mardi 30 avril 2013

Online supermarket in Shanghai

It's hard to find what you want

Do you know that feeling when you are an expatriate and you want to experience again the food of your hometown? It’s sometimes impossible or very hard or it’s very expensive. In Shanghai, in China a company named Epermarket may have found the solution.

This website used the massive trend of the e-commerce to launch its website. They made the same analysis as us, there is a market for an online shop because it’s hard in some countries to find what you want.

Presentation of the online supermarket

So basically Epermarket is an online supermarket. That is to say that you can order directly the food that you missed at a reasonable price. It works in both ways, that is to say expatriates can enjoy again their food and chinese people can discover another kind of food.

The choice is really wide, indeed you can buy meat, seafood, snacks, beverage, fruits, vegetables etc. The website is available in four languages: French, German, English and Chinese. 

Concerning the payment and the delivery, everything is made for your best. Indeed, you can pay online with local or international credit cards or you can pay directly when you receive your products by cash or by credit card. The delivery system is really reliable because there is a perfect warehouse management and the delivery is made by trucks which have temperature controller and also a system of traceability.

6 reasons to choose Epermarket

1) A very wide range of imported products, including fresh products!
2) A policy of affordable prices
3) A provider of food safety
4) Very flexible Delivery times
5) A professional after sale service
6) The main asset of Epermarket: high quality delicatessen products

So if you want to try something different go to the online supermarket Shanghai.

dimanche 28 avril 2013

SEO for ecommerce in China !

SEO for ecommerce in China ! 

The e-commerce in China has grown strongly in recent years with the democratization of the Internet in households. Today there is even talk of m-commerce and mobile e-commerce on Facebook. In this article, we'll focus specifically on the situation of e-commerce in China. In order to get the most readers in the shortest possible time value, we can assume that, you know that China's online market represents a huge opportunity?

 Chinese Market !

In 2012, China's online advertising market value of $ 1.2 billion, with efforts to comply with the Western media kit pricing. Some good news: China, like the West SEO & SEM is the undisputed champion of digital marketing tactics, as long as the waves of the conversion rate and cost per conversion decision.


Let me imagine two powerful, reasonably priced reinforced concrete pillars supporting a sturdy exit ramp from Baidu to your website, SEO & SEM. Not from Google. Baidu is China's digital 12-lane interstate highways.
Google Hong Kong Route 66. This is the final of the old is the government planning, folks. Programs. But here is your leverage - the best SEO practices, Google, Baidu is even better. The case with the majority of China and the West, just a small, driven by six months to 18 months behind the algorithm. Baidu's fine, tried to go beyond Google will burn so much unnecessary fuel is unprofitable, instead of riding in its pooled. via SEO China

 Therefore, optimization for the scene search engine in China, which is a small world after all. The high-quality content even further, in order to improve your ranking in Baidu than Google, the reason is very simple, the quality of information on the Internet in China is so much more meager. That's why if you the top five of the more meaningful than Jay Jay or L'Oreal in Baidu search results are almost guaranteed to contain one or all of the following links: Wikipedia, Baidu Encyclopedia version; Shido - Yahoo answers or Wenku Google Docs.

This has led to a down and dirty tip. Article published on these sites, and in a review Union will bring more quality leads to your website than even the most precocious Asian social media expert on the microblogging, or even unlimited Red Bull. It is assumed that you are not a super-sexy Western organizational structure. Beckham, of course you can rely on social media sales in the mainland AB-blasting. Some qualifiers, though, so as not to sound SEO in China is far too easy to read and understand. The strategies and principles, China's successful SEO assumptions: You have an independent Chinese website and Content on your site, from the title tag has been translated by a qualified humanoid robot, instead of Google Translate. (via China SEO)

Baidu is a little behind, is not it, it needs a short drive. If you just run a part of the English website, Baidu smell lack of commitment to a mile away, and let you in a sandbox (unless you just can not find elsewhere on the contents of the websites in China...more information on MarketingtoChina

 Real mandarin

Sustainable top content requires real Mandarin a real site, rather than Google Translation cheongsam. As for the off-site SEO in China, our introduction caveat in mind - you get what you pay for. Those places, spiky hair, "No problem!" SEO team is committed to than Oddjob money rarely wearing a black hat and big results. (via Chinese SEO )

They are in business to make money, do not do the work of the sweatshop, crazy value. Them not to make you a Rolex when there are so many customers to, buy cheap and cheerful FOLEX of interested. Of course, or in the value of the Chinese, but in arbitrage, rather than cheap labor. SEM pull high-quality, conversion-ready eyes here, too. Bid Cost bundled However, "financial planning" or "legal services" and other keywords in the West, to a small part of the cost on the Baidu. A gentle warning:

Baidu PPC account established by comparison with the DMV happy wrestling. To the their 5000 yuan settings, no problem. Please submit the license of the firm and sealed. - Promote your country's investment in the field of biotechnology; China's license to practice medicine? You are a for-profit organization for the purpose of it? Please delete your logo on our part, to move to the bottom of the page. Bizarre mods to your website, unexplained delays and there is no clear chain of command characterization of Baidu PPC set experience. Theoretically you could try this process, just as you can to defend himself, at large taxes - did not write down the rules of the court, and change the whim of the judges who responded to no higher power. However, even with the assistance SEM professional in domestic costs, and pay for quality SEO in China, not a link farm clowns, you get self-qualified leads before national, for a fraction of the cost, hassle and risk, The need to establish a physical operation in China. All things considered, the risk-reward ratio has never been so good

vendredi 26 avril 2013

Chinese are looking for “Trophy Women” and “Trophy Men”

Chinese are looking for “Trophy Women” and “Trophy Men”

Economy Applicable Woman

What is “Economy Applicable Woman”? Here are some key words to describe:
·         Height: 158cm to 175cm
·         Weight: 45kg to 55kg
·         Bachelor degree or above
·         Shoulder-length hair style with tender and mild character
·         Salary range (per month): 3,000 RMB to 6,000 RMB
·         Know how to cook and do laundry
·         Responsible to attend family members and loyal to the husband
·         Prefer staying at home to shopping in the mall
·         Able to afford half of the expense on apartment
After this concept was published on Sina Microblog, the tweet was retweeted more than 10,000 times and received almost 4,000 comments. Among those comments, most of them were from women who expressed that the standard is too strict as for the segment of weight. Subsequently, a small scale of online poll shows that 37% people say that this standard is reliable and perfectly matching the features of “Economy Applicable Man”, whereas 24% of people think it is a high standard for “trophy lady. All these discussions can be surprising but common in China.

Economy suitable Man

The thought of to be a gold digger seems to gradually collapse from the mainstream view of value in China. To some extends, emerge of “Economy Applicable Boy” concept was not carried out by accident, but it is an inevitable result of society development. In 2007, the Women’s Federation defined “leftover” women (sheng nv 剩女) as unmarried women, who over the age of 27, received a higher level of education, and who is beautiful with high income. The basic reason why this group people have not got married with someone is because they put high expectation and standard on the male candidate. Perhaps this concept helps to hold some girls back and stimulate a new standard of mate selection. According to a public opinion survey organized by the dating website such as Baihe and Jiayuan, more than 60% of female told they hope to get married with someone who is qualified to match “Economy Applicable Man” criteria. What are the criteria of this type of guy? Here is a list of key words to explain:
·         Ordinary appearance
·         Tender and moderate
·         No smoking and drinking
·         Be loyal to his wife and no intimate relation with any other lady
·         Stable salary range (per month): 3,000 RMB to 10,000 RMB
·         Hand over his salary to the wife
·         Working field: Education industry, IT industry, Machinery Manufacture industry, Technology industry, and etc...
·         Able to afford down payment for an apartment

Financial Crisis Changed the Standards of Mate-selection

The stats coming from Zhenai Website illustrates the changes in the psychology of women before and after the financial crisis in 2008. Among their 15 million female members, the number of respondents who want to date with men who own a dependent flat declined from 51.8% to 12.3%, who owns a private car fell from 33.1% to 3.3%. In addition, a social research towards 2,845 female respondents done by China Youth News demonstrated that women who think finding a true love is a success count for 56.1%, while people who think marrying a rich man is equivalent to success grabs only 5.6%.

vendredi 19 avril 2013

Glamour sales, a French Success Story in China

Glamour sales, a French Success Story in China

Target at Luxury Brand Online Sales

The current total volume of luxury products consumed by Chinese people is about 115 billion RMB in 2012, at an increasing rate of 7% which is dramatically lower than the rate of last year with an impressive 30% growth. Meanwhile, several luxury giants, such as LVMH and Gucci, announced that they were going to slow down the expansion of new stores in China, in particular within second and third tier cities. Why? The simple fact that almost 60% of luxury goods sales were generated abroad where consumers could get a cheaper price for the same type of goods. And these goods are not only bought abroad but also through proxy on the internet such as whatever Taobao or other internet platforms.
For these reasons, there is no doubt that an online website which is offering luxury goods with extremely huge discount could be promising and bright in China. Chinese customers definitely welcome the kinds of websites where they can buy discounted but genuine articles. It is especially true for young generations aged between 25 and 35 years old. This segment is the most dynamic and powerful group in luxury brands consumption.

Ace in Selling Luxury Goods with Registered Membership Policy & Flash Sales Model

Glamour - sales has created an invitation-only community. As for now, they have already got 2 million members with a growth of 60, 000 new members joining every month.
Flash Sales are organized typically for 5 to 7 days only for 3 to 4 brands with discounted prices that can reach more than 80 per cent. Before a special event opens, members receive a newsletter about newly coming events to plan their shopping. When we have a look at the website, it can be easily found out that Diesel, Hugo Boss, and many international brands have done flash sales on Glamour Sales.  
According to the policy of Glamour -sales, once a buyer becomes an online member of this website, she / he will benefit from a privileged access to flash sales to enjoy exclusive products for a limited amount of time with a substantial discount (Model from Ventes-Privées in France). In addition, a newly registered consumer could receive a cash coupon of 50 RMB immediately as a reward which can be used during the first shopping experience, which strengthens and consolidates confidence for consumers to join and attracts them on the website. Under these terms of condition, Glamour-sales is able to attract a crowd of potential consumers to become members of this website every single day. 

Stunning Way of Marketing

Besides regular campaigns launched by Glamour - sales on media for marketing and PR, the website developed a space within its website to present brand stories of its partners and publish Glamour Sales - made videos combining stylish elements of partners’ products and also Glamour Sales brand image to increase brand awareness.
From the beginning of  Glamour Sales in China, Xu Jinglei, a fashionable and charming actress as well as a movie director, was appointed to be a spokesperson and honorary column editor. The image of Xu Jinglei is stunning, intellectual, and stylish. What’s more, she is an idol for female white collars who are aged from 23 to 35. The participation of Xu built a real credibility for Glamour – sales among the public when it was just taking off.
As for the aspect of social network, Glamour Sales keeps enhancing a large exposure on those networks. Take Sina Micro blog as an example. The present number of followers is 130, 430 which is making sure tweets could be re-tweeted for about 10 to 20 times on average. Moreover, the maintenance of Sina Micro blog is keeping people following up current events to create opportunities to talk about hot topics and to interact with members as well as generally speaking web users. From time to time, Glamour Sales took advantage of the influence and functions of Sina Micro blog to organize lucky draw activities.

Strategic Collaboration with Neiman Marcus Group

Neiman Marcus Group, the famous US-based luxury retailer, made a decision to discover burgeoning Chinese luxury online market and invested 28 million US dollars for a stake in Glamour Sales as a bridge to China. As for the new website established in late 2012, chief executive officer Karen Katz said it is going to be an online website providing current season offerings and will display products at the same price as in retails available 24/7 to distinguish from existing ecommerce websites with steep and eye-catching huge discount.

mercredi 17 avril 2013

Working Visa China

The working visa China is issued to foreigners, as well as their family members accompanying them, to come to work or hold a position in China, in order to give performances of a commercial nature or participate in projects of assistance and cooperation.

It should provide the following documents:

The passport with at least two completely blank pages of any entry, its validity must be at least six months from the date of the request.

An "Application for visa" (fill directly on the Internet / after downloading) accompanied by a color photo for stuck where indicated. The information provided must be truthful and complete. If the applicant has a Chinese name and first name, it must be noted in Chinese characters. The visa may be refused in case of false or incomplete information, or if illegible handwriting.

Documents authorizing the work to be done:

·      The professional technicians and foreign managers working for the Chinese government or public bodies must provide: A. the original and the copy of the "Authorization to work in China for foreign experts" issued by the National Administration of Foreign Experts of China Bureau. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      The chief representative of a permanent representative office in China and representatives must provide: A. the registration certificate of the permanent representative office of a foreign company issued by the Chinese Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce, or the authorization of the opening of the permanent representative office of a foreign company issued by the Office of Trade, or the rep card for a representative office of a foreign company issued by the provincial bureau of commerce, or a work permit issued by the provincial employment office. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      The foreign technicians who come to China for drilling operations offshore oil must provide the "Letter of invitation for foreign operations offshore oil drilling in the People's Republic of China" issued by the China National Offshore Oil Corp..

·      Foreigners traveling to China to do volunteer work and foreigners who receive compensation granted by an organization located abroad (including experts, volunteers and persons working for a charitable organization) must have an invitation from the Chinese visa issued by authorized body.

·      In accordance with the Intergovernmental Agreement establishing non-governmental organizations established in China (including commercial representation offices, representative offices of tourism and civil aviation), workers in these organizations must provide a note or letter official from the concerned departments to their country of origin.

·      To provide entertainment to commercial in China, should be provided: A. The original and the copy of the reply from the Chinese Ministry of Culture. B. the original invitation visa issued by the Ministry of Culture, the Provincial Office of Culture, the Office of Culture of the Autonomous Region concerned or the office culture of the municipality.

·      The foreign personnel working in foreign cultural centres must provide a "letter of confirmation of appointment as a foreign worker in the state of accreditation" issued by the International Liaison Department of the Chinese Ministry of Culture as well as an invitation.

·      The visa applicants traveling to China to work in the framework of assistance and Sino-foreign cooperation projects should provide: A. conventions or agreements signed by the Chinese government with foreign governments or international organizations. Cooperation projects and bilateral or multilateral exchanges. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      The family members who accompany the worker in China must provide visa invitation issued by the competent body or Chinese origin and a copy of any other document proving their relationship (such as the marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc..) and a photocopy of the Z visa issued to a person working in China and that of his residence permit.

·      The personal representative of small musical groups (up to 5 people) going to China to perform in hotels, theaters and other places of entertainment for a period less than six months must submit the invitation of Foreign Affairs Office of the province (district municipality)
·      Non-Belgian nationals must provide "Visa Application Form" (to be completed directly on the Internet / after downloading), the original and a photocopy of the residence permit in Belgium. Persons temporarily residing in Belgium must apply for a visa in their country. Consulate deal on a case specific situations and decide or not to issue the visa.

·      An applicant for a work visa, the situation does not correspond to the cases mentioned above, must provide: A. the "Work permits for foreign People's Republic of China" issued by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Protection. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      An applicant who wishes to obtain a stay of more than six months must provide "details of medical examinations for foreigners" (health certificate) issued by a Belgian hospital.

II. Steps to take and collect the visa

1. Steps to take: the visa applicant can make himself approached the Centre or assign this task to an intermediary or a travel agency. For filing the Centre, it should make an appointment on the website of the Centre. Should Embassy deems that service is required, the applicant must attend.

2. Delay the withdrawal of visa: the normal period of visa is the fourth business day following the filing of the case. The Centre offers an express service with the ability to get a visa on the third business day following the filing of the case and a super express service with the possibility of obtaining a visa from 11: 00 on the second business day following the deposit of the folder (the deposit must be made before 12: 00). The center also offers a postal service.

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