lundi 26 janvier 2015

China automotive Market industry

It's very foggy in Chongqing today. I am writing to share the latest news from China automotive industry for you. So I tied the number of each model for OEMs in China 2014 sales.

Can I ask for your help please? I am looking for a Sales Manager / Account Manager / BDM or marketing position in Chongqing, prefer to work for a company field tests / Instrument / Sensor / DAQ equipment, or any company wanting to increase their market share in the sector automobile transmission. News.

1. China's auto sales are expected to exceed 25m units in 2015

Chinese auto market is about to make another breakthrough this year as total sales are expected to break the threshold of 25 million euros. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers predicts sales this year to increase by 7 percent, with total sales expected to be 25.13 million units. The CAAM expects that the main factors of growth in sales this year are the increase of China's GDP, lack of policies restricting further restrictions of the car. CAAM estimated that China's auto market has reached a new level of maturity. The automotive segment of passengers continued to grow steadily, with demand remaining strong. And more consumers in the cities of the first and second rank the purchase of more expensive vehicles, buying potential third and fourth tier cities are beginning to unleash. In addition, the new energy market in China is growing in importance, with the government unveiling a series of policies to promote the use of new energy vehicles. At the same time, policies to get rid of "vehicles whose emissions exceed national standards continue to be implemented, further encouraging consumers to consider the purchase of new energy vehicles. The SUV and MPV segments should be very hot in 2015 with their sales volumes for 2015 should be 5.1 million units and 2.58 million units.

2. Own Chinese auto brand dealers report higher satisfaction rates than JV

Chinese car dealers continue to suffer from increasing financial pressures. In 2014, 70 percent to 80 percent of car dealers in the country suffer deficits, a report in the National Business Daily today revealed, citing statistics from the China Auto Dealers Chamber of Commerce. In early 2015, the CADCC began a national satisfaction survey of dealers. The survey covered a range of issues, including brands, products, certifications, network construction, government policies, sales management, customer service, management intervention and performance investments. The investment satisfaction rates were highest among the eight categories, totaling 40 percent. Among the eight categories, dealers of own brand reported higher satisfaction scores than their counterparts joint venture. This has much to do with higher profits at dealers own brand, despite the fact that sales of own brands declined in recent months. The low operating costs dealers own brands compared to those of the joint venture is also very favorable.
New policies to help ease car dealers inventory pressures should be in place this year. However, policies are not welcomed by manufacturers, and as such can not be released as quickly as dealers hope.

3. More Chinese dealers abandon sales networks amid losses

More dealers in China to cease sales network last year after profitability deteriorated, according to the survey a trade group. The China Auto Dealers Chamber also found that the dealers of the premium Acura brand of Honda Motor Co. were less satisfied, while Audi Volkswagen AG first. The number of vehicles sold loss has increased, according to the group, which did not reveal the details of its investigation. The decline in profitability at dealers "not only threatens the survival and development of automobile dealers, but especially affects the outlook for the automotive industry and, ultimately, the interests of consumers," the trade group said in a statement accompanying the survey. Dealers in China have requested financial aid and lower sales targets manufacturers based on a combination of the rapid expansion of sales networks and over-reliance on new vehicle sales in the face of increasing restrictions towns profits evil. Volkswagen, the biggest foreign carmaker in China, has reached an agreement with its dealers of imported models, the automaker said Monday in an emailed statement. The company will continue to set reasonable sales targets as part of its strategy to ensure a financially strong distribution network, the statement said.
4. Sales of American brand SUV on the rise in China
American SUV brand sales are on the rise, with China Passenger Car Association statistics show that their share of the Chinese SUV market are almost 10 percent today. This growth is due largely to the successful performance of the joint venture Changan Ford and GM Shanghai. Shanghai GM, for example, benefited greatly from the sales of key models such as the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Trax. In 2014, the sales volume of the joint venture amounted to 1.72 million units. Changan Ford sales for the year, meanwhile, had a respectable 806,000 units.
A total of 398,900 American SUVs were sold in 2014, up 40.41 percent from the previous year. American brand vehicles share in the SUV market grew by 0.37 percent from 2013 to 2014 Chinese.

5. Ford China sales in 2014 !

may increase profits trucks 24% Jiangling Motors Corp., commercial venture of Ford Motor Co. truck in China, said profit jumped 24 percent last year from 2013 to 2,100,000,000 yuan ($ 339 million). The company attributed strong earnings to higher government subsidies and sales growth robust vehicles. Last year, Jiangling Motors delivered 275,858 Transit and JMC brand vans trucks, vans, light trucks and SUVs, up 20 percent from 2013.

dimanche 4 janvier 2015

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