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SEO Tips: How to improve Baidu good weight so quickly?

SEO Tips: How to improve Baidu good weight so quickly?

Foreigners with Google , China with Baidu , Baidu SEO webmaster for the vast majority of the site is very concerned about the right weight , which is what we call the value of BR , although pesos like Baidu estimated a value network stations provided , except that the explanation on one side , but not negligible webmasters data , especially friends of the string when the value is changed br wide variation often good friends of the chain, in a short period of time to improve pesos website Baidu be a good start. Ha said today on how to improve the value of br for a short period .

What is the weight of Baidu

Although only one site of the taxable value , but it is still a model study , namely , the weight Baidu Baidu evaluation and participation site. Objectively : Baidu internal construction , construction, and comprehensive external evaluation of the user experience , so many homeowners focus more on building links , good quality to outside the survey chain the main site, increased weight site has a positive sense, then, the chain said the reason for the emperor. Subjective terms : Baidu Pesos based on keyword ranking , with a small c reliable observation, no clue 50 sites before the word get weight 1. I think you want the team website website weight to get a good clear and reasonable classification and also need quality content and the level of the internal structure.

Baidu necessary condition to improve short-term weight

1 seo : Title in the search engine seems to have a large proportion , so that when the title of SEO should reconsider , so do useful work . Why ? Keywords for search engines and the title of hyphenation are very sensitive in terms of the part dies , will not be on the ranking list of keywords, we all know, when we do basic keyword to highlight , so that the search engines will think that the password is very important is that we require peers is the most authoritative industry, then you might give a good ranking and SEO tips and tricks SEO the following conditions are the same for keyword research SEO techniques " seo " will be at the front .

2 , the authority of the site: Why do you want to emphasize the authority of the site is actually a very high value of the authority of search engine , in fact it is also a manifestation of national conditions China , in terms of amplification : experts Chairman and construction built on the sites of state-building SEO experts SEO professions certainly in terms of internal structure or content of the search engine website, but they must be classified in the work of the senior chair , why? Needless to say, the authority of the nation-building no more authority than the President should he not ? so often and gov org discovery might even get a better grade .

3 modifiers title : A title often see this site: "XX best hospital " " The more professional XX ", in fact , this site modifier is not good, not his best or most professional writing , Baidu will think you are the authority , the same user will not feel your site is very professional, and feel the sense of self- deception. From the point of view of search engines, sites of this title keyword weight dispersed , it is not suitable for keyword ranking site Users will also find your site very bad taste, it is not suitable for user access . When writing the title when the site so that we can add a list of keywords that can be , in particular, how to write will not detail here . Friendly Reminder: Site Title if the Baidu website unrecognized not take " official site " on the grounds that he can not afford to play !


Wrote what many want to help a little , just to name index weights of keyword ranking very friendly, but the proposal is still many sites more conducive to the classification of the long-term stability and weighting under the supplementary declaration you can gain weight classification long tail keyword is also a very good way , next time I will share how to classify long tail keywords .

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