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The mysterious impact of Increasing of price of Hotel in Myanmar

The mysterious impact of Increasing of price of Hotel in Myanmar

To understand the impact of industrial hotel, stealing one hour northwest of Bangkok on the new border with Myanmar in the industry.Chinese tourists are more than 100 000 in Myanmar in 2012. Amazing Growth?

On the roof of the Asia Plaza, a decrepit hotel in the Soviet-style modern one days diving in a swimming regrets his fate. His salary of $ 50 a month "is not enough to feed my family," he complained. A friend said that the only job he had was worse in terms of karaoke club and have sex for pleasure officers the military during the years of brutal military dictatorship.

Political Changement

State withdrew in 2011, and now that the Myanmar opens, move global chains, how to hunt relics Asia Plaza. "After that there was only North Korea," said an officer of the hotel. Currently Yangon, the commercial capital, has some chic rooms, the rates are tripled in two years. But pubs of the city, next to the arms dealer and diplomats, the specialists trained Swiss food and drinks catering schools. Hilton Peninsula, Best Western and Accor have signed agreements buildings. More will follow.

The process is not always pretty. Accor has Zaw Zaw with, a tycoon on U.S. blacklist because of his links with the generals a partnership. "He jokes in meetings that this is a military operation," whispers an Accor Manager. "Everyone laughed, but we do not know if he wants it." But the construction work is in progress. Next to the house of Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel laureate who has led the opposition to the military regime, is located on a 400-room hotel, a sea of ​​mud. developed a short drive south of Yoma Strategic Office, a conglomerate, the hotels, buzzing with the Americanized twang of youth Aborigines, who returned from abroad to rebuild their country. "After that there was only North Korea," said an officer of the hotel

The task of managing these hotels with international standards will not be easy. Utilities are ugly when the hotels have their own generators and water filtration systems. Credit cards work irregularly, so that hotels need to manage in a position to bundles of bills. A manager is concerned that the hotel boom will overwhelm the system of communal collection. However, this should lead to more investment.

Manage a Hotel in Myanmar is not that easy

Food suppliers also benefit. Known in a cold room next to his business Ye Htut Win Yangon, as "Sharky" exhibits locally produced ham, each with a name tag from the hotel. Once owners Cocktail - Bar in Switzerland, he returned to a food business that supports 350 jobs start. Cerati Paolo, an Italian, who was trained as a missionary, a company leads of vegetables a garage. Cherry tomatoes and rocket from the war-torn north of the country (its main competitor smuggled into salad Taxi Thailand) buses. It supports 30 jobs and investing $ 200,000 truck and deposits.
Big suppliers to pass. In a room full of teriyaki marinade exposure and import French wine, Wang Li Jun, head of Premier Foods Distribution, said he plans to its supply chain to strengthen a level last Myanmar desperately needs.

what are the main problems? 

The biggest headache of new hotels will be to find and train employees in everything from the guests with deodorant Barbary meet. But recruitment is good news for the local population, who see to increase their wages. For example, Myatt Soe Htwe will soon become the first French pastry chef in the country. His family are farmers cow who find the idea of ​​$ 100 meal "crazy." It does not seem that it prepares the taste of food she likes. But if they can expect $ 300-500 per month to earn a decent income in a bad location their studies.
According to an official estimate, the hotel and catering could create more than half a million jobs in Myanmar alone in 2020.
a specialist, hands Kitchen Paris were "slaves of the modern world." But in poor countries, hotel chains offer some of the best jobs around

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Citroen DS5 LS for the Chinese Market

Citroen DS5 LS for the Chinese Market

The revolution is on. Thursday, September 19 , Citroën unveiled at the Louvre, the world premiere of the fourth vehicle in its DS range : the DS5 "LS" . The initials LS mean " luxury sedan " or notchback sedan (with trunk apparent) luxury ...

DS5 LS the Revolution ?

But the revolution is not in the new name or in the presence of a chest, but on the front of this new vehicle .

The famous Citroën chevrons have indeed disappeared. On the radiator grille , the only logo this is " DS ". It took three years for Citroën leaders take this decision. The reason is simple: the new DS 5LS has been exclusively developed , at least initially , for the Chinese market . However, for a year and its launch in China , DS is considered in the Middle Kingdom as a brand in its own right and not a range of Citroën .

PSA strategy

Moreover, to develop DS , PSA Peugeot Citroën is not based on the traditional local partner Dongfeng , but Changan .
a joint venture Changan -PSA ( Capsa ) has just opened in September first plant , with a capacity of 200,000 vehicles , a suburb of Shenzhen where the DS5 will be produced LS, next to the 5 local DS . Until the summer, DS concessions sold only a few dozen DS imported from Europe. But since the fall, the rate increases significantly.
"About 3,000 copies of DS5 have already been ordered, says Yves Bonnefont , the Deputy Director General and head of Citroën DS range . We deliver on average a thousand DS5 produced in China per month. Ramp up faster than we had anticipated. "
Citroën DS5 LS, for the Chinese market .
However, even locally, the DS5 is not a pure Chinese product . It breaks too many codes to position itself as the flagship vehicle of the French luxury in the country.
Indeed, with his chest tailgate, a space at the back very limited , this vehicle is primarily made ​​for drivers. But in China, the silver vehicle owner prefers ... to be driven. The DS5 LS must meet these desiderata . In a very simple line , both wider and longer than a conventional DS5 , this new model is better suited to the usual Chinese luxury codes .

Luxury Code in China

Like its cousins ​​in the range, the new model offers a refined interior and exterior finish: light LED rear chrome decoration on doors, dashboard trimmed in leather , air ionizer , treated plastic parts , seat massage , acoustic comfort , touch screen ... It will have also the latest generation of 160 and THP 200 petrol engines developed with BMW.source
Contrary to what its name might imply , the DS5 LS is not strictly speaking a derivative of the DS5 . Clearly, " we left early to draw," says Bonnefont .
However, to facilitate industrialization , it shares the same technique as the DS5 platform. SUV with future PSA intends to launch in late 2014 , the new model should allow DS to accelerate its development in the country.
For the success of this brand through China. Since 2010, it took nearly 400,000 DS3 , DS4 and DS5 in Europe, but it is still not enough. To go into overdrive , China must take over. By the end of the year , the brand should have 51 concessions in the country, then a hundred at the end of 2014. And entrusted the spring source at PSA , " the next three to four years , we would sell about 150,000 DS per year in China."
Written by Pom

Yves Bonnefont does not intend to make a public commitment on numbers. For the firm IHS Automotive in 2015 , DS could sell up to 55,000 units.
The Chinese market will not be easy for DS ensures Namrita Chow, IHS Automotive. However, as it is still growing , local production will help increase supply and thus cause a change in perception of Chinese consumers