dimanche 12 mai 2019

News About the China Market

To earn their earning, market analysts will have to greatly improve geopolitical risk prices in terms of trade negotiations between the United States and China, according to Atlantic Council CEO Fred Kempe.

The way conversations develop is more important than ever because now it is much more. They are a prism through which we can judge whether and how the two most important powers of our era can handle their differences.
What the markets have misunderstood since the negotiations resumed last December, but American and Chinese officials have understood, is that the talks became one of the many events of a new era of geopolitical and systemic competition that will define Our times. In order to earn their salary, market analysts will have to greatly improve prices at geopolitical risk.

Trump's decision to more than double the $ 200 billion tariffs on Chinese products, from 10% to 25%, received the most attention worldwide this week. His move, which was driven by the argument that China was withdrawing from the already negotiated terms of a draft agreement, has the potential to be the most significant of the many commercial movements of his administration.

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