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Which opportunities for French start-up in China?

With its million of users, the Chinese digital technology is an opportunity for the French start-up. But it is necessary to know how to manage its development in this specific market. What are the opportunities for French start-up in China?

Understand the market

Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent … These names are less known than those of their counterparts of the Silicon Valley. But the Chinese giants of digital technology handle millions of subscribers and show strong appetite for technological innovation. The billion users of mobiles and the 565 million Internet users attract the French start-up. The big deal for the Frenchy is to understand how to penetrate into this market.

Generally speaking, the Chinese companies prefer to work with very big companies, which already have a strong history. According to them, it is less risky to conclude a market with IBM rather than with a start-up. But things are changing. The Chinese companies are really push to success on the field of technology and innovation. Furthermore needs for technology of the Chinese groups are wide (Security of payments, e-commerce, data management). 

But in another hand the market is much less mature than in Europe. Is it too early to come in China? At leaset, it is better to firstly study well the market. The practices are very different. The key to success is to adapt as much as possible its model business regarding to China customs. It is vrey seldom to be able to sell in the same way than on other markets. China is also a market where it is better to be present than export. Chinese ask you to be responsive and it is better to have someone to respond or even just to meet the client every time he requires it. The European way to deal with client, mainly by email and phone call is not working in China.

French start-up are appreciate in China

However, if you develop a relevant and adapted solution, everything can go faster than somewhere else. China is a land of opportunities where knowing the right person and showing expertise and relevant business model can lead to to growing success.

Therefore, China stands out as an ideal market for the French start-up today and those should not miss the boat. Young and fresh French newcomer are quite popular in China and their companies are successful with Chinese companies which appreciate their dynamism and their expertise in a multitude of domains such as : design, modelling 3D, post-production. 
In this area, France has a playing card. French are not the most successful regarding pure technology but the French expertise is very renowned regarding creativity or design for instance. The skills of the French start-up are very sought for the 3D modelling, the post-production or the editing.

For instance, MySimax is one of these French start-up which met the success in China. Its strategy? Using the local network of its owner JX Paulin, designing high quality product to uphold the goodreputation of the French investors on this market and adatp its business to the needs of its customers.
start up in China

jeudi 27 février 2014

2014 pattern of Chinese Social Media

Reason 2014 China Social Media : presentation

Recently, CIC has published a Chinese social media world map 2014 model , the 2014 version of the diagram is divided into upper and lower parts , namely " social marketing platform based " and " community of interest of consumer segments " Ring and Ring these are external platform benchmarking international distribution platform multi - screen , platform and marketing category proposed business strategy on these platforms. CIC since 2008 , he published the first edition of "China Model Social Media Overview ," up to six years. CIC will be updated every year , in the latest developments in China include environment based social media help marketers understand and master the complex Chinese social media landscape .

1 the basic platform for social marketing

The main platform for social marketing is the user with users on a large scale and takes a lot of time social media platform that can be considered as priorities for investment in brand marketing .
We believe that the proposal of several valuable marketing platform for social marketing to shape the core of the social value chain of China s market . We want "to know -> Content / Interactive -> Services / negotiation" This simplified value chain marketing for a preliminary sorting on these platforms.
The main services to "build awareness " of the platform, including instant messaging and music video, thanks both to a wider audience. At the end of December 2013 * , instant messaging and video subscribers reached 530 million , respectively, and 430 million people, or 86.2 % of Internet users in use and 69.3% , respectively. Labels for these platforms that the media can get the scope and exposure profitable. The main services in the "content / interactive" platform includes blogging, microblogging, social networks, forums . Of course, these platforms can serve much the same purpose, " awareness " , but its main mode of transmission is through marketing generated content platforms of social media to encourage consumers and the consumer or the consumer and the brand / interaction between the businesses, and ultimately build a community of fans of the brand . The main services of "service / operation" social network platforms , including mobile , social life and e-commerce . , As a micro-channel account of utility , by its very nature , is a virtual customer service window , so that operators are faced with their consumers by providing trade and services ; another example is public comment , a good relationship with local businesses and consumers, not only for local businesses to understand the needs and the evaluation of consumers, but also for local businesses to provide a variety of promotional tools . The future , we believe that more platforms will gradually expand its value chain plays a role in this , such as music videos , marketing being interspersed primarily based advertising , but it can also be a function of transaction and direct service , such as VIP , clicks generated video content service provider of electricity. However, for now , on different platforms , or the value chain plays a role in their own good , and the brand can be synthesized based on the above characteristics of the various platforms and products for the construction industry the value chain of social marketing.

2 community interest consumer segmentation

Community of consumer segmentation of interest, including: meetings, business networking business , social networks, blogs , light , images of social networking, social video short , Wikipedia questionnaire electricity supplier socialization social platform , the new class . These equivalent vertical groups of platforms interests of consumers. You can choose according to their brand positioning of the product and the target market for the platform and the user base to develop proper strategies and projects targeted marketing .
We should emphasize that , despite the type of vertical communities of interest can be very naturally divided into a few categories of consumer groups, to provide a relatively precise marketing for merchants, however, part of the platform and its downstream supply chain partners is not yet fully mature , the market should be treated with caution.

3 panel multi- platform distribution

Mobility is a global trend , the distribution on the screen is an important feature of this year's social media landscape map of China, there will be all kinds of social media platforms : this office table + mobile terminal , the mobile terminal only . Although the " desktop + mobile terminal " is still the primary way to access the most social media platform of choice, but some of the popular platforms have started to move gradually emerging lateral access . We believe that this marketing trend has sent an important signal : move priority.

Finally, in 2014, the Chinese model of development of social media that show another movement , division , services , operations, trend data integration , which will bring more opportunities for social media marketing and social business . For example , Chen Kun members microchannels , the nature of the mobile side closed loop community - based, supplemented by mobile payments and management of CRM . This innovation can provide inspiration for " Mobile First " strategy of the brand and how to develop social services and trading platform. Meanwhile , the brand is always a micro-blogging platform can become important for the rapid dissemination of marketing and widely discussed . Many vivid case tells us that successful marketers must advance with the times , followed by social media platforms and business practices change and innovation.

samedi 22 février 2014

Online games : a booming market in China !

Online games : a booming market in China !

 The online gaming industry is booming in China. In fact, revenues have quadrupled since 2008. But this sector is more complex than you might think. In recent weeks, the law banning was canceled. In terms of income , MMORPG and FPS on PC games (like Crossfire and Blade & Soul ) dominate . At the moment, the mobile game is in second place but this may change due to the increasing number of smart phones . Users become more comfortable with shopping online application. This may seem surprising to those who see mobile as the future of gaming , especially in Asia, because it is proven that the vast majority of Chinese players who spend money are always on PC. Moreover , if you consider games via web browser as PC games (since they are often unplayable on mobile devices ) , it is possible to say that PC games have generated this year over 80 % of revenues of the Chinese gaming industry. A future rebound ? Chinese exports of video games jumped 76% to $ 403 million in 2011, revealed the report, adding that more than 150 games developed in China were sold abroad last year. Indeed, two Chinese ministries responsible for the supervision and approval of online games will revise their criteria in terms of approval of the games release in China. The head of the Ministry of Culture and Commerce on the Internet, Mr. Li Jianwei said the change affects how online gaming in China are approved. This will enable and streamline the approval process while making more conscious and responsible companies of the content they submit for approval . Each country has its own policy and the consequences are not always the same. Mobile games and online music services will be the first expected to benefit from the new regulation groups.

China is therefore in the process of opening its market games online self-regulation. If everything works as planned, it could mean more imported online games from Western and Chinese export games to the world . Some important figures Go Globe offers a new infographic which is the analysis of the facts and major figures in the field of the Chinese online game industry today . - Operators of online gaming in China are 82.1 billion RMB ( 13.5 billion ) in 2013. - This figure is expected to increase to $ 16.1 billion at the end of 2014 . - Tencent, the same company that WeChat is the gaming giant in China - Action RPG is the most favored , led by PC gamers . Furthermore , most of these are related to back -up of Chinese developers. Online games have a penetration rate of 59.5 % ( total of Internet users ) and 33 % ( total of internet users on mobile ) .

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mardi 11 février 2014

China started to stop underground prostitution

China started to stop underground prostitution 

The authorities of Guangdong Province are set to launch a crackdown three months on the sex industry in the province after the media recently discovered rampant prostitution in massage parlors and hotels in Dongguan. Li Chunsheng , Vice Governor of Guangdong and director of the Department of Public Security of Guangdong , said in a televised news conference Monday that all entertainment venues involved in the organization of sexual services will be targeted.
Guangdong started snapping industry underground prostitution

Police remove suspected prostitution at a hotel in Dongguan, Guangdong province, on Sunday . More than 6,000 police were on duty to suppress prostitution in entertainment venues , including massage parlors and sauna houses . Fang Guangming / for China Daily "Local police are protecting the sex industry or arrange sexual services will be severely punished ," said Li .
The crackdown came after China Central Television reported Sunday morning that the sex industry is flourishing in Dongguan, an entertainment center in the region of Pearl River Delta. CCTV report said there was prostitution in five cantons Dongguan. He showed secretly filmed images of scantily clad women parade on stage in places and venue managers openly introducing customers to their prostitution services . Dongguan, which has become a major center of manufacturing and commerce of the world , is also famous for its sumptuous metro stations centers casino bath , massage parlors and illegal brothels. The sex industry is supposedly so lucrative that the city is known as " the capital of sex " in China . The media estimate that at least 300,000 people work in the sex industry in Dongguan. China Daily could not confirm that figure .
The announcement of a crackdown provincially comes a day after the Department of Public Safety and the Guangdong authorities have launched a joint investigation into prostitution in Dongguan on Sunday . On Monday morning , 12 entertainment venues involved in prostitution and other sexual services were closed and 162 people studied , authorities said. The campaign targeted 1,948 entertainment venues across the city in the prefecture. Eight policemen, including a director of the office of public safety and a director of the township police station , were suspended and are under investigation , according to the Bureau of Public Security Dongguan.
Police stations in five cantons are being investigated for dereliction of duty or not to respond to reports of informants in prostitution in places of illegal entertainment.
The crackdown has prompted mixed reactions ranging from sympathy for sex workers to aid the police in a country where prostitution was banned for six decades. Under the law of China on sanctions for the administration of public security, prostitutes and their clients are subject to detention and fines . The organizers of sexual services are reviewed by the authorities. Hu Chunhua , Party chief of Guangdong, has also stressed the need Sunday to investigate the sex trade in Dongguan and throughout the province. The Yuanfeng Hotel in Zhongtang Township , outlined in the report of CCTV to accommodate prostitution suspended business on Monday , with only a security guard stroll. Huang Wenhong , sales manager at a gas station next to the hotel , said that "many people have visited the hotel in the evening during the last two weeks of the Spring Festival . " A manager of a foot massage center nearby, who declined to be named, said the repression of prostitution would lead to huge losses to the entertainment industry in Dongguan.

"Our company has also been greatly affected since Sunday. We had to suspend business because there are fewer customers today, " said the director.
"We are concerned by hiring new workers in the near future. Girls will be afraid to come to Dongguan. " Punishment will cost a lot of women, with a number of others related to the entertainment industry , their jobs, he said .
" I intend to find another job in the city. If worse comes to worst , I'll let Dongguan, " he said. Lu Weiqi , deputy director of the Office of Dongguan Public Security , said the local government is planning to introduce tougher measures to deal with prostitution. "We will ensure a safe and fair for those places that are not engaged in prostitution environment"

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The french Star Sophie Marceau at CCTV Show!

The french Star Sophie Marceau at CCTV Show! 

The French star was greeted with much love and affection in China. For over 30 years , the actress has become indispensable . Rich in fame, she pushed the song to celebrate the Chinese New Year!
That night before and more than 750 million viewers , Sophie Marceau has succeeded in establishing itself as a full-fledged singer . More renowned as an outstanding actress , she remains a talented singer. It is offering a very personal interpretation Edith Piaf "La vie en rose" as Frenchy wowed spectators ( and viewers ) Chinese. "I wish you all a Happy Year of the Horse " has she communicated in Mandarin. Well done! Increasingly anxious to follow China 's own cultural codes , she unsheathed a gorgeous red dress , color of the Chinese flag . Really, Sophie Marceau put the dishes in the large . And the French star is particularly drawn to this country about which she raved : " We are dealing with a great nation with people who have a great history behind them and who will not be intimidated or say anything be done and how "she had previously communicated .
Duet with the star Liu Han , the actress had told AFP that " La vie en rose ": " This is the romance is completely France We are , we French , inexhaustible on the subject. . for some , it is crazy and for others it is super romantic . "