lundi 29 juillet 2013

Inequalities in China is not a priority

The boss of Wahaha Group, Zong Qinghou, is considered as the richest man in China. He has recently announced that there was "no need" to focus on the growing gap between rich and poor in China. But China is one of the most unequal countries in the world. Why Zong Qinghou considered that the fight against inequality should not be a priority for China? The fact is that Zong Qinghou  prefers that everyone be able to get rich by its own means, what’s why he promotes entrepreneurship and no the  distribution of wealth by the state.

Less taxes, more support to investors

For him, the way to get rich and to succeed in life is indicated: "if everyone was richer, the Chinese society would become harmonious and more comfortable," says the richest entrepreneur of China. Zong Qinghou has built his fortune, estimated $ 11.3 billion, by selling non-alcoholic beverages. For him, his principal enemies are not his direct competitors (other company of non-alcoholic beverages), but the egalitarianism. "If the state put into place the egalitarianism (...), everyone would not eat one’s fill. It’s better to encourage people to create wealth," said the boss of Wahaha, who prefer decrease levels of taxation to stimulate investment and no to promote the distribution of wealth.

China is one of the most unequal countries

According to the international indicators, the gap in China between the richest and the poorest, begin to be more and more important. The centre for Research and Investigation on the family economy, financed by the Chinese government had put China in December among the fifteen most unequal countries in the world. According to the worldwide Gini coefficient, China would be at 0.61, knowing that the number 1, is the highest possible. Experts tell that a score greater than 0.4% marks the risk of social instability. Facing to these figures, Chinese authorities are very suspicious, what’s why Beijing, has made the reduction of inequalities one of its priorities.

jeudi 25 juillet 2013

Baidu advertising Market

3way to do Baidu advertising

Baidu is the leader of the engine research in China.
Baidu offers three main options:
  • Simple Search Banners 
  • content network Baidu
  •  Brand Zone 

Find an ad Service trought that Baidu paid work in the same way as Google. Customers select keywords and offer the price they are willing to pay per click (CPC). If a user enters the keyword and the customer provides the maximum price for that keyword, the results of their research appear in the first position. As low competition keywords from the subject of research in the world, Baidu offers competitive rates for the purchase price of keywords.

CPC costs

Average CPC is generally lower than that of Google. You pay only when a consumer clicks on your ad, which means that you only pay for performance. Start with Baidu The screenshot below shows a typical results page of Baidu. Words highlighted in red indicate areas of paid search results. The other links on the page display organic search results.

 banners (content network Baidu) With more than 300,000 websites and a detailed algorithm audience targeting, the banners that appear Baidu are a great way to achieve exactly the right users with exactly the right content to generate traffic and bring brand recognition .

Baidu track where users go, the sites they visit, the search terms they use and what they "handle" on social networks. The result is a highly detailed that advertising customers can use profile to target exactly the right audience for their products. The banners have an advantage over simple search results, as they can use images, flash, text and interactivity levels that a user is more likely to percepter. This product is also ideal for customers whose campaign goals include expanding the brand awareness.
If you do not want to pay per clic, you can choose a SEO strategy in China. See more information here.

Baidu Brand Zone

The use of logos, colors and pictures do a better job of expanding the scope of a client's brand in contrast to results of simple research. Video banners can even be used as a "pre-roll" while Baidu users are now wait to download games online. Baidu can advertise your banners on its network of more than 300,000 websites. Banners can include: photographs the flash Text and interactivity
more information here 

The brand zone campaigns can show:
  • a title,
  • a description with in-text links,
  • the brand logo,
  • additional category links,
  • an image
  • video
  • tabs (like a mini website)
  • animated gifs
  • site index with addtional links 

The use of logos, colors and pictures do a better job or expand the scope of the brand of a client in contrast to results of simple research. Customers can choose to target their announcement: region part of the day, industry keywords, Internet traffic or specific websites. The average CPC for banners Baidu is only $ 0.20, making it a great choice for customers with a limited budget. There are currently more than 300,000 websites in the content network through a wide range of genres. To see the most recent list, please click here (be sure to see this site on Google Chrome to translate from Chinese) The ads can mimic offline campaigns or specific online e this, tsans limit, no matter what the advertising clients alike. The screenshot comes from and displays five different banners arranged as Content Network.

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mardi 23 juillet 2013

The three tallest towers in Beijing

The three tallest towers in Beijing

Beijing is among the growing megalopolis of Asia, and like other large cities of Asia, this is quite impressive in terms of frenetic urban planning. 

Clearly, Beijing authorities have ambition and their intention is to make a strong impression to the world.   

Furthermore, the ongoing rivalry with Shanghai motivates them, it is out of question to remain too far behind and, since the tendency is to build gigantic and tall towers, gigantic and tall towers have been built in Beijing.

Actually, these towers are part of a very ambitious urban planning project which is currently being implemented, the Beijing CBD. The overall project features the construction of dozens of skyscrapers in order to make of Beijing a modern metropolis.

What are the present 3 tallest towers in Beijing ?

Out of competition: the Central Radio & City Tower.

Okay, this is the tallest structure in Beijing, 386.5 m (1,268 ft) high, but this is not a real tower since nobody really lives in it, furthermore it is cheating a lot thanks to its antenna spire. The actual top floor is “only” 248 m (814 ft) high.

Completed in 1992, it has even been for a short while the tallest structure in China, but very quickly, things have been built in Shanghai and Shenzhen that have reduced the Beijing Central & City Tower to a second rank competitor.

The real highest tower in Beijing: the China World Trade Center Tower 3

A tower 330 m (1,083 ft) high and 81 floors, this ambitious real estate project was completed in 2010. It features 30 elevators, 4 of them with a speed of 10 meters per second. What is great with this one is that you can actually live in it, there is an hotel in the floors 64 to 77.
The project was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, an architect firm that designed 6 of the 12 tallest buildings in the world. Actually, the China World Trade Center Tower 3 is only the 40th tallest building in the world.

A fourth tower is being added to the Beijing World Trade center project, called the tower 3B. This tower won't compete with its eldest sister, and, in 2016, when it will be completed, it will be 240 m high, which means it will be the second highest building in Beijing at that date of completion.

The second tallest tower in Beijing: Fortune Plaza Office Building

This one has been the tallest skyscraper in Beijing for about 5 years, from 2005 to 2010. It is a fiery 260 meter (853 foot)  high building with 63 floors. It was designed by the Aedas architect firm, known for innovative project such as the Sandcrawler (CX2-1) in Singapore. Although other towers in the Fortune Plaza real estate project have residential apartments, this building features only office space.

The third tallest tower in Beijing: Beijing Yintai Center - Tower 2, the “Park Tower”

The Yintai Center has three towers, the second tower being the tallest. It is 250 m / 820 ft high. This tower feature the Beijing Park Hyatt hotel and residences.  This project was designed by a famous architect, John C. Portman, used to design Hyatt hotels with large atriums and structures turned inward.

Still, Beijing is behind the China skyscraper competition. The tallest buildings in China are in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. 

This is a reflection of the economic dynamism in China, probably, and the statistics are relevant: China is the country with the most tall buildings in the world, topping the USA, and this is not over ! 

More than 20 towers more than 350 meters highs are under construction, the most ambitious one being the Pingan International Finance Centre in Shenzen, that should be completed in 2016 and will top the current highest tower in China, the Shanghai's World Financial Center and its 192 meters high or the new Shanghai Tower....

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  1. Beijingrelocation
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dimanche 21 juillet 2013

Sina Weibo, a marketing communication by David Beckham

Sina Weibo, a marketing communication by David Beckham 

David Beckham missed its marketing act in China by creating a crowded movement of fans, causing injuries. The crowd tried to invade the football field of Tongji University, where Beckham, in visit in the country for his role of ambassador of the Chinese professional league could play a match with students.
This visit could be a great marketing opportunity for the player who just opened a few days earlier his own Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter), with over 400,000 followers in just one day. Welcome messages were sent "Thank you for coming to Sina! Welcome! You are too cool! ". Creating his own account was a fabulous idea because of the notoriety of social networks in China. For example the number of weibo user «reached about 250 million, an increase of 296 percent campared to the same period in 2010». 

First Beckman arrived in Beijing on Monday as an ambassador of the Chinese Super League. David takes his role as ambassador very seriously. In particular, he donated signed T-shirt, a sports car for a charity auction (the funds were donated to the youth football in China) and participated to charity show live on China Central Television (CCTV).

But his last appearance did not go as he wished. Arrived in Shanghai yesterday, he should meet Chinese students for a friendly match, Beckham caused a riot. Almost a thousand spectators charged at the same time the barriers. This movement was dangerous for people and seven people were wounded, including three policemen, two security guards and two students. Due to this crowd, the match was cancelled and Beckham himself has expressed his regrets and wishes to the wounded on his Sina Weibo account: “I had an incredible response from everyone at Shanghai Tongji University today, sorry I couldn't get out on the pitch to see the teams. It was impossible to get through the massive crowds. I heard there were a few injuries, hope the fans are ok, and I wish them a speedy recovery.”

jeudi 18 juillet 2013

Changement in the luxury apartments in Beijing

Changement in the luxury apartments in Beijing

Luxury apartments in the center of Beijing are divided into smaller subdivisions that owners try to attract fresh graduates who are struggling to make a living amid rising prices.

 The apartments are decorated and equipped with several subdivided bunk beds. In a two-room flat measuring 864 m², 25 tenants shared space. Most were graduates earn income at the entry level, the Beijing Daily reported Monday. for example in chaoyang

The apartment is part of a community on the east coast of the booming city center, where the apartments are worth an average of 5 million yuan (HK $ 6.3 million) and are rented for about 8,000 yuan a month.

 800 yuan per month beds

But with 13 bunk beds, each 800 yuan per month beds, the apartment now recovered the owner of more than 20,000 yuan each month. The tenants are mostly straightforward young men coming out of college. "Where do I live?

 I'm just less than 3,000 yuan a month, but the rent is more than 2000 yuan, if I share a small two-room apartment," a tenant was quoted as saying.

Beijing Special Apartment

In the apartment, clothing, book bags and beds covered computers and cables and other debris were seen all over the floor,according to Beijingrelocation.
"Summer is the worst - the room is always stuffy and humid, the queue for the shower can take up to two hours, not to mention the room is filled with the smell all the time," 
adding that he had chosen to live there to be near his office.

 Problems to the surrounding community

The flat packed also caused problems to the surrounding community. At full capacity, it poses a risk of fire, garbage rose, neighbors often complain and local public services are overwhelmed. However, such practices are widespread owners, the newspaper said, who also discovered a two-room apartment that had been divided into six or seven cages fully occupied with tenants.

In an effort to crack down against illegal subdivisions, Beijing police this year had issued a ban on unauthorized renovations. A police notification seen in the community also urged the current tenants out and stop paying rent, the newspaper said. An official also said that the police would enforce a mandatory release for all remaining apartments divided by the end of October, the newspaper added.

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

SEO : what are the biggest myths that are circulating on the internet about Panda and Penguin?

SEO : what are the biggest myths that are circulating on the internet about Panda and Penguin? 

In the world of SEO BLACKHAT (think SEOs have exceeded the legal limit allowed by Google), Panda and Penguin were often synonymous with de-indexing sites and the fall of their positioning in Google. In other words, bankruptcy.

Google Panda Google Panda is a change to Google's search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of "low-quality sites" or "thin sites", and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. CNET reported a surge in the rankings of news websites and social networking sites, and a drop in rankings for sites containing large amounts of advertising

Google Penguin  is a code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using now declared black-hat SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing cloaking, participating in link schemes, deliberate creation of duplicate content and others. Unlike PageRank, however, Google makes all updates to this algorithm public

Over the past year, the philosophy of Search Engine Optimization is changing. However, now that we have a year of decline, it is likely that many myths have circulated about Panda and Penguin, were false.

Small inventory: Panda Penguin Google has penalized priority sites riddled with keywords density exaggerated We do not believe: It depends on the reaction of the reader face to your content. If he reads your article to the end, he loves her, and that your keywords are not inserted afterwards automatically (the plugin do), Google will not penalize an abundance of words key.

Automating the task is referred (keywords in bold, italic, etc.). Google sent its employees to spies, as Spybubble in networks of private blogs to see which it was de-index Again, there is a good chance that this is false. Google was not amused to send spies to register fraudulently in networks webmasters. The task had to be more automated than that. In this regard, I refer you to my article pretty funny on one of my ideas is to make e-marketer of tomorrow a simple writer of the XXI century.

Panda and Penguin were penalties against certain sites False: Matt Cutts has repeated that it was an algorithm change. 

Panda and Penguin acted as "signals" that Google wanted to highlight to correct trends, two signals among dozens of others. Google Adsense favor at the expense of SEO In contrast, when the Adsense ads are observed, it appears that Google favors fewer small webmasters to benefit large retailers.

Google does not seem to attract small e-tailers on Adsense, so Panda and Penguin have not had that first goal.

Marks would have been spared Wrong. Google repérerait combatterait anchors and links "Exact Match" These anchors optimized links and match what exactly users tap into Google. Example: "Dog Leash cheap" instead of a more natural link would be to write "a leash for dogs cheap."

If your anchor fits naturally in your content, and this even if it is a keyword "Exact Match", Google will not penalize you. From the moment your traffic is not leaking from reading your link.

Google could be influenced by the relationship of SPAM mass-produced by my competitors kind to make me fall It is likely, however, that Google learns to tell the difference.

The solution is not going to complain to Google when your competitor produces bad quality links on your urls. There are chances that Google is waiting for you mark it in red.
The solution is to have so many natural links that your competitors will not be able to penalize you for anything.

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dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Chinese Tourist Spend the most in Clothes Shopping in Spain !

Chinese Tourist Spend the most in Clothes Shopping in Spain !

Tourists from China who spend the most on clothes shopping in Spain, according to "the textile trade in Figures 2012" report published by the Spanish Association of textile firms trade (Acotex). According to the report, all the Chinese tourists spent an average of € 834.12 on buying clothes in Spain in 2012, while Japan tourist spent an average of € 623.41 on a trip to Spain.

Visitors from the United States, Mexico and Russia have spent an average of € 506.85, € 504.98 and € 430.81 for the purchase of clothing in 2012, the report said. Average spending on the purchase of fashion apparels in Spain was the highest by Chinese tourists, while in terms of total amount of money spent for the purchase of clothes on the total purchases in Spain is the highest by Russian tourists.

 More than 21%

About 21 percent of the total tax-free purchases made by Russian tourists in Spain were to buy clothes, while the amount spent by the Chinese clothing was about 16 percent of the total amount spent on purchases outside taxes during the year.

The respective share of tourists from Japan, Brazil and Mexico on clothing purchases was 5.83 percent, 4 percent and 3.93 percent of the total tax-free purchases made by them. Most clothing purchases by tourists in Spain last year were made in Barcelona, ​​which represented 44 percent of all clothing purchased by tourists in 2012.

Madrid and Malaga accounted for 31 percent and 8 percent of all clothing purchased by tourists last year. "The textile trade in Figures 2012" is the only report and main source of information concerning the textile distribution in Spain, and a reference to the textile sector companies, government, media and other institutions.
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lundi 8 juillet 2013

China, The World's Largest Auto Market

China, The World's Largest Auto Market

Sales of passenger cars in China, the largest automobile market in the world, increased by 12.3% in June from a year earlier to 1.29 million vehicles, the government published China Daily said Saturday. The newspaper cited figures of passenger cars in China Association on Friday.

An increase of 13.4%

June's increase was less than an increase of 13.4% yoy in May.

Sales in June, which is traditionally a slow month for the industry, was also 3.4% compared with 1.33 million units sold in May, the newspaper said.

For the first six months of the year, sales of passenger cars in the country increased by 16.7% to 8.18 million units. Big U.S. automakers in China earlier released last week an increase in sales in June Ford, enjoying the release of new Model