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O2O: Lost half rings

O2O: Lost half rings

4.25 days , top grade discount wechat concept store opened in Hangzhou of Sandy . Consumers shopping in the store in addition to the use of wechat pay , but also two-dimensional code scanning products , put it in the top grade discount wechat shopping cart, users pay for the follow-up , the express delivery.

4.26 days , followed the next day , paid at Beijing wechat and had a coffee and 3W -depth cooperation , creating a " day without a wallet - 3W intelligent life experience hall • Open Day ." Day , 3W turned into a coffee can show the future of intelligent life experience hall , all exhibiting intelligent hardware , are very naturally integrated into the entire physical space , user corresponding two-dimensional code scanning products can be purchased directly make an appointment , follow-up express delivery . Has become a " roll call time " a line under an intelligent pre-sale hardware platform .

One is to open in Hangzhou , Alibaba 's stronghold ; an aim Beijing 's Zhongguancun , China's Internet heartland. wechat pay so dense lines whereabouts to activities , the selected partner , too interesting, can not help but let us begin speculation , wechat being constructed under this line O2O cliff, leading to what is where.

2014 can be said to O2O hot year, almost all of the traditional industry giants are doing various attempts , hoping to use the Internet to transform the thinking of the enterprise , in order to avoid all- channel mobile Internet era was the fate of being eliminated .

Many people O2O understanding , still stuck in the era of buy that O2O just from online to offline . That is done online via the Internet the way of marketing , the target population to the next line, while building interactive closed loop pass on the good news or the value of the next line .

In early April , the founder and the first 24 coupons COO, passenger clouds founder Peng Lei, 3W coffee in doing a theme of sharing , which said:

For local businesses concerned, in fact, buy only a short-term marketing behavior , is more of a means, not a pattern.

In the short term , can indeed lead to a large number of buy low-cost way through the crowd , but the crowd rush to buy from, will swarm and scattered . Like locusts , leaving only a cup messy , as well as the ability to be a serious overdraft services for local businesses , the real value of the business brand awareness to the next line , or into the next line is very limited membership .

So , O2O always will exist a "lost half- ring" , that is, from the line and back line, is a process of Offline 2 Online .

In my opinion, if you really want the internet traditional industry thinking landing , O2O transformation of its inevitable way. Businesses need to restore the line to brand value , not just by low prices.

Core Internet thinking, that is, the user thinking. Internet circles often say " to a user-centric " , in fact, whether online brand, or the line brand ; whether 2B business, or 2C business ; consumers , spectators, fans , customers ...... in fact you this brand generalized "User " on .

Doing business , the brand is in fact a relationship with these broadly between users.

The channel? These are all brand touch users ways.

But now the online channels are monopolized by the major Internet companies get from online users increasingly high cost . By comparison, the line under it, If we get traffic , coupled with the conversion of the user 's perspective, really can be called a sea of ​​blue . Consumers offline does not mean the user , because of the lack O2O half rings , traditional physical membership card, it does not produce any interaction with you.

The online platform based wechat , etc. , it is a natural CRM system , it can be a sufficiently lightweight way to help brands build relationships with business users , including the establishment of a closed loop payment experience is good enough .

wechat payment options with 3W coffee cooperative "3W intelligent life experience museum" , with the top grade discount cooperation " top grade wechat concept store " is in fact O2O which lost half ring inside, exploring how down to help traditional businesses to establish their own user system via cable, use of the physical location of the advantages of traditional business lines under the line from the conversion to online users .

wechat up the stage, singing the line businesses , wechat are looking for offline scenarios , and the next line of business is the transformation of the Internet during the O2O information under the thinking .

This point of view , O2O this "lost half- ring ", Offline 2 Online merchants should be the next line , the real value lies, huge outdoor advertising screen , most advertisers should not have to , but should be the next line of business themselves .

So some , they look more like a top grade discount stores such entities 3W coffee in the future can really explore a complete O2O road , but ultimately everyone finality for the future , have their own judgment, and can not achieve it, he is the founder of the brand even more heart pattern.

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