest on-line advertising 618 anniversary film, we can see Jingdong on the "save money" to abandon the concept of "how much money you could save," spread the inertia of thinking, but wonderful in the end by telling the audience can save money in life to what extent the province to achieve instant results attract attention.

This series is currently in "save money, so why" as the theme has started running commercials on television and major video sites, and synchronize promotion letters on weibo and other social media.

Jingdong few pieces of this TVC with a simple lens and humorous way, the "save money" to the extreme performance, the audience laugh at the same time, points out the "save money, so why" promotional theme.

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Hanhan microblogging marketing

"Will be no subsequent period, sometimes together, July 24 release." - At 9:05 on May 29, a famous writer, director, racers, thousands of otaku father Han issued such a micro-blog. After 24 hours, a good report card was born: 330000 forwarding, 90,000 comments, and 150,000 points praise. So far, the amount forwarded this microblogging has more than 37 million times.

Forwarded within 24 hours 330 000 What is the concept? Another strong opponent of the data may be used as reference: When GJM released "Little Age 3" trailer microblogging forwarding number within 24 hours of 26 million people, the official micro then said excitedly, "Crack the record, simply can not stop down. " The amount of microblogging forward Han "no period after" catch-up this figure, only half the time.

Yes, in terms of social media alone, "will have no period" has been created in the history of the most popular trailer. Han is how to do it?

the video:
No period after the pilot trailer

If you put half a year ago - at that time, "no period after the" No boot - Han microblogging probably will not appear so grand. January 6, 2014, Han announced his directorial identity. After six months in the number of newly released microblogging Han almost more than the sum of the past. This is also the Han since April 1, 2012 since the reopening of microblogging, microblogging issued the highest frequency for some time.

Han humor is consistently sharp text style, which makes him a natural built-in "Satin Hands" attribute. So, when Han improved after the microblogging activity, everything moving in the direction of the masses loved. For the "satin hand" evaluation, so Han responded ↓

A person becomes satin hand is not difficult, the difficulty is to let a group of people to become satin hand. As often in micro-Bo Han po few stills, microblogging under review were slowly changed ↓

In this case, users are beginning God replies trend has now towering, Han also noted that his choice is: courage from black, to continue the challenge. This is the result of the challenge ↓

In Han's "provocation", netizens comment gradually collapse, simply can not stop. Large piece is hand eagerly eyeing comments only stay mettle, fame. For example, this ↓

Such ↓

There are so ↓

Even just send a simple reply punctuation is still difficult to escape the fate of God ↓

After promotion to the national father and Uncle Brother ↓

Obviously melancholic content or would lead to such comments ↓

So since Black became a habit ↓

When netizens have forwarded as a habit, "under a" hot is not difficult to foresee. "Will have no period" Pilot microblogging released the night before, Han microblogging notice: "fixed gear trailer, tomorrow 9:00 See bless me not to upload the wrong video.." Fans immediately reply quipped: " satin hand who open tomorrow at nine-time test. remember to bring the ticket and 2B pencil. "

Whether intentional or unintentional, Han microblogging gradually became a fertile ground for the growth of the satin hand, the exposure also increased significantly, which is "no period after the" microblogging outbreak has laid a solid foundation. Of course, in addition to the hands and love pink satin, Han their influence and power of its circle of friends also not be underestimated. Through the "no period after the" pilot microblogging large third-party data analysis software, transponder 33 million people, more than 30% of the figure is made up of people and add user-contributed V, Overheating Ningcai Shen nearly 8,000 large V, "New Weekly" and other media officials are involved in the topic of micro-propagation.

So, microblogging play well what is the use? Listen to the other associated data: "no period after the" trailer was released, within 24 hours Youku trailer-on-demand will reach 3.4 million peak, more than the sum of Youku notice 24 hours after the annual peak-demand film. As the final box office, guess what?