mercredi 18 décembre 2019

Why Brands should give up WeChat moment Ads

WeChat advertising is one of the main channels for social showcasing in China. The WeChat advantage incorporates:
  • Access to the top social users in China
  • Wide reach and statistic base, from young people to the old
  • Group of spectators focusing through the direction include
  • Choices for various spending plans
  • Easy to understand advertising display
  • High commitment and transformation rates
  • Exact announcing

What are WeChat’s advertising channels?

WeChat has three advertising channels:
  • WeChat Moments ads
  • WeChat official record banner ads
  • WeChat Mini Program banner ads

Are WeChat Moments ads reasonable for any business?

The short answer is no.

Who are these Chinese Super People?

Who are these Chinese Super People?

this video explain everything you should know.

this Chinese girl is really pregnant. her friends attends the grand opening of the high limit room Privé Tables at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver. Ray and Diana shop for a house in Hollywood. Weymi meets Pam, but Pam looks like a bitch and scares Weymi.

#HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls is a Canadian online program about the daughters of affluent, Mandarin speaking Chinese Canadians living in Canada. They are young independent women starting their lives and careers with the newest Hermes Birkin bags and YSL shoes while vying for the status of #HBIC “Hot Bitch in Charge”.

Other great video.

Interview of the founder of Path2inspiration

Today we are interviewing the founder of Path2inspiration that will explain about his new book. 

Could you please introduce yourself ?

My name is Sebastien, a few years ago I finally decided to follow my calling in life. 
It lead me to finally create my website

What project are you working on this days ?

I am working on the promotion of my short ebook on meditation. 
“The lazy way to get your zen on”

Can you tell us more about this book ?

This book is original and entertaining. I wanted to make something unique yet simple to help people understand that meditation, is supposed to be fun and not a chore.

With the help of the illustrations, the Supermonk and my words, I think I managed to put together a pretty good book.
The book on Amazon 

Why this subject ?

Meditation has made my life so much better. 12 years ago, during a dark time of my life, I spent 3 months in a meditation center in Chiang mai, Thailand. 

That time was so crucial and essential in my life. It basically saved me from myself and I have been meditating (almost) everyday ever since. 

I know the power of the mind. Meditation is a “skill”, a “tool” that anybody can hone. If only more people would meditate, the world would be even more beautiful than it already is.

Of course there are tragedies and horrors, meditation is not an escape. Meditation helps you to see the good and beauty and help you understand what you have been taken for granted. That’s priceless.

What makes you excited in your work ?

Planting a seed in a person’s psyche and see them blossom over time. Through my written words, my spoken words, my videos, my stories, podcast, anything goes, as long as I can plant a seed in a person’s heart for them to see their potential.

How can it change people’s lives ?

It will free them of the shackles of circumstances and conditioning. It will help them finally understand what it really means to have joy, to have peace and to care for oneself.

Where do you see yourself in five years ?

 Doing more of what I am doing now. Bigger and better. More videos, a show on Netflix, more and more books for the young and for the not-so-young while always making meditation more accessible to the masses.


mardi 17 décembre 2019

Why Alibaba’s Jack Ma is helping African Startups?

He is one of the biggest names in world business and he came to Africa to give a masterclass on becoming an entrepreneur. Jack Ma entrepreneur extrodinaire worth more than $42 billion dollars and listed by Forbes as one of the most influential business people in the world. He was rejected for 30 jobs before coming into his own and founding Alibaba the Chinese based e-commerce giant Alibaba – he was in Johannesburg to tell entrepreneurs his story.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma’s lessons for African entrepreneurs


What is Alibaba? 

Why Alibaba’s Jack Ma is helping African Startups? 

 Alibaba’s Jack Ma’s lessons for African entrepreneurs

dimanche 15 décembre 2019

Export Tips for Wine in China

*a good article of downtownmiami about how to market Wine in China 

China is one of the most important export markets for some wine makers. Chinese customers are getting additionally perceiving about wine quality and an expanding number of individuals have built up a sharp preference for good quality wine.

Digital Marketing
Advanced showcasing is important with regards to offering your wine to the Chinese market. Chinese customers are carefully wise and love utilizing versatile installments rather than money. It is anything but an embellishment to state that China is changing into a cashless society.
In the event that you work with a merchant, you can utilize the agenda underneath to evaluate your advanced showcasing endeavors.
• Are we going to work with KOLs (key opinion leaders) to promote our wine?• Are we going to do some additional marketing on e-commerce platforms that sell our wine?• Are we going to set up a Weibo account for our brand?• Are we going to set up a WeChat Official Account for our brand?• Are we going to do any WeChat/Weibo advertising?• Are we going to run search engine advertising campaigns on search engines like Baidu, Sogou and 360?• Are we going to monitor/reply to online customer reviews on our wine?• Are we going to post on influential industry websites?• Are we going to answer questions about our wine on questions and answer platforms like Zhihu?

mardi 1 octobre 2019

Baidu Number One: 1st Chinese Company to Get Licence for Self Driving Buses

Baidu More than The Google of China

The search Engine

Baidu is the number one Chinese search engine and is widely used by Chinese population to look for information from products/company reviews to various society topics.
Not unlike its western counterpart google, Baidu has developed its own ecosystem, it has its own quora know as Baidu Zhidao (baidu knows), its own Wikipedia: Baike, its own forum with Baidu Tieba.

In the same way google does, it has an ads systems. Baidu search engine is highly specialized. It supports only mandarin and it is extremely hard for a website not hosted in or near China to rank. It is even harder to rank if the content of a website is not in Mandarin. 
To anyone that is interested in learning more about Baidu search engine, check out this well written article :

Baidu AI development

But today's post is not about Baidu being a search engine but the other activity's of the group. Baidu, in one of the biggest group in China, alongside Alibaba (Jack Ma with Taobao and Tmall) and Tencent (Wechat). This tree are often mentioned together as BAT (Baidu Alibaba Tencent).
In terms of communication, banking and finance, Alibiba and Tencent have clearly won the fight. However, this time around Baidu that has been investing heavily in AI development as won the battle. Indeed, the group is the first one in China to get a licence for self driving buses.

Check out more about these buses here :

The buses will be operated via 5G (check out more about the launch of 5G in China and the race to be first) in the city of Wuhan.
Following this, many companies got approval for launching and everywhere across China, self-driving vehicles are popping.

Self drive Vehicles: The beginning of crises for taxi and buses drivers?

My question to this is the following: What will be the impact on the society? I can already see pros and cons
for a start less accidents, better services for consumers
Cons: in the long run, are this vehicles going to totally replace the existing system of taxi, didi and man drove buses or are they going to coexist just like taxi and didi are doing now?

Let me know in the comments section what are your thoughts on this

mercredi 4 septembre 2019

Healthcare trends in China

2,000 new private emergency clinics rose in China, boosting the all out number of medical clinics to 29,000, up 6 percent from 2015, the National Agency of Measurements said not long ago.

Top News on

Healthcare trends  in China

Among them, 160,000 are exclusive while 130,000 are open emergency clinics. Be that as it may, regardless of the expanded number of medical clinics, China’s medicinal services framework is still overburdened and battles to adapt to the ascent in sickness connected to the maturing populace, the World Wellbeing Association China agent Bernhard Schwartlander said in a Reuters report a year ago.

“In China, because of an absence of a staggered indicative and treatment framework and individuals’ general absence of trust in little emergency clinics and facilities, the use paces of huge and little therapeutic organizations vary colossally,

lundi 2 septembre 2019

3 Top News about China Market August 2019

Top News about China Market 

Guide to doing Business in China in 2019 

Successfully breaking into the Chinese market may seem like an impossible task for foreign companies with limited or no business experience.
This White Paper aims to highlight some of the key challenges facing foreign companies entering the Chinese market for the first time and offers some practical recommendations that will help a company enter into China’s market penetration strategies and expansion plans. Can be integrated.

Source :

emailing is dead in China 

Email and cash are dead in China, as I write my new book: China’s Titan Titles. It helped China that during the PC era it got better ipped and went straight to mobile.

The Chinese digital universe is more social than the West. The social trade market originated in China, and became popular there. Chinese shopping site Xiaohongshu, which translates to Little Red Book but has nothing to do with Chairman Mao’s quotation book, combines online shopping with social media and key influencers. The Shanghai-based cosmetics and fashion shopping app allows regular consumers and opinion leaders to post reviews and share shopping experiences, hobbies, and lifestyles. It has reached 200 million users, and with 3 billion posts a day, this number will be a moment in the West.
China has already proven that it can innovate and work harder. The next step is to expand our reach to new areas. Already, China’s tech titans are entering India and Southeast Asia ahead of their business model Great Wall (that can’t be reached on Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter) and adopting the latest technology. ۔

further reading:

dimanche 11 août 2019

Top Report about Luxury China (2019)

Top Report about Luxury China 

KOL is a buzz word in China 

A single buzzword is needed - digital ecosystem - to talk about the reality of Chinese applications. We now see smart brands using WeChat - and some very smart brands, such as Singapore Airlines (and recently Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts) partnering with key applications such as the Fliggy online travel platform, to help to better connect with their customers.


 Real personalization, whether engraved names, the ability to choose and choose from a wide range of options, very limited editions, etc., are all tools to implement to build the finish luxury.

With Chinese consumers, there is an additional opportunity to "customize" something specifically to Chinese requirements: MAIA Active's customers, the Chinese fashion brand Athleisure, reacted very positively to the idea that their numbers differed from " Western numbers "and needed differently (specially). clothing designed. Other brands should take advantage of this opportunity and, judging it carefully, customize and specialize. A more realistic expectation of brands will be that KOLs not only use their channels, but their creativity. A real KOL has your finger on the pulse or any appendage of the part of the body that you like the most metaphorically. The KOL-brand collaborations that work best and which are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are those that are involved, cooperative and, unfortunately, with a buzzword, but with real synergy. source


Luxury concierge clubs that deal with the extravagant demands of their guests, including renting a private island in the Maldives and offering a $ 2 million sports car at a sale to auctions in London, quickly become indispensable for the Chinese elite. The British luxury club Quintessentially was founded in 2000 and serves 250,000 customers worldwide, making it one of the oldest and most important luxury lifestyle management services in the world. However, 10 years ago, there were no customers on the Chinese mainland. However, their different consumer behavior vis-à-vis digital applications will certainly lead to a group of new marketing strategies in the Chinese industry. Each detail of the plan must apply numerically.

McKinsey & Company announced in a new report on April 26 that China's luxury spending does not seem to be running out of steam over the next few years. He predicted that Chinese buyers (domestic and foreign) would spend about $ 180 billion (RMB 1.2 trillion) in luxury goods by 2025, accounting for 40 percent of global consumption. The forecast almost doubled the country's current expenditures, which amounted to 115 billion dollars in 2018.

A change in ultra-rich Chinese consumer groups and behaviors occurred that 4 there are 6 trends are happening.
  • Mobile super apps catch half of the attention of netizens.
  • Influencers or KOLs is the main force to affect luxurious
  • Wechat official account and mini program become the basic tool for communications to customers
  • Research Online Purchase offline(ROPO) is the popular way of purchasing luxuries nowadays.
  • Digital marketing covers all province of China, a chance to stimulate lower-tier cities conversion rate on luxuries purchasing.
  • E-commerce takes a great proportion on online sales, but social media shopping rises abruptly. further readings

The new report by the global consulting firm, "How Young Chinese Consumers Restructure Global Luxury," examines the habits and behaviors of the world's largest luxury consumers. Despite the current economic uncertainty,

McKinsey is confident that China will play a decisive role in the global luxury goods market. According to the report, the growing number of middle-class households is one of the pillars of growth, indicating that 350 million Chinese people in China will earn between $ 2,600 and $ 3,900 per month and per household by 2025.

D&G in China 

China's unique and ever-changing market creates exciting opportunities. Rather than trying crystal ball predictions, here is my summary of what this year can show us next year and points to watch out for. The Chinese asked questions about the Chinese D & G - and the reactions to his promotional videos described as racist and sexist, as well as the anger provoked by the insulting words of his co-founder, Stefano Gabbana - should finally serve as a warning signal to any brand that "n ' do not listen to "his people.

  • China. And there was one last factor of differentiation: many larger and more established brands benefited from their scale advantage. 
  • With everything from rents to salaries, marketing events and the commitment of increasingly expensive thought leaders, transaction costs are rising in China. The trend has tended to favor major brands in 2018. 
  •  Look forward Turbocharged engines inevitably lose steam. China's economic growth is slowing down, albeit in a controlled manner. 
  • Real estate prices should stabilize, reducing the positive effect of wealth on Chinese households. 
  •  Nevertheless, luxury brands can expect a promising year in China. Sales of luxury goods will remain healthy, although they can not keep up with growth of 20%. Growth among young people under 25 seems more likely in 2019. 

 This expansion will result from the same positive forces that made 2017 and 2018 so strong. The Chinese government should maintain the adjustment of import duties to encourage domestic consumption and reduce the VAT rate. It is also likely to continue to impose strict controls on passengers and parcels at customs and to monitor more closely the army of "daigou agents" who buy abroad for local consumers.

  1. And brands will continue to narrow the price gap with foreign markets. Chinese millennia will not lose their taste for luxury goods, nor their willingness to buy. 
  2. A recent UBS survey found that 71% of Millennials had a positive financial outlook and 81% expected an increase in their income. Meanwhile, the Chinese middle class will continue to grow. 
  3.  The drivers of luxury goods sales in China may not be unstoppable. 
  4. But they show no sign of stall. Overall, affluent Chinese consumers bode well for global luxury consumption in the coming years. Chinese consumers and global luxury brands will continue to form and reshape themselves. It is also likely that big hit brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci will continue to lead because of their fatal mistakes like Dolce & Gabbana.

According to McKinsey, about half of the consumers surveyed after the 1980s and 1990s believed that sales staff had to provide not only regular updates on product information, but also much more. This young generation expects a personalized service approach, which consists of choosing accessories based on an intimate knowledge of the client's personality, previous purchases or preferences, and helping them to participate in fashion shows or parties. - more as a friend than as a salesman. .

In addition, sales staff is an important pillar in creating a seamless omni-channel shopping experience for consumers, the report says. While digital and e-commerce are becoming increasingly popular in luxury brands, Brink and Mortar Stores still play a critical role in customers' shopping decisions.

dimanche 4 août 2019

Hermès VIP Experience for Chinese Clients

Faced with an increasingly saturated market and a turbulent economic state in China, many luxury brands are seeking to release their marketing resources for residents of second and third tier cities. This includes the prestigious luxury house Hermes. On July 19, the brand launched a WeChat mini program, showcasing its expertise to new Xiamen fans.


This is a strategic move, from the choice of location. Located on the coast, Xiamen has been designated as one of the special economic zones of the country. It has become a shopping center for luxury lovers

WeChat Mini program

Enter the latest WeChat Mini program, named Hermès au travail, which is a digital tool enabling consumers to register for an exclusive Hermès event from July 26th to 30th. At the event, fans can have a behind-the-scenes glimpse. At Hermès, the products are handmade and give a rare insight into the transformation of an idea into a real product. The event takes place inside the brand's store, in the Wan Xiang shopping mall, a premier destination for luxury shopping with more than 30 leading brands.

The mini-program offers customers an overview of Hermès' know-how, but it's also an interactive game in which fans can guess the tools used to make their scarves and their iconic handbags. By selecting several tools and reading their use, fans can conceptualize the work needed to make the product. For example, producing 30 colors of a print can take up to 600 hours of work. Once both answers are correct, the customer receives a badge to "prove" their knowledge and potential to become a craftsman. Meanwhile, customers can also register to view a free documentary produced by Frédéric Laffont during the event. The film presents some of the global artisans and techniques they use to make Hermes products.

After four days of publication, the ticket garnered 8,959 page views and more than 41 likes. Last May, Hermes organized an ephemeral two-day flash sale store at Shanghai's Cha House for its fragrance. WeChat was the digital resource for directing visitors to offline events. Both events strengthened the brand's promise to Chinese consumers and continued to offer engaging and informative in-person experiences designed by Hermes.

Given the above, it seems that the new digital strategy Hermes works. In the latest release of its second-quarter results, Hermes announced double-digit sales growth, thanks in part to China.

Read also Marketing strategy in Luxury in China 

lundi 29 juillet 2019

Understand the differences between Chinese VC and US VC


VCs are money driven. They want fast revenue and fast results. Whilst, VCs in other countries are worried about having strategic variety in their portfolio, in China, it’s all about the money.

As there is always a concern about the money, investors will consider the possible scalability of the project, the exit phase, and if possible, to make an IPO of the company in the future.

There is not a big difference between Chinese VCs and Western VCs.

The main difference is between the different VCs inside the Chinese investing firms. How they behave depends on their industry and on their goal; in China, there are no rules governing which steps they will follow or on the movements they will make.

The only thing that all Chinese VCs have in common is that they want to have as much control as possible inside the company and have power in the terms of the contract. In order to have more control they will often give you cash by the bucket loads so that they can be in charge of everything. So when it comes to Chinese VCs the age-old question is: What do you want? More money or more control?
source the nxbode

dimanche 12 mai 2019

News About the China Market

To earn their earning, market analysts will have to greatly improve geopolitical risk prices in terms of trade negotiations between the United States and China, according to Atlantic Council CEO Fred Kempe.

The way conversations develop is more important than ever because now it is much more. They are a prism through which we can judge whether and how the two most important powers of our era can handle their differences.
What the markets have misunderstood since the negotiations resumed last December, but American and Chinese officials have understood, is that the talks became one of the many events of a new era of geopolitical and systemic competition that will define Our times. In order to earn their salary, market analysts will have to greatly improve prices at geopolitical risk.

Trump's decision to more than double the $ 200 billion tariffs on Chinese products, from 10% to 25%, received the most attention worldwide this week. His move, which was driven by the argument that China was withdrawing from the already negotiated terms of a draft agreement, has the potential to be the most significant of the many commercial movements of his administration.

Other Information about China: