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Top Wechat Marketing Strategies

Top 8 Promotion Strategies on WeChat

These days, everybody who knows China and how to work together in this nation will reveal to you that web-based social networking stages like Tencent's WeChat are the future with regards to showcasing systems. Truth be told, in view of this system, each little organization utilizing WeChat has turned into a genuine contender. Since they can focus on a colossal rate of the populace. There are more than 300 million individuals utilizing WeChat, an immense number of potential shoppers.

Free Gifts Get Enormous Attention

At present, promoting is changing into a more perplexing and progressively crucial instrument of connecting with shoppers. There has been a discernible outlook change with the ascent for goodness' sake on the web and portable. In this way, some particular and strange advancement crusades tend to assume a more noteworthy part in advancement than other average techniques.

Identification Of Target Market

Your organization has a sellable item or administration. You have as of now made an open record on WeChat. Presently, ample opportunity has already past to get this show on the road. Presently you need to commit a lot of time and assets to recognize the objective markets. This will help you expand the promoting and business ROIs. Your business has to comprehend what records and gatherings might be possibly keen on the offerings. Presently, you need to recognize your intended interest group and afterward to pick the privilege WeChat advancement system. The most ideal approach to do this is to employ an advanced promoting organization that is found and is working in China.

Run Smart Campaigns

You must be prepared to act rapidly if opportunity thumps at your entryways. You may draw more individuals into tailing you on WeChat on the off chance that you run a glimmer deal battle. The quantity of the items offered at a significant huge markdown is normally restricted. As far as possible and limited accessibility overwhelm purchasers into purchasing on motivation. This WeChat advancement procedure permits you to acquire a considerable measure of new clients and furthermore devotees on WeChat as these satisfied individuals will check your QR code and afterward tail you on WeChat

Smart QR Code

The most critical WeChat advancement technique is to make your organization's QR code effectively discoverable. Examining QR code is the most ideal approach to be found on WeChat. Your QR code ought to be reasonable with the goal that clients can check it on the application. Making your organization's QR code on WeChat more customized is a capable approach to draw in more clients. You can pick the style for your QR code from an awesome assortment of topics. They extend from the great topics to more surprising ones.


  Socialize With Admins of Other accounts

You can advance your WeChat account by banding together with other WeChat account proprietors that have an expansive number of devotees. Records of numerous chic brands and superstars have a great deal of fans. This will permit your business to be introduced to people in general for assessment. As indicated by a review finished by Bomoda, such brands as Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are the best extravagance design marks in China which created the most astounding key supposition pioneer (KOL) engagement.

Target Communities with individuals

You know your intended interest group and ceaselessly support associations with them.

Consequently, you may effectively discover in which groups your imminent customers love to hang out. At that point you have to begin a fascinating discussion with individuals in an assortment of groups on WeChat. You can interface with people and their gatherings in a similar group. Such a consolidated approach would be the best WeChat advancement strategy.Therefore, you ought to seize the open door and dispatch extraordinary advancement battles for countless, alluring them to tail you on WeChat. You may likewise offer them your participation and dependability programs in such discussions.

Utilize Other Social Media Options

You need to recognize which channels of web correspondence your intended interest group employments. Where are your forthcoming clients more dynamic? What stage they like increasingly and invest the most energy in? Subsequent to distinguishing them, limit your look: now you have to acknowledge which of these systems are conveying the most for your business. In light of the consequences of your examination, you can choose where you ought to do the showcasing of your items to Chinese clients. Likely, you will pick one or few of these renowned stages, for example, Weibo, QZone, QQ, Weixin, and Pengyou.

Generate Valuable Content

The adequacy of online networking is associated with the inborn craving of clients to impart substance to companions and the world. Thus, you should concentrate on the force of this longing with regards to making content for your WeChat account. You require a substance that stimulates a peruser's interest and draws them into perusing more. 

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Starbucks invests big on Wechat in China

Starbucks invests big on Wechat in China

Starbucks has advancement in China, where people can utilize Mobile App WeChat to send their companions espressos gift authentications. The component, which touches base in time for Valentine’s Day, is called “Say it with Starbucks.” That’s a statement with a double meaning, since the expression in Chinese sounds like “say it with your heart.”
Starbucks has done comparable social gifting advancements before with Facebook and Twitter. What makes this version diverse is that WeChat’s not only a social stage – it’s now a gigantic divert for Mobile installments in China, and for gifting cash.
At Chinese New Year, people in China utilize the WeChat Mobile App to send virtual hongbao – red envelopes containing money, frequently in little totals – to loved ones. Gifting hongbao is a nearby convention, and Chinese web goliath Tencent Holdings’ WeChat took them into the computerized world in 2014 in one of the greatest showcasing upsets of the most recent couple of years in China. It utilized sharp gasification to draw people into experimenting with the installment framework – and urgently, to either send or gather hongbao from companions, people needed to interface up their financial balances to the App.
The amusement changed WeChat into a far reaching Mobile installment stage and an opponent to Alipay, which is partnered with Alibaba Group. It proceeded with this year, and Tencent says that an astounding 46 billion computerized hongbao were sent more than six days to check the occasion. (The phenemenon is unquestionably tremendous; however the numbers discharged by China’s web monsters now and again strain credulity.)
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Baidu Better than Google in the Stock Market

Baidu, Google Chinese, has grown dramatically and all-out, diversifying into a wide range of activities. It has enormous potential in the stock market.

While Baidu, the "Chinese Google", recently published half-hearted annual accounts, the high-tech champion of the Middle Empire has nothing to envy to his American counterpart. Louis d'Arvieu, managing director of the Sextant Grand Large fund at Amiral Gestion, said the Chinese giant had a similar track record and had great potential. Overview.

Baidu was created by Robin Li, a Chinese engineer "having had the same intuition in the nineties as Larry Page" (one of Google's founders), that "a good search engine needed to prioritize pages based on Of their popularity, measured by the number of other pages referring to it, "reports the manager. Robin Li having obtained results more relevant than those of other search engines, he filed a patent, even before Google

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China : A digital Market

China is rapidly and consistently becoming the center of advertising. Shanghai advertising market is booming and have the maximum transaction of funds. The sudden advance of digital marketing is now giving a complete career in the marketing market. The emergence of applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Apple and other forms of operating systems are causing traffic to get a flexible entry. The higher the consumption, the higher the income meter. In short, the advertising market in China is booming.source

Welcome to this amazing digital world ! 

One of the renowned advertising agencies is Gentleman, where digital content is in bulk and the cream of marketing experts are making it inexplicably desirable. They have the best of tools for SEO and optimization that is giving subsequent announcements throughout the country of China. You should not forget that China's population is high so the maximum market catch brings the maximum income. Gentleman has all the tools and navigation power that is setting the high platform of China's digital market. The popularity is increasing at a rapid pace that has always been widespread in the Asia-Pacific region.

Small Agencies on the Top 

The domain of this organization is incredible and the heritage that has created on China is remarkable. The contribution of this organization is in the areas of Tourism and Beauty and has created masterpieces in lots. Other areas include the B2B industry, food, beverage, fashion, investment and real estate. The digital Agency has the best digital marketing tools, which are the exclusive property of the company. These optimization tools are effective and essential for the marketing of digitization. The strongest area is web site optimization. China has beaten everything with its SEO and SEM. Reference to the payment system is very popular in China.

The efficiency behind success has several folds

The company has worked on its weakness and strength and has created the digital marketing tool. Chinese search engines were in their basic forms; This organization raised him with his skills and knowledge along with the hard work of the experts. The result was the high traffic rush. Articles cover the story from the beginning until the digital landscape was created. Today it has reached its pinnacle and is now the pioneer of Chinese digital marketing.
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Tips to Develop the top 100 cities in China

Brands are familiar with the Asian power markets of Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing. However, as profit margins shrink in these key markets, retailers are turning to the less well-known Tier II Chinese markets to take advantage of double-digit growth.

The Tier I cities of China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have developed economies and have become familiar names in the West, especially after the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo. Small, on the other hand, are much less understood by the Western world. It is these rapidly developing metropolis that will drive China's growth in the coming decades. Here are 5 keys to succeeding in these flourishing retail markets.

1. China's Distribution market Situation 

China's retail sector has contributed significantly to overall GDP growth, especially in recent years. In some markets, such as Chengdu, the growth of retail trade has even seen rates higher than that of general GDP. The city is showing a new class of consumer who wants the latest in fashion and household goods.

China's retail market is the second largest in the world, with only the United States selling more dollars. According to China Daily, retailers have scored US $ 3.87 trillion with China retail sales shooting up 13.1% from 2012. Level II cities make up larger shares of that amount as growth In Tier I cities decelerate to the lower half.

International retailers are finding attractive markets outside of Tier I cities. With available revenues increasing at much faster rates in Tier II cities, Chinese consumers in these markets eagerly snatch western brands and luxury goods.

Digital in China ! 

When surveying customers at their largest outlets in Shanghai and Hong Kong, national and multinational retailers are discovering that a growing share of sales comes from wealthy visitors from smaller cities. Retailers now see the need to establish a presence on line via Digital Marketing in smaller cities to serve the nouveau riche distributed throughout China.
See more information about Digital in China

2. Understanding the local market 

A retail brand will be directly associated with its location and selection of projects within a Chinese market. As in any part of the world, a carefully selected location will be needed to maximize potential and success in a new city.

Tier II China may present unique challenges when it comes to the selection of sight. The main locations can be very difficult to identify without the help of a local presence or consulting firm. Brands should be careful in selecting real estate partners who not only have the knowledge of the market but also the interests of retailers in mind. Steps to ensure the agent is on your side include confirming which developers work and which side pays the agency fee. International developers including Daxueconsulting  as well as local developers like China Resources Land have considerable experience working with foreign brands on their projects throughout China.

Check at this Report about food in China

They will provide professional management and service and reduce the risk of a smaller owner leaving the business. Smaller homeowners are also known for selling busy stores, often forcing the current tenant. Trademarks should be ready to sign contracts in Chinese and understand contractual obligations and evictions are handled differently from market to market.

3. Think, learn, and react locally

The perception of the brand in China is paramount for retail success. Chinese consumers put a lot of weight on how the use of a particular brand will be perceived in their social circles before making a purchase; Price is of secondary importance.

This is good news for luxury brands; Occasionally, Chinese shoppers will see their shop windows and buy entire cabinets without looking at the price. But what about the small international brands that want to jump to the Chinese market?

  1. Use Baidu Instead of Google 
  2. Use Wechat Facebook
  3. and Use Weibo instead of Twitter

Smaller retailers need to be realistic about their brand's market knowledge. They may have to invest in large advertising, marketing and social media campaigns before Chinese consumers begin to understand and accept them. Patience, creativity and commitment are fundamental to this whole process.

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Chinese outbound traveller: a huge booming market

Until 2013, Hong Kong was the preferred destination for outgoing tourists from China, due to its cultural similarity, travel costs and accessibility through distance travel. On top of that, Hong Kong offered a shopping paradise, and that was a strong motivator for Chinese tourists at that time. But since 2014, a growing number of Chinese tourists exit for other destinations that experience historical and cultural experiences, as well as shopping.

At the beginning of November 2015, the top five destinations for Chinese travelers were South Korea, Thailand (263%), Hong Kong (%), Japan (+ 157%) and Taiwan (+ 54%).

Europe remains the most popular destination for Chinese traveling outside Asia, showing a 97 percent increase in the number of air visits and overnight stays over the past four years. Followed by North America (+ 151%) and the Middle East (+ 177%). Africa remains the least visited destination by Chinese tourists - but with signs that this could change, as visits have increased by 306 percent of the increase since 2011. Laurens van den Oever, Global Head of Travel and Hospitality Research at GfK, commented: "Outbound tourists in China remain strategic in Hong Kong and their businesses - but other destinations are jumping ahead to win Favors Destinations such as Hong Kong need compensation for the new breed of young independent travelers, in order to understand how to better attract and capitalize on the growth of tourism output from China.

In France, Chinese tourists spend on average 40% of their budget once there in shopping. Expenditure exploded with a 40%-increase between 2011 and 2012, thanks to a more favorable exchange rate and higher wages.

The new whole of China: not "tourists", but "travelers"

According to GfK data, half (50%) of travelers from China are aged between 15 and 29 years - the millennium group - while more than one-third (37%) are between 30 and 44 years of age and 10 % 45 to 59 years. The size of the millennium group within China's travelers makes it a commercially attractive target audience for destinations that seek to attract Chinese tourists. This attraction is enhanced by the fact that two-thirds (66 percent) of the Chinese Millennials belong to the high-income bracket. Not only that, but their financial situation must increase as their careers progress, since September Millennials out of ten occupying executive or professional positions.
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Chinese social networks are undoubtedly the right channel; it starts to be a well-known fact given how much we have all heard about the Chinese tourist wave. According to data released by the United Nation, We are talking about 100 million Chinese tourists who have spent $129 billion worldwide.

Understanding the desires that motivate this section is important for travelers from China is therefore paramount.

An annual study by GfK shows that the Chinese Millennials are more ambitious than their predecessors, aged 50 and over - and more hedonistic in their willingness to spend money to indulge and have pampered. They are also slightly less price sensitive, the larger buyers of luxury goods in Asia Pacific.

Almost more important for the travel market is that the Chinese Millennials also cherish freedom more than their parents or grandparents; They want the ability to pursue their passions and go after meaningful, adventurous and exciting experiences. They are also technologically smart with almost everyone have a smartphone and are heavily involved in sharing experiences on the social media platform.

For destinations that seek to attract this lucrative group, then, the ideal approach is to approach it not as tourists but as independent travelers who respond to opportunities to plan personalized travel.

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Chinese Car market January 2017

China's auto sales increased rapidly in 2016, Benefiting from national policy of Purchasing Tax Reduction for vehicles with 1.6L engine or smaller displacement.

  •  In 2016, China produced 28.119 million 
  • sold 28.028 million automotives, 
  • increased 14.5% and 13.7% compared with 2015. 
  • The top 10 OEMs sold 24.76 million vehicles in 2016, account for 88.34% of the total. 

 The top 15 Chinese OEMs are

  1. SAIC, 
  2. Changan, 
  3. Dongfeng, 
  4. BAIC, 
  5. Great Wall, 
  6. Geely, 
  7. JAC, 
  8. Chery, 
  9. FAW, 
  10. BYD, 
  11. Brilliance, 
  12. GAC, 
  13. Zotye, 
  14. Lifan 
  15. and CNHTC. 

 For passenger cars, the top 15 Chinese OEMs are SAIC, Changan, Great Wall, Dongfeng, BAIC, Geely, Chery, BYD, GAC, JAC, Brilliance, Zotye, FAW, Haima and South East Motor. For commercial vehicles, the top 15 Chinese OEMs are BAIC, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC, JAC, FAW, CNHTC, Lifan, Brilliance, SXQC, Great Wall, Kinglong, Yutong, Chengdu Dayun and Tangjun Ouling.

 China Association of Automobile Manufactures predicts the auto sales in China will have 5% increase in 2017, reach 29.4 million vehicles.

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