mercredi 20 juillet 2016

Wechat is spying you !

Wechat is spying you ! you do not trust me ?

Look at this video

Wechat process.

1) WeChat is a Chinese company with servers based in China. 
2) tencent does not use HTTPS, hence communications are not encrypted. 
3) weixin has access to all contacts on phone (even of those who are not on WeChat)
4) WeChat can access the data on phone (including your photos)
5) WeChat knows your location 
6) WeChat can see all text messages, videos and photos and listen to the voice messages.

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samedi 16 juillet 2016

Understand the Mothers' market in China

Really interesting video realized by   

Zhang Shasha stares out the window at a rare, blue, Beijing sky. "Next week I can go out," she says. "I miss outside!"But for now, she has to remain indoors, wrapped in a thick sweater and woolen hat, even though it is a warm spring day. Considered crucial for new mothers and their babies, they are expected to remain indoors for at least one month after giving birth, following a strict and elaborate set of rules like not washing their hair and eating pigs feet soup.

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