dimanche 24 mars 2013

Chinese visitors are the fastest-growing­ segment of US tourism

Chinese visitors are the fastest-growing­ segment of US tourism 

The shopping for designer purses, taking pictures at historical monuments, touring college campuses in ecord­ numbers every year and Massachusetts tour operators, hotels, places and attractions are out the red carpet for this lucrative chinese tourist group.
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Chinese tourist in USA 

The number of arriving Chinese tourists increased by 30 percent in 2012 due to the government’s expedited visa process. The most visited cities are major American hubs including D.C., New York, and Los Angeles where Universal Studios provides Mandarin-speaking employees.

In Canada: 

Canada’s inbound tourism numbers were relatively flat in 2012 with fewer visitors coming from Europe and the US.

  • The exception was an increase in incoming tourists from Asia, especially mainland China. Chinese tourists made 115,200 trips to Canada in the first five months of 2012, a 22.9 percent year-over-year increase. more information here
  • Charles Hotel in Cambridge just launched a website hosted in Hong Kong to reach Chinese visitors. Wrentham Village Premium Outlets is decorating its information center in red and gold crepe to mark the Chinese New Year next month. Trademark Tours has expanded its partnership with Harvard niversity — one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists to create more workshops aimed at Chinese travelers, including topics such as 
  •  But reaching out to this market is not a simple endeavor, tourism authorities say. 
  • The language barrier is significant, and Chinese visitors tend to travel in large groups, with buses bringing as many as 500 tourists an hour, sometimes overwhelming small attractions.  

"Chinese tourist we want them" 

"Chinese tourist we want them" said the head of international marketing for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, which recently held a workshop at the State House for businesses that are interested in attracting­ Chinese tourists. China is now the third-biggest source of international tourists for Massachusetts, after the United Kingdom and Canada, with nearly 140,000 Chinese visiting the state in 2011.

 Spending by Chinese visitors in Massachusetts has more than quadrupled to $285 million in 2011 from $60 million in 2007, according to the US Department of Commerce.

 Five years ago, China was not even on the radar in the Massachusetts tourism industry.

The boom began after a 2007 US-China travel agreement allowed­ tour operators to sell group leisure­ trips from China to the United States for the first time. Wait times for US visas have also decreased dramatically in recent years, while the Chinese middle class has grown
They started taking more vacations. Nearly 1.5 million Chinese tourists arrived in the United States last year, a number that is expected to more than double by 2016. Chinese tourist are promicing market

 Shopping is a big draw for Chinese visitors

they are attracted by the wide selection of consumer products and low prices.

She said she is overwhelmed by the growing number of Chinese tourist friends coming to the USA and asking to be picked up at the airport or taken shopping.

Many have never been to the US and choose to come to Boston on their first trip because they want their children to study here, she said.
 New York has the Statue of Liberty, Arizona has the Grand Canyon ...

the number of Chinese travelers using its services doubled from 2011 to 2012. They now make up more than a third of its group travel business

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samedi 23 mars 2013

Chinese Tourist market

Chinese Tourist market

 Outbound tourists figures

  • rose from 16.6 million in 2002 to 70.3 million in 2011, 
  • this market is expected to rise to 82 million this year,
  • growth up 17 percent. 
  • Shopping 200 million by 2020, 
The world needs to get ready to absorb that many extra tourists. And especially tourists spending money: figures show that year on year, Chinese tourists spent 30 percent more when travelling abroad in 2012 than previous year. source Chinese tourist

Who is concerned? 

 From hotels, airports, malls and retailers hiring Manadarin speaking concierge services, to countries easing visa norms and doing joint marketing agreements with China, (source )

Chinese tourists love spending money, especially the recession and debt crisis beset European and North American countries:

  • U.S., 
  • France 
  • UK 
  • Australia 
  • New zealand 
All the banks on Chinese visitors to shore up their sputtering economies.
 Neighboring destinations like
Hong Kong,

Chinese tourist are architecting their tourism policies wholesale to accomodate these big numbers. (via chinese tourist)

Chinese tourist

If you’re in travel anywhere in the world and don’t have an evolved and nuanced China strategy, you aren’t a serious player in 2013. here

  •  What follows is a list of 32 countries that are strategizing and employing methods to increase Chinese visitor arrivals in 2013 to build a more lucrative tourism market:

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dimanche 17 mars 2013

how to register on Sina-weibo

how to register on sina weibo

  1. go to http://www.weibo.com
  2. press the green button

    1. fill in
    2. click the green button again.
    3. Go to your email and activate.
    4. After finished, go to http://weibo.com again,


    mercredi 6 mars 2013

    Digital Marketing in China : all the trends

    TOP 10 things to know about Digital Marketing in China

    1-The Internet is more and more influential in China !

    China has now around 600 milions users (in France there is 45 millions). The coverage is pretty good, but Internet is mainly for rich people which lives in main cities. 

    2 – Social Networks are in a real boom

    Of course, we have to speak about Weixin (Wechat) and Weibo because they are now the two best successful social networks in China. The thing is that chinese people spend more time on social networks than people from Europe. They like them because it’s a space of information sharing, that’s show the change in the chinese society.

    3 – Mobile users are increasing

    The number of chinese connected to the Internet via their mobile is around 1 billion. China is now the first market of smartphone in the world. The main brands are Apple, Samsung and the chinese brand Xiaomi.

    4 – Advertisement on the Internet

    The future is now on the Internet, indeed, they are annoying by direct advertising. Now they want viral video, story telling or buzz marketing, they are more efficient. Chinese people consume also a lot of video streaming.

    5 – The importance of Key Opinion Leaders

    In Europe, we have the concept of brand ambassadors, but it’s more developed in China. They trust a lot the celebrities etc. Before buying something, chinese go to forums to see advices from KOL. They have to be the first target.

    6 – Cross-media

    Online and offline are related in China. For example a lot of TV chanels have a Weibo. Press also likes to relay Buzzs from the Internet.

    7 – Fake Weibo accounts

    Due to the fame of Weibo, bad habits appear like fake Weibo accounts. It’s like for Facebook, it’s really easy to create a fake account and to make fake comments and fake like. It could work for a short term but it’s bad in the long term.


    8 – QR codes are part of the chinese landscape

    Contrary to Europe, QR codes in China are in a real boom. It’s part of the everyday life of the chinese. Weixin helped a lot the spread of QR Codes in China. 

    9- Tablets in China

    Like other markets, China has discover the tablets. It’s a real success for the iPad for example. Another actor is Lenovo with 10,5% of market share and the last one is Samsung (3,5% of the market).

    10- E-Commerce is booming  in China

    E-commerce is very promising, indeed there is a growth of 30% per year and China win again the record for e-shoppers in the world, indeed, they are 145 millions. The main websites are Taobao or Alibaba.

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    Definition of market report

    Why do a market Market Report in the Chinese market ?

    Recently we talked about market research in China, now we will discuss about market report.

    When you need vital market information on a sector or an industry, you need a market report. There are 4 main situations when a market report is needed:
    - a company wants to test its market strategies
    - a player tries to enter into a market which already exists
    - an organization wants to know its position on the market
    - a company seeks to rate its frontline staff about their performance

    A market report is based of market research from one side and detailed analysis about different research areas (for example rules and regulation, existence of key players, global trends of the market, profitability and cost etc.) from another side.

    Market Report in China

    China is now a powerful market and its really interesting to go there. But the problem is that this market is really unknown because it’s a difficult market to understand. Companies need key figures and information to know and understand where are they going to make business. Those information could be :
    - cost and profitability of the market
    - how its competitors are distributing their products
    - demographic and economic information
    - market strategies of the competitors

    These key figures and information are provided by a market report. When doing a market research you have to be careful about different elements such as the objectives of the study, the time frames of the study, the profile of the clients etc.

    How to make the research ?

    Daxue consulting helps us to understand the methodology.

    There are several criterion which will help to realize the report.
    The first one is research information in different support such as newspapers, magazines, books etc.
    Secondly, interviews and questionnaires are a good way to know more what people think and what information they can provide you. The interview will be more with open questions and the questionnaires with closed questions.
    Then focus group could be also a great way of acquires some strategic information. A focus group is when you ask a group of people a list of questions and their opinion.
    Finally store check and mystery shopping complete this list.

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