mardi 23 juin 2020

Co-branding in China: Perfect Diary and Huawei collaboration with Art museums and artists

Co-branding strategy in China

In recent years, firms are actively experimenting with the strategy of Co-branding in China, and it seems the strategy is welcomed by Chinese consumers.

In fact, this type of strategy is highly appreciated by Chinese consumers who have the opportunity to purchase limited edition products resulting from often unexpected collaborations.

Chinese consumers see shopping not only as a necessity but also as an activity or entertainment. Consequently, they release collaborations and collections that are social, engaging, and always surprising.

The co-branding strategy begins with a collaboration between companies or brands belonging to completely different sectors. For example, in this article, we will analyze two cases of collaboration between Perfect Diary and Huawei with art museums and international artists.

In China, co-branding is highly appreciated as it offers numerous advantages for both parties:

  1. BRAND’s advantages - By collaborating with other brands, the opportunity to enter markets other than the specific one of the company itself arises. This collaboration increase brand awareness and maximize economic benefits.
  2. CONSUMER’s advantages - Chinese consumers, especially younger consumers, enjoy brands that build hype and awareness through exclusive lines and advertise collections or products through surprising or unexpected practices.

Companies from the cosmetics industry, tech brands, luxury houses are adopting this marketing strategy.

Huawei collaboration with artists

Huawei's Honor brand has recently made a bigger push in art, with the recent launch of the Honor Academy program in foreign markets to develop content-oriented partnerships with cultural institutions and educational institutions.

Huawei collaboration with the Spanish artist Salvador Dali

This collaboration has resulted in a total of 6 new themes that bring some of the most famous Dali sculptures to the smartphone screens of fans and art lovers around the world.

The works that are now accessible as themes include:
  • Lady Godiva with Butterflies
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Nobility of Time

These works of art are housed in Dalí Paris, a permanent exhibition space in the heart of Montmartre, Paris.

Huawei collaboration with international artists

Huawei Honor has also collaborated on four artists on a series of limited edition watch straps for the Honor MagicWatch and sleeves for the MagicBook by:
  • Jacky Tsai
  • Giovanni Ozzola
  • Wang Dongling
  • Zhou Li

Each of the artist's contributions reflects their distinctive style, from Tsai's lush floral horse to Wang's experimental calligraphy, and can be paired with matching dials available through the Huawei Health app.

Perfect Diary collaboration with the British museum of Art

Perfect Diary released its “Fantastic” eye shadow kits, which were inspired by Italian Renaissance “maiolica” art, in collaboration with the British Museum of Art.

During Alibaba’s 11.11 shopping festival in 2018, the eyeshadow palette Perfect Diary produced in partnership with the British Museum sold one makeup set every 11.5 seconds.

Thanks to this collaboration Perfect Dairy became the top Chinese makeup brand by achieving a $141 million (1 billion RMB) turnover in 13 minutes.

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