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O2O: Lost half rings

O2O: Lost half rings

4.25 days , top grade discount wechat concept store opened in Hangzhou of Sandy . Consumers shopping in the store in addition to the use of wechat pay , but also two-dimensional code scanning products , put it in the top grade discount wechat shopping cart, users pay for the follow-up , the express delivery.

4.26 days , followed the next day , paid at Beijing wechat and had a coffee and 3W -depth cooperation , creating a " day without a wallet - 3W intelligent life experience hall • Open Day ." Day , 3W turned into a coffee can show the future of intelligent life experience hall , all exhibiting intelligent hardware , are very naturally integrated into the entire physical space , user corresponding two-dimensional code scanning products can be purchased directly make an appointment , follow-up express delivery . Has become a " roll call time " a line under an intelligent pre-sale hardware platform .

One is to open in Hangzhou , Alibaba 's stronghold ; an aim Beijing 's Zhongguancun , China's Internet heartland. wechat pay so dense lines whereabouts to activities , the selected partner , too interesting, can not help but let us begin speculation , wechat being constructed under this line O2O cliff, leading to what is where.

2014 can be said to O2O hot year, almost all of the traditional industry giants are doing various attempts , hoping to use the Internet to transform the thinking of the enterprise , in order to avoid all- channel mobile Internet era was the fate of being eliminated .

Many people O2O understanding , still stuck in the era of buy that O2O just from online to offline . That is done online via the Internet the way of marketing , the target population to the next line, while building interactive closed loop pass on the good news or the value of the next line .

In early April , the founder and the first 24 coupons COO, passenger clouds founder Peng Lei, 3W coffee in doing a theme of sharing , which said:

For local businesses concerned, in fact, buy only a short-term marketing behavior , is more of a means, not a pattern.

In the short term , can indeed lead to a large number of buy low-cost way through the crowd , but the crowd rush to buy from, will swarm and scattered . Like locusts , leaving only a cup messy , as well as the ability to be a serious overdraft services for local businesses , the real value of the business brand awareness to the next line , or into the next line is very limited membership .

So , O2O always will exist a "lost half- ring" , that is, from the line and back line, is a process of Offline 2 Online .

In my opinion, if you really want the internet traditional industry thinking landing , O2O transformation of its inevitable way. Businesses need to restore the line to brand value , not just by low prices.

Core Internet thinking, that is, the user thinking. Internet circles often say " to a user-centric " , in fact, whether online brand, or the line brand ; whether 2B business, or 2C business ; consumers , spectators, fans , customers ...... in fact you this brand generalized "User " on .

Doing business , the brand is in fact a relationship with these broadly between users.

The channel? These are all brand touch users ways.

But now the online channels are monopolized by the major Internet companies get from online users increasingly high cost . By comparison, the line under it, If we get traffic , coupled with the conversion of the user 's perspective, really can be called a sea of ​​blue . Consumers offline does not mean the user , because of the lack O2O half rings , traditional physical membership card, it does not produce any interaction with you.

The online platform based wechat , etc. , it is a natural CRM system , it can be a sufficiently lightweight way to help brands build relationships with business users , including the establishment of a closed loop payment experience is good enough .

wechat payment options with 3W coffee cooperative "3W intelligent life experience museum" , with the top grade discount cooperation " top grade wechat concept store " is in fact O2O which lost half ring inside, exploring how down to help traditional businesses to establish their own user system via cable, use of the physical location of the advantages of traditional business lines under the line from the conversion to online users .

wechat up the stage, singing the line businesses , wechat are looking for offline scenarios , and the next line of business is the transformation of the Internet during the O2O information under the thinking .

This point of view , O2O this "lost half- ring ", Offline 2 Online merchants should be the next line , the real value lies, huge outdoor advertising screen , most advertisers should not have to , but should be the next line of business themselves .

So some , they look more like a top grade discount stores such entities 3W coffee in the future can really explore a complete O2O road , but ultimately everyone finality for the future , have their own judgment, and can not achieve it, he is the founder of the brand even more heart pattern.

jeudi 24 avril 2014

Social marketing shift three characteristics , for example with Durex

Social marketing shift three characteristics , for example with Durex

Social marketing has gone through a few years time , but today when it comes to social marketing , the first impression is still the most insiders Durex , I often hear a lot of companies are looking for when looking for Durex B division team . Most people have the impression that the reason is because they will social marketing is equivalent to this understanding : the microblogging operators often get a lot of turn comment. Such standards, Durex is certainly qualified , whether it is " Rainy Night overshoes " Liu Xiang Olympic events or promptly after the fall microblogging Durex creative team of flexible mechanisms to make them perfectly done that .

( Timely weibo after Liu Xiang Olympic Games losing )

But only if a large number of transfer assessment as the basis for the success of micro-Bo is obviously one-sided, and this effect is not sustainable , after all, you can not expect Durex have a " rainy night overshoes " This effect microblogging day. In a way , the daily operations of a micro-blog like waves, as a whole is stable and forward , but it will be the climax of the way there will be a trough, successful microblogging operators should be " wave of advance ."

Because of this , you have the impression that perhaps Durex have disappeared a long time, the last time my impression of Durex 's still stuck in it in the show released a micro-Bo , the contents of this event , compared with the two very different , but this was a relatively good past six months Durex content.

( Spring Festival Durex timely weibo )

So that often brings little surprise Dudu no longer magical yet ? Perhaps the fact that is not the case , as opposed to traditional marketing , social marketing is a dramatic change , in 2013 and 2011 social marketing has been very different , faced with such a background , Durex made ​​its own changes.

Durex integrated marketing

The summer of 2013 , in order to promote the new series of Durex hwan feel shock stick on the microblogging Durex launched a " feel -hwan trip " activities , the so-called " feel -hwan Journey " is the Durex ask a couple, once from Beijing Shangri-La in Yunnan travel to , but in this trip, the couple did not have any money , by the way have to be exchanged with the desired use Durex Vibes.

The purpose of this activity is in fact most people tell at a glance that we change the minds of sex toys in the "evil " impression , to guide people in an open , normal state of mind to look at this product. In this respect , Durex is intended to change the idea of everyone 's ideas and马佳佳have the same purpose .

But this spread is different from the past out of the past, just Durex active in microblogging circle , while at the same time spread online and offline . It was first released in the promotion of Events Online , and called on fans to help around the couple to complete the " feel -hwan trip ." After the couple arrived in a city , Durex official micro reported that the couple will live in the " exchange of goods " road anecdotes, such as the couple on the road Vibes been identified as airport security appliances, marble street stall in exchange with the love story Vibes have been so fun to get a good official micro- propagation , which we can also see that the best ideas often come from life.

Often because of the high degree of concern activities , the couple arrived in a city initiative to help get the local fans . An event which triggered the explosion point a couple in Chengdu when the "accident" to a pack Vibes lost in the street , being a guy go out and buy Lucai and call the local TV station picked up the phone the first time, the final Durex Vibes "free" boarded the station , got great exposure , and it passed the social network has been widely spread and become a successful event marketing .

The online campaign launched by Durex , and at the same time promoting online and offline , live events eventually turn in the line of transmission lines , to achieve a sense of O2O spread . Fans in action enhanced interaction , the Durex only published on the microblogging on the " feel -hwan trip" content and fan interaction, also called boot fans came from online and offline , deeply involved in the interaction with the Durex couple to achieve a spread on the closure.

Durex cross-border cooperation with Northern Ireland

Under normal circumstances, we will feel co-branded with the film 's only about sponsorship, and other traditional forms of implants . So how to cooperate with an official micro films?

The video:

During the Valentine's Day this year , Durex and movie " Northern Ireland " carried out a cross-border cooperation , Durex as " Northern Ireland " movie special edition customized small tin TT, prizes and interactive activities initiated in the micro -Bo , the movie do publicity, " Northern Ireland " was released the same day, in some cinema tickets as long as the couple can get this little tin . In return, the " Northern Ireland " as Durex cut a " Durex customized version" of " Northern Ireland " trailer , and play all day on Wanda screen.

Durex marketing changing revelation

From the above two cases , the 13-year Durex marketing into a single micro-blog that obtained before the outbreak is no longer content with mere huge event marketing , but gradually move towards integration and precise , specifically said to have the following three features .

Features a : Integrated Marketing Communications than simply social marketing

Internet has changed the world of marketing has changed the same way, but the current social marketing does not replace traditional marketing , networking will be separated by a thin layer and then the real screen, users go to the next line of intimate contact with the brand and purely on social networks the exchange difference is great , it's like two friends online dating , online chat regardless of how hot, they eventually need to go to meet the reality will make the feelings go further.

In today's increasingly serious fragmentation , only one mode of transmission has been unable to meet the demands of brand communications , integrating online and offline mode of transmission is the spread of a fly, of course, not all integrated communication means to invest heavily in various media , such as Durex in the " feel -hwan trip" spread in features for its fans on microblogging activities initiated by , the participation of users online and offline anecdotes then spread on a secondary line, which is a spread on the O2O2O ( online - offline - online ) .

Features two : From cast a wide net to focus on training

For most of the past, the official micro , their one major task is to increase the fans, no matter where he comes from accepting all these fans are , therefore zombie powder , became the official micro- controlled lottery regulars , the fact that they respect the official micro- value better than nothing. Fans should be really valuable as friends and their own ongoing exchange of people . So for the official micro speaking, your task should no longer be useless to increase fan , you should shout a " get out of control microblogging draw circle " or " Get out of the zombie powder microblogging circle" , you should train your core development fans , these core willing to continue to interact with you , willing to help when you need to stand up the first time , when these core fans over 1000 , when ( 1000 hardcore fans theory ) , you must be official micro vibrant .

Durex "mobile tavern " campaign has been able to attract many fans to participate to tell their love story , precisely because it has trained a large number of core fans.

Features three : Campagin: From Social to Social Auxiliary leading PR

Social marketing impact of traditional marketing can say is revolutionary, but today most of the time we see is still traditional PR -led social marketing , do not change the old traditional way of thinking forever could not handle the new media . Durex In both cases, social media is completely dominated by the traditional marketing methods , this approach is closer to the fans and easier to shorten the distance between the brand and the fans , Durex in many Campagin able to maintain flexible reasons for being in this . Of course , this is the Coca-Cola bottle in the nickname summer 2013 campaign has been to give us a lesson.

In a way , Durex marketing microblogging from the mere event marketing shift toward integrating online and offline marketing , showing the changes in the overall environment of social media , social marketing also shows the kind of break with the past should be forwarded to the success of a large number of pure judging whether or not the standard . Durex is the last example of social marketing in today's fragmented , made ​​perhaps change Durex still worth learning ....

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WeChat future 9 big business

WeChat future 9 big business

 1.WeChat direction will further control content subscription numbers , political and economic , public discussion of the direction of financial numbers , especially further blockade and control , otherwise the subscription number will be the next public opinion broke out .

2.WeChat will further support the service number , service number to create electricity supplier ecosystem , and vigorously promote the development of C2C service number . Micro- shopping , micro stores, mall and other products cut into the micro has proven its ability to erupt . Open menu functions from the service number , service number nine open API interface , open the application WeChat service number to pay ; enough to prove WeChat commercialization schedule is in full progress.

3 in that the overall number of public numbers 3000000 +, WeChat overall number of users 500,000,000 domestic ; . WeChat public access data from this number , the graphic conversion rate of 30% has been very little , most of FIG account Wen average conversion rate of 15% ; this also explains each WeChat user has started to pay a lot of WeChat public number, number of public information WeChat homogeneity ( especially information category ); WeChat will further control WeChat number of public number, WeChat you to enhance the overall user experience .

4.WeChat on derivative products in development , micro- communities, wind chimes system becomes WeChat number of public operators gospel , how to extend the fans demand , with more optional items to enhance the fan experience of reading . Of course, this will lay the future WeChat ecology , operators will be the most important part of WeChat manipulator .

5.WeChat advertising process , WeChat began testing a wide gray point through text links ads around February 2014 , there are only a part of the large gray-scale testing authority. By WeChat and wide through the next point strategy, future WeChat form will appear in the ad : ① WeChat top without any advertising ( for the sake of user experience ); ② WeChat forms of advertising at the bottom of the Graphic Communications diversification ( in addition to text links , will realize images and rich media ) to improve ad conversion ; ③ wide stop advertising management background will be implanted WeChat public No. background , WeChat number of public managers will get more autonomy ( optional advertising, while No ads CPC -based public pricing ); ④ wide will provide the background to automatically stop advertising WeChat number of public managers clearing functions .

6.WeChat will focus on the next version upgrade WeChat personal user experience , while also providing new opportunities for point No. grassroots WeChat public operators . ① will once again open WeChat the search function can search public message numbers themselves are not concerned about ( this feature has not been proven ) ② repositioning circle of friends ecological chain , currently too wide circle of friends dissemination of information , the reader can not be precise positioning information , the latter will add functionality to retrieve and subscription information circle of friends .

7.WeChat developers standardization, current WeChat has reached the peak of development , WeChat cloud on the basis of Tencent , WeChat open cloud application ; overall WeChat development field will sort out . From the current situation, the latter will be fully standardized, only WeChat cloud developers to get more support ( policy support , as well as open interfaces of the underlying technical support ) .

8.WeChat pay scene depth combined with the line and become true mobile Internet O2O of tickets . From the social attributes , location attributes (LBS), a closed-loop payment , communication system fully open up , to be the next growth point.

9.WeChat large CRM will provide more support to open more integrated CRM management solution that enables WeChat in the light heavy marketing experience deeper down the road . Provide enterprises with more experience scenes , to provide consumers with more high- tack tools.

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How to increase your visibility in China ?

How to increase your visibility in China ? 

It is very easy to design a website in China , but it is difficult to make one " successful" and attracts a lot of traffic.
A website attracting nearly a million of Chinese visitors per month and we also greatly helped other blogs. I myself started a blog late last year and I was surprised at how quickly it began to receive thousands of visits to each of its publications. There is an art happens when the traffic of a blog and because we are aware of some of this knowledge, I felt compelled to share it.
Please note that this publication replaces another popular enough that I had written on the same subject in 2007. This publication is intended to be useful for bloggers , whether those who write just for fun or those who have head have an income thanks to their writings. I want to say that all the tactics I describe will not necessarily work for everyone , however, some of them should be useful and applicable.

# 1: Submit your content to an audience likely to share

When you are at the strategic level on the Chinese people you intend to target with your publications, it is imperative that you take into consideration the ability of the public to share your publications. Some readers will be more or less active in sharing your content , but it is important you to get involved more in your writing style , the choice of subjects or your targeting so sharing your content is done in a natural way . You will need to talk about a subject that attracts the attention of readers who will share publications or questions.
If you can identify groups with high levels of concentration in blue and orange circles in the diagram above , then you can greatly increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and also increase traffic to your blog. Targeting a group of people who are less inclined to share your content may not be a serious decision , especially if the subject is to your heart. However, by doing this , you minimize the chances of seeing the name of your blog circulating on the net.

# 2: Discover places on the net or your target audience tends to regroup.

In China, you have 700millions in terms of netizens and 7billions of search every day on Baidu.
You need to research in order to determine or consumers with different characteristics tend to cluster and what they do during this time. This research should enable them to understand the customer in order to better target their advertisements through. For example, an advertisement offering extreme sports to a 65 and can be considered a total waste of resources and time customers.
Luckily for you , bloggers do not need to spend a colossal sum to know where your audience gathers on the net. You probably already know the blogs, forums, websites or social communities online and they tend to go . Based on your list of places , so you can promote your blog through tools such as DoubleClick Ad Planner . Optimize the content of your blog for SEO
Search engines are a godsend gold regarding the increased traffic of a site or a blog. However, many bloggers ignore this for many reasons , especially due to misunderstanding. As I already said , referencing must never interfere with the meaning of the content . In 2011 , Google has recorded over 3 billion daily searches globally and this number continues to grow.
Take this opportunity to massive traffic is invaluable for bloggers . SEO for blogs is both simple and easy to implement, especially if you use an optimized platform such as WordPress , Drupal or Joomla .
Never let your bad experiences with spammers taint the amazing power and valuable contributions SEO can have the level of traffic for your blog. # 4: Make use of Twitter, Facebook and Google + to share your content and find new contacts
Weibo has just announced that they have reached 465 million registered accounts. For its part, wechat has over 250 million active users .
Google facebook and twitter are inactive in China.

Note that these people fit perfectly into the category of " content distributor " that I described above , which means that they are likely to spread the word about your blog.
However, relying solely on these networks to attract traffic requires patience foolproof, but also attention to the evolution of these and a greater consideration in terms of content to be shared and to which we must take to do so. We must not overlook the impact of Twitter on SEO . My advice would be to use the following process:
If you have not already done so, create a personal account and an account for your blog on the following sites: weibo, douban, baidu forums... My friend Dharmesh has a personal Twitter account and an account for OnStartups , one of his blogs. He has also created on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn.
Document these profiles vastly more possible. Use photos , write compelling descriptions and make each of these most useful and credible as possible profiles. Studies show that well- informed profiles are more likely to attract readers and to correlate with other similar profiles .
Link contacts with people with whom you have shared personal and professional experiences. Follow the news of those who can easily let you know . Services such as FollowerWonk FindPeopleOnPlus and can easily help you

Start sharing your content. At this level, you can share your own publications related to publications that you or those who you stronger .
Interact with the online community . Use hash tags, searches , or those who follow you on social networks to find interesting conversations for you interfere . Social networks can be considered as an extraordinary environment to let you know as well as your blog.
If you use a participatory approach in a systematic way , or if you give a positive and memorable track who views your interactions on these sites print your followers and your fans will grow and your ability to generate traffic to your blog by sharing content will be enormous.

For many bloggers, social media is one of the most important sources of traffic , especially during the first few months after the launch period where SEO is not really a big role to play. # 5 Install Google Analytics and pay attention to the results of the latter.
At a minimum, I recommend to all bloggers install Google Analytics , which is free , to see where visits originate recorded on their blog . This tool will also allow them to see what sources offering quality traffic , but also what is said about them and their blog.

Add graphics , photos and illustrations to your blog

If you are a person who can design graphics , take photos or make fairly simple illustrations, but rather funny, you should leverage that talent on your blog. By hosting images on your blog , you will create another kind of traffic , the image searches .
When creating images or illustrations, I strongly advise to ensure that others can easily share legally , so what you get as a content creator . To do this, you can , for example, include in the image a small annotation indicating that the image is perfectly reusable condition to link to your blog.
Some people may venture to use your images without any reference or link back, which is highly unpleasant. However, you can easily find this type of person using the similar image in Google Image function , as shown in the image below:
Do some research on the keywords most likely to promote your publications

Not surprisingly, for your publications automatically appear in the list of proposals at the level of queries made via the search engines , it is imperative to know what the terms and phrases used by users when formulating their queries search engines . It is quite difficult to guess these terms without first trying a little research. To help you in this task, you can bring you free tool called Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
The use of this tool is quite simple: after you open the tool , put in a few words and Adwords will arrange to provide you with sentences there is relative and are likely made ​​by users via search engine

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The Chinese textile devices Market

The Chinese textile devices Market 

Today we are going to analyse the Textile Industry of China, with a report of Fil Control, specialist of electronic Devices in Textile Industry .

The textile industry and the Chinese clothing has a major asset, its complete industrial chain . It makes China the world's largest exporter of clothing. But this trend is beginning to change more and more thanks to the low cost of labor. Indeed, East Asia has undergone major changes in recent years. It was noted that the manufacture of Chinese clothing tends to move towards the South-East Asia .
Respond to these changes , many analysts highlight the urgency of the clothing and textile restructuring of Chinese lead and industry industrial upgrading, increase the number of value-added products and to create their own brands clothing. `

Oldest Industry in the world

The textile industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. However, it remains to be now fully globalized . Despite the abolition of quotas , some low-income countries have managed to develop their textile industry, as China has done. Asia accounts for 80% of world exports of textiles and clothing ( a total of $ 500 billion ), while Europe accounts for only 15 %. This figure is surprising, but it's the truth !

Where does this increase come from?

With the increasing number of large areas of specialty channels and new technologies , outsourcing to countries with low labor costs have boomed . Asian countries have been severely affected by this revolution. In the 60s , with the emergence of new production centers in Asia, the textile industry has been transformed. Previously , the major exporters in Asia are Hong Kong ranked third with 7.4% of world exports, while China ranked fourth with 6.5% , Taiwan sixth with 5.7% , and finally the Republic Korea ranked seventh with 5.6%. Burma also has an important place in this industry (see article). T others

Cambodia and Bangladesh are major players in the textile industry in China.
Indeed , Bangladesh is the world's second leader for textiles , but many people wonder if it will last. The textile sector enjoys a privileged status in this country , which is still very open to international trade. But despite these advantages , however, it seems hampered by the lack of energy, poor logistics infrastructure , and the unstable political situation. The textile sector still represents 83% of Bangladesh's exports . The textile sector and the industrial center of Bangladesh , but also one of its weaknesses , and changes in supply and demand can have a significant impact on the economy.

Textile Market in ASIA

In Cambodia, you will discover that many protesters challenging their low income and working conditions. The textile is a key sector of the Cambodian economy . 90 % of their exports are based on textiles and shoes. A third goes to the United States and Europe. The textile sector employs 650 000 workers including 400,000 working indirectly for major international brands. Faced with rising wage demands , the government has promised to increase from $ 80 to $ 95 per month, the minimum wage in the next April .

Thank you

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SEO Tips: How to improve Baidu good weight so quickly?

SEO Tips: How to improve Baidu good weight so quickly?

Foreigners with Google , China with Baidu , Baidu SEO webmaster for the vast majority of the site is very concerned about the right weight , which is what we call the value of BR , although pesos like Baidu estimated a value network stations provided , except that the explanation on one side , but not negligible webmasters data , especially friends of the string when the value is changed br wide variation often good friends of the chain, in a short period of time to improve pesos website Baidu be a good start. Ha said today on how to improve the value of br for a short period .

What is the weight of Baidu

Although only one site of the taxable value , but it is still a model study , namely , the weight Baidu Baidu evaluation and participation site. Objectively : Baidu internal construction , construction, and comprehensive external evaluation of the user experience , so many homeowners focus more on building links , good quality to outside the survey chain the main site, increased weight site has a positive sense, then, the chain said the reason for the emperor. Subjective terms : Baidu Pesos based on keyword ranking , with a small c reliable observation, no clue 50 sites before the word get weight 1. I think you want the team website website weight to get a good clear and reasonable classification and also need quality content and the level of the internal structure.

Baidu necessary condition to improve short-term weight

1 seo : Title in the search engine seems to have a large proportion , so that when the title of SEO should reconsider , so do useful work . Why ? Keywords for search engines and the title of hyphenation are very sensitive in terms of the part dies , will not be on the ranking list of keywords, we all know, when we do basic keyword to highlight , so that the search engines will think that the password is very important is that we require peers is the most authoritative industry, then you might give a good ranking and SEO tips and tricks SEO the following conditions are the same for keyword research SEO techniques " seo " will be at the front .

2 , the authority of the site: Why do you want to emphasize the authority of the site is actually a very high value of the authority of search engine , in fact it is also a manifestation of national conditions China , in terms of amplification : experts Chairman and construction built on the sites of state-building SEO experts SEO professions certainly in terms of internal structure or content of the search engine website, but they must be classified in the work of the senior chair , why? Needless to say, the authority of the nation-building no more authority than the President should he not ? so often and gov org discovery might even get a better grade .

3 modifiers title : A title often see this site: "XX best hospital " " The more professional XX ", in fact , this site modifier is not good, not his best or most professional writing , Baidu will think you are the authority , the same user will not feel your site is very professional, and feel the sense of self- deception. From the point of view of search engines, sites of this title keyword weight dispersed , it is not suitable for keyword ranking site Users will also find your site very bad taste, it is not suitable for user access . When writing the title when the site so that we can add a list of keywords that can be , in particular, how to write will not detail here . Friendly Reminder: Site Title if the Baidu website unrecognized not take " official site " on the grounds that he can not afford to play !


Wrote what many want to help a little , just to name index weights of keyword ranking very friendly, but the proposal is still many sites more conducive to the classification of the long-term stability and weighting under the supplementary declaration you can gain weight classification long tail keyword is also a very good way , next time I will share how to classify long tail keywords .

jeudi 3 avril 2014

2013 China e-mail marketing industry data reports

2013 China e-mail marketing industry data reports

A global leader in e-mail marketing services agency webpower recently released in China e-mail marketing industry data reports reveal the overall development of the email marketing industry, and the industry status quo mail marketing applications for the year 2013.

According to statistics, in 2013 the average EDM served whole domestic industry was 94.07%, the average open rate of 11.59% independent, with an average rate of 20.56% independent click to open an average rate of 2.38% independent clicking served.

Throughout China e-mail marketing industry, in 2013, the average delivery rate of 94.07%, compared with the 2012 average delivery rate of 90.90%, representing an increase of approximately 3.49%; average open rate of 11.59% independent, up 14.83%; mean Click to open separate rate 20.56%, up 1.18%; average rate of 2.38% independent clicking served, an increase of 12.26%.

From the full year to analyze trends, email marketing in 2013 show a steady trend of rising demand, which in the second quarter was the most prominent e-mail marketing, one, three, four-quarter performance is more stable. April, May, around June, it was the busiest year period of economic activity, the industry focused enterprise applications mail marketing tool, and actively carry out various types of e-mail marketing campaigns, mail frequent interaction with the user, e-mail marketing, the effect is significant.

2013 Status and Analysis of e-mail marketing industry

2013, to carry out permission-based e-mail marketing has become common knowledge within the industry and the application of e-mail marketing firms. In the e-mail marketing practices, in addition to continue to strengthen in the message header, content and design; mail user data collection and management; thorough application to send personalized e-mail strategy, the email marketing industry showed the following characteristics and trends in overall:

1 normative increasingly demanding. 2013 is the norm in e-mail marketing. On the one hand, the number of e-mail marketing, sending bonus is disappearing, bulk mail business purpose without bulk, resulting in non-delivery system planning of marketing strategies fail, unsubscribe complaints, lack of interaction, such as the negative effects of subsidence effects begin to be felt. On the other hand, countries continue to strengthen the e-mail marketing business activity, personal information security and other aspects of supervision and management, e-mail marketing to further enhance user awareness and legal level, etc. These objective factors that the parties are required to carry out e-mail marketing messages more standardized marketing activities.

2 personalized, precision marketing is the trend trend. Intelligent computing model based on BI to email marketing intelligence-based marketing automation technology becomes more mature, fully human liberation, marketing resources are more fully utilized, the accuracy and efficiency of e-mail marketing to get a double upgrade.