jeudi 17 avril 2014

WeChat future 9 big business

WeChat future 9 big business

 1.WeChat direction will further control content subscription numbers , political and economic , public discussion of the direction of financial numbers , especially further blockade and control , otherwise the subscription number will be the next public opinion broke out .

2.WeChat will further support the service number , service number to create electricity supplier ecosystem , and vigorously promote the development of C2C service number . Micro- shopping , micro stores, mall and other products cut into the micro has proven its ability to erupt . Open menu functions from the service number , service number nine open API interface , open the application WeChat service number to pay ; enough to prove WeChat commercialization schedule is in full progress.

3 in that the overall number of public numbers 3000000 +, WeChat overall number of users 500,000,000 domestic ; . WeChat public access data from this number , the graphic conversion rate of 30% has been very little , most of FIG account Wen average conversion rate of 15% ; this also explains each WeChat user has started to pay a lot of WeChat public number, number of public information WeChat homogeneity ( especially information category ); WeChat will further control WeChat number of public number, WeChat you to enhance the overall user experience .

4.WeChat on derivative products in development , micro- communities, wind chimes system becomes WeChat number of public operators gospel , how to extend the fans demand , with more optional items to enhance the fan experience of reading . Of course, this will lay the future WeChat ecology , operators will be the most important part of WeChat manipulator .

5.WeChat advertising process , WeChat began testing a wide gray point through text links ads around February 2014 , there are only a part of the large gray-scale testing authority. By WeChat and wide through the next point strategy, future WeChat form will appear in the ad : ① WeChat top without any advertising ( for the sake of user experience ); ② WeChat forms of advertising at the bottom of the Graphic Communications diversification ( in addition to text links , will realize images and rich media ) to improve ad conversion ; ③ wide stop advertising management background will be implanted WeChat public No. background , WeChat number of public managers will get more autonomy ( optional advertising, while No ads CPC -based public pricing ); ④ wide will provide the background to automatically stop advertising WeChat number of public managers clearing functions .

6.WeChat will focus on the next version upgrade WeChat personal user experience , while also providing new opportunities for point No. grassroots WeChat public operators . ① will once again open WeChat the search function can search public message numbers themselves are not concerned about ( this feature has not been proven ) ② repositioning circle of friends ecological chain , currently too wide circle of friends dissemination of information , the reader can not be precise positioning information , the latter will add functionality to retrieve and subscription information circle of friends .

7.WeChat developers standardization, current WeChat has reached the peak of development , WeChat cloud on the basis of Tencent , WeChat open cloud application ; overall WeChat development field will sort out . From the current situation, the latter will be fully standardized, only WeChat cloud developers to get more support ( policy support , as well as open interfaces of the underlying technical support ) .

8.WeChat pay scene depth combined with the line and become true mobile Internet O2O of tickets . From the social attributes , location attributes (LBS), a closed-loop payment , communication system fully open up , to be the next growth point.

9.WeChat large CRM will provide more support to open more integrated CRM management solution that enables WeChat in the light heavy marketing experience deeper down the road . Provide enterprises with more experience scenes , to provide consumers with more high- tack tools.

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