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Learn Chinese with this Beijing Governement website

When a Chinese governement offer Free ressource to learn Chinese ...

Guest POst provided By Beijing Governement

Jiūjié – 纠结 – is a popular expression commonly used by Chinese netizens. It means to be in a tangle or facing a dilemma. Here's an example of how to use it:
Peter says:Harry, nǐ bù chī dōngxi zài xiǎng shénme ne?
Harry, you're not eating. What's on your mind?Harry says:Jiūjié ne.
纠结 呢 。
I'm facing a dilemma.Peter says:Jiūjié shénme? Shuō lái tīngting.
纠结什么? 说来听听。
What dilemma? Tell me about it.Harry says:Wǒ zuìjìn xiǎng huàn gōngzuò, suǒyǐ tóu le jǐ fèn jiǎnlì, érqiě zhèjǐtiān qù le jǐ gègōngsī miànshì.
Recently, I've been trying to find another job, so I sent a few resume and went to a couple of interviews.Dàn xiànzài wǒ bèi liǎng gè gōngsī tóngshí lùyòngle, wǒ bù zhīdào xuǎn něi gè cái hǎo.
Now I've been selected by two companies at the same time. I don't know which one to choose.Peter says:Wèishénme?
Why?Harry says:Yí gè xīnshuǐ dàiyù dōu bú cuò, dànshì děi chángcháng chūchāi.
一 个薪水待遇都不错,但是得常常出差。
One has a good salary and benefits, but I'd often have business trips.Lìngyí gè shì gāng chénglì de xiǎo gōng sī, bùguò qiánjǐng bú cuò 。
The other one is a company that has just been established, but the prospects are not bad.Peter says:Qù dìyī ge.
Choose the first one.Harry says:Wǒ xiǎng guò, kě shuōshíhuà, nà fèn gōngzuò méiyǒu shénme fāzhǎn kōngjiān, érqiě wǒ yě bù xiǎng zǒngshì chūchāi.
I thought about it, but to be honest with this position there won't be any development opportunities. Besides I also don't want to be on business trips all the time.Peter says:Nà jiù qù xiǎo gōngsī.
那 就 去小公司。
So choose the small company.Harry says:Wǒ tǐng xǐhuān nàr de gōngzuò de, shìhé wǒ, hěn yǒu tiǎozhàn. Dànshì xīnshuǐ tài shǎo le.
I really like the job; it suits me and is very challenging. However, the salary is too low.Peter says:Aiyō, nǐ zěmne zhème jiūjié a. Nǐ hǎohāo kǎo lǜ yíxià ba.

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top Tweets about Marketing for China

You can discover our selection of Best tweets about Marketing 2 China , enjoys guys.

Market China : Top 10 ressources

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Marketers have to use cultural aspect in China

Marketers have to adapt to Chinese culture to success in China !


At least three leaders of Chinese social networks, namely, Weibo, WeChat and QQ. WeChat it is the most popular and originally created to serve activities date. Weibo, owned by Sina Corporation focuses on providing information. QQ also focuses on providing content


Here are 7 strategies to achieve success through the social network in China:

1. Marketing Content
Relevant content is paramount and consumers are getting tired of being attacked by commercial advertising. Content will determine the number of clicks and the number of visitors you can get. You may need to show some photos and video in any of its contents.
2. 020 in China
QR Code is the link between the offline and online one. QR code is useful for making the payment procedure, including promotion procedure.
3. connecting to your target
Connecting line has revolutionized everything and makes everything simpler. You can make instant payments via Internet and get the goods at a conventional store.
4. community management
If you have low popularity, certified Baidu account to build trust is needed.
5. Online Communication => offline sales You must create an attractive community directed to a particular topic, and this will create a mutual interaction and strengthen their brand.
6. viral Marketing
The Chinese are very fond of buzz, as usually contains information


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Social Media Marketing : best practice to improve your e-Commerce performance in China

Ever-expanding wireless network (Wi-Fi) coverage, coupled with increasing affordability of smartphones, has prompted more and more users to access the Internet via mobile phones in China. In 2013, 81% of Chinese Internet users accessed the web via Smartphones1. In recent years, with the rapid development of social media sites, users can connect with friends anytime anywhere through smartphone applications. Increasingly, people are interacting with others via social media, which are set to be an important channel for consumers to have access to information of daily life, as well as messages promotional product and services.

According to the "Survey of consumers of the middle class of China" HKTDC, social media is one of the channels through which respondents share their consumer experience Sixty-three percent of respondents agree.: "I believe in the products recommended by people I follow on Weibo and WeChat and I am interested in giving them a try." Consumers in China rely on word-of-mouth. How marketers generate positive word of mouth for their products and services through social media in the consumer community of friends is an important part for business promotion and marketing.

Social media marketing in China

More and more companies have added features to "share" their websites, allowing users to click and share their own Weibo the information about the company and its product page. For example, when a user believes his friends would be interested in a product or service, it may just tweet this piece of information as well as photos and a text description, without the need to write new content.

WeChat user experience 

WeChat is an instant messaging app4 Tencent launched in 2011 to provide the public platform, community of friends and push message functions. Users can add friends and follow public accounts they love choosing "shake", "search by phone number", "look around" or "QR code scanner". According to reports, the average monthly WeChat active users reached 360 million in 2013.
WeChat separates the public account into account subscription and service account. The goal is to establish new rules for messaging
Communication on group to minimize the disruption of followers. subscription account mainly provides news and information that meets the needs of general users. subscription account can send a daily message that appears in a separate folder, but users do not receive an alert. service account is used to provide services and is more appropriate for the bank and corporations in general. Restrictions on group messaging service account are stricter: one message is allowed monthly but followers will receive an alert. The push message in the chat list. Businesses can choose one of these two types of accounts to interact with their customers, depending on the nature of their products / services and human resources. more information
and here 

Marketing on Weibo

Over 10 major Chinese websites, including Tencent, Sina, Sohu and Netease currently provide Weibo (microblog or) social media service. At the end of 2013, China had 280 million users of Weibo, representing approximately 45.5% 2 of total Internet users. Weibo is a sharing of information, dissemination and acquisition Platform3 allowing any person or group selected by the user to read text messages of 140 characters, and access photos and videos etc. . The main features include a Weibo: share / outposts (70.1%), the search engine news / current affairs (69.5%) and post content (64.6%), etc.

Companies appear interesting content on Weibo in the hope that users actively tweet these messages to friends and raising the brand profile and awareness of user communities. Of course, how to attract users to read and tweeter these positions is the key.

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