samedi 6 décembre 2014

4 step before set up a Ecommerce Website in China

4 step before set up a Ecommerce Website in China 

1 - A comprehensive study of the Chinese market 

 Before you start to conquer the Chinese web, it is important to understand the Chinese market and the digital world, fundamentally different from that which was used to know in the West. So you have to get familiar with the Chinese web and its biggest players: Baidu, the leading search engine in China, Sina Weibo, the equivalent of Twitter and one of the most influential social networks in China, WeChat, the mobile application for instant messaging Tencent group, Alibaba, giant Chinese e-commerce, Youku, China's Youtube etc. Due to censorship by the government, ubiquitous on the web, domestic players have priority, and some major players in the Western web are made inaccessible (that is for example the case of Facebook, Google, Youtube).

 2 - Call for partners 

 Due to its specificity, the Chinese web access is difficult for a foreign company with no knowledge and experience in the field. Actors and web mechanisms are fundamentally different. Seek or partners with whom to cooperate, such as a digital marketing agency based in China, can prove to be a wise choice. It will advise you on the priorities to be performed on the mistakes not to make and is useful in the early months of activity.             

3 - A Chinese website 

 To get a place on the Chinese web, a website is the basis of any strategy. Your website should be translated into Chinese and must meet the standards of the country in this field. The websites in China are not like our western sites: they are responsible for information, images and text, and color codes are different. The homepage is particularly very important, both for Baidu for users: it must contain a maximum of information and clearly present the activity of the company and its offer so that it is no need to visit other pages to understand the concept and value of the site. The home page so has the role to capture the attention of consumers. To successfully design your site to this new clientele, the two golden rules are: inspire the design of the most influential Chinese web sites and find the balance between the culture of your company and the the country. A website in Chinese - Yoda Yoda, a Chinese website dedicated to cosmetics

 4 - An accommodation in China 

 It is advisable to host its website in China or Hong Kong to have a successful site. Indeed, the priority is given to national sites; China sites hosted outside are very slow to open and slow to navigation and there are risks they are censored by the Chinese government. You can even charge you for hosting your site or hire a company specialized in the field, such as Hi China. It is recommended to use multi-line services, regardless of the host used. .


jeudi 4 décembre 2014

advertising in China exceeded 500 billion yuan

Sales of last year's advertising in China exceeded 500 billion yuan (US $ 81.3 billion). 

Yet those of traditional advertising fell by -2.75% For television - 9.17% for newspapers However, Internet advertising has seen an increase of 45.85% over the previous year, leading to a total of 63.8 billion yuan. (Source: People's Daily, the 43rd World Conference advertising) These figures show that the future of advertising is on the Internet. Yet to break into this market, you have to be able to solve a number of problems.

advertising in China 

 Here are the 10 challenges of an advertising company must address in the world of advertising in China Low international understanding among the Chinese staff, cultural differences and huge poor English While the trend is globalization, the Chinese who can move abroad to improve their English to a decent standard and really open up to an international culture remains low due to its cost. Therefore, only a minority of Chinese have a sufficient level of English to be able to easily understand the content published in the language of Shakespeare.

 So all communication and advertising agencies who wish to be present in the Chinese markets have to adapt, but it is very difficult because of cultural differences and language barriers.

Problem understanding the different consumers, especially wealthy consumers and campaigns with a generation gap
Due to the very sharp break in the history after the Cultural Revolution and the major economic rise of China, we are left now with a generation gap between those who have experienced deprivation and Maoist China and another type of Chinese, mostly made up of those born after the 80’s and 90’s, who are often called “little prince and princess”. This therefore makes it very difficult to correctly analyze the Chinese market to determine which target to choose and how to attract them because of this very important generation gap.
A very rigid protocol
Chinese have a very formal approach of business and hierarchy must be respected. This causes problems when you have to do business with Chinese companies. While discussing a business deal with your Chinese partner you must respect all the codes of good conduct to avoid problems that may cause you to lose a business opportunity because you could have offended the leader of the deal by doing something you thought was appropriate, according to your western standards.
Lack of communication training, staff must learn everything on the job
First, you should know that the Chinese have a very strong culture of investment, results, and achieving the lowest costs possible.
However, communication and marketing are disciplines whose results are often difficult to assess and quantify. As a consequence, these hold very little appeal to Chinese, so there is no real training in the field to allow the Chinese to gain expertise in these fields. Without proper training they have to learn everything on the job.
Secondly, although China has become a country where the internet has grown quickly, it is still very new, especially compared to countries like the USA.
Moreover, before the rise of the internet, media (TV and newspapers) were controlled by an iron hand by the state leaving little room for the possibility of communication training. Indeed, it is easy to communicate when there is only one message to be transmitted. With the rise of the internet, formation in communication started to make perfect only a little less than ten years ago. As such, Chinese communication and marketing experts are very few in number compared to westerners. These factors mentioned above have thus led to an acute shortage of trained candidates in communication

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