mardi 30 avril 2013

Online supermarket in Shanghai

It's hard to find what you want

Do you know that feeling when you are an expatriate and you want to experience again the food of your hometown? It’s sometimes impossible or very hard or it’s very expensive. In Shanghai, in China a company named Epermarket may have found the solution.

This website used the massive trend of the e-commerce to launch its website. They made the same analysis as us, there is a market for an online shop because it’s hard in some countries to find what you want.

Presentation of the online supermarket

So basically Epermarket is an online supermarket. That is to say that you can order directly the food that you missed at a reasonable price. It works in both ways, that is to say expatriates can enjoy again their food and chinese people can discover another kind of food.

The choice is really wide, indeed you can buy meat, seafood, snacks, beverage, fruits, vegetables etc. The website is available in four languages: French, German, English and Chinese. 

Concerning the payment and the delivery, everything is made for your best. Indeed, you can pay online with local or international credit cards or you can pay directly when you receive your products by cash or by credit card. The delivery system is really reliable because there is a perfect warehouse management and the delivery is made by trucks which have temperature controller and also a system of traceability.

6 reasons to choose Epermarket

1) A very wide range of imported products, including fresh products!
2) A policy of affordable prices
3) A provider of food safety
4) Very flexible Delivery times
5) A professional after sale service
6) The main asset of Epermarket: high quality delicatessen products

So if you want to try something different go to the online supermarket Shanghai.

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