mercredi 17 février 2021

Popular beauty products in China

 Fair skin being a beauty standard particularly prevalent in the Middle Kingdom, its inhabitants are eager for anti-spot or whitening-effect products that allow them to have porcelain skin by hiding their imperfections and freckles.

he Chinese draw their beauty secrets from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), its millennial pharmacopoeia and its cult book “Pansa‘ ô ”. 3000 years of experience have enabled Chinese energy practitioners to discover the virtues of certain plants, but also the gestures that affect the beauty of the face and the vitality of the body.

In China, beauty goes hand in hand with preserving youth and the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body. This tradition inspires beyond China, Korea and Japan know perfectly these ancestral beauty recipes and integrate them into their rituals and their products ... Let yourself be surprised and seduced by this natural cosmetic which offers a holistic approach to beauty. beauty mixing the power of plants and the precision of gestures. Two experts share their beauty tips and secrets with you.

A little lesson in Chinese energetics applied to beauty

To better understand the intimate links between the Chinese beauty ritual and its traditional medicine, we interviewed the marketing manager of Herborist, a Chinese cosmetics brand that designs its products in accordance with the principles of TCM and its pharmacopoeia.

What role does traditional Chinese medicine play in the Asian beauty ritual?

Our balance or good health is based on the harmonious circulation of two complementary energy movements, Yin and Yang. In TCM, Yin Qi or nourishing energy offers us good internal nutrition to strengthen the body, Wei QI or defensive energy ensures its protection against external aggressions. Preserving youthfulness depends on our ability to eliminate what is called Qi Pervers, an energy that interferes with our body's balance. At Herborist, its two mechanisms are translated by the application of masks for the nutritive part (Yin QI) and daily care (moisturizing or anti-aging creams) for the protection part (Wei Qi)

Chinese desperate need for anti-aging solutions

The fear of getting older is becoming a real obsession for chinese people. According to a report of the british health care company, BUPA, which asked 12,262 people in 12 countries about their attitudes toward aging, people in China are among the most fearful of getting old. source

What are the three essential products for a beauty ritual in accordance with Chinese energetics?

As in all Asian rituals, it is essential to cleanse your skin well with a cleansing lotion to prepare it for treatment. Then apply a moisturizer to create a film that will protect the skin throughout the day. Finally, two or three times a week, make a mask to correct the deep imbalances of the skin. Applying this mask is an essential part of an Asian beauty routine.

Journey into the Chinese Pharmacopoeia

To uncover the secrets of the plants and flowers that make up Chinese cosmetics, we interviewed Nathalie Bouchon-Poiroux, co-founder of the cosmetic brand and Cinq Mondes spas. For 17 years, this house has been taking us around the world, in search of the best in beauty on 5 continents. Her Beijing skincare ritual is one of her bestsellers.