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15 truth from marketing practitioners

15 truth from marketing practitioners 

Recently I attended a conference on the theme of the meeting was “PR and marketing new media environment." At the meeting, I concentrate on the three most enterprises are facing now. In fact, with bright truth to put in there, we need to chew, digest. I will address the content summed up as “business operations SNS 15 big truth”, more detail, in the hope that useful to you.

1, the enterprises should not put money on some kind of social media, such as WEIBO (as tasteless, tasteless gesture)?

This is like war formations, each of the arms bear a different role . Do not piecemeal , stop-gap , blindly follow the trend . To plan the company's social media framework , ask yourself: Is this social media positioning in the overall architecture ? Whether it can be replaced or repetitive ?

2 , where to now operational aspects of microblogging force ? I used to say " content is king" , now go deeper thinking: "Interaction is king ." Include : Active provoke interaction, fans aggregation platform , turning crises into opportunities.

3 , even if you then bother to microblogging , please think about : the value of microblogging in crisis public relations . Please enter the micro Boehner to corporate public relations crisis defense system.

4 , you decide to put any human, material and not on microblogging. So please think about the "digital assets ," this issue . How to deal with over the years accumulated a fan ? How worthy shout Happening "fans economy" era ?

5 , wants the company’s internal magazine paper intact , even slightly moved even further to the letter ( subscription number ) on ? Self-deception ! Now wechat( subscription number ) abundance, you are overwhelmed No. interested subscribers , who are concerned over leadership speech , wechat cultural construction company (subscription numbers ) do ?

6 companies to build wechat( subscription number ) top priority is to make it clear : "The subscription number to see who ? " I still think that a more reliable enterprise wechat( subscription number ) there are three types ( welcome to correct and supplement ) :

A look inside the company’s employees .

B to partners to see . ( Eg : media reporter / supplier / dealer / distributor / investor) .

C provides exclusive , major news .

7 , the number of fans obsessed leaders stop micro letter ( subscription number) , the Stop Forced staff sharing " amount of fans ," the. I hope you are wechat( subscription number ) have tens of thousands of fake powder , or want to have 10 heavyweight "champions type " true powder it?

8 , wechat( service number ) no success code. Do not superstitious or searched those " hands-on " type of tutorial. Each industry vary widely, the world is not two identical leaves ; such a simple truth equally throughout the wechat( service number ) , you and Company B will provide exactly the same services?

9 , the company's wechat( service number ) how planning ? Best advice is to put forward a while to see blood : frontline staff ! Planning wechat( service number ) is by no means behind closed doors : Several marketing or public relations people locked up in the house the night brainstorming N N days thought out . Go to first-line fieldwork and practice your target customers will use these feature? It is real helpful?

10 Wechat( service number ) is planning to simplify . In the mobile terminal , simple things will go further , and can continue to grow. Customers want to find the most valuable to his service in the shortest time . Do not beat around the bush , do not take it for granted and do not put their professional Imagination equivalent customers want .

11 , planning wechat( service number ) methodology conclude two :

A deepening with impetus and comfortable service model.

B information , the information the user wants to be called on at any time at their fingertips to help them in the shortest possible time becomes wise manner .

12 , no matter what the social media , " content marketing + influence marketing" is the most grueling test of the team !

13 , companies do their own practical is king ! This is a very simple truth, but the status quo is : a lot of social media companies are so-called " magic" confused , always thinking about how to save the enterprise social media products and rotten rotten service . For the simplest case , if your customers about your product or service complaining , do you dare to initiate activities on any social media platforms? Anyway, I was afraid of it.

14 , insist ! Although the mobile Internet wave swept every day burst of " uncertainty" ; But the " perseverance " is the truth . Weibo your heart work or wechator other , there will be surprises , do not doubt . Conversely, if you always keep digging wells , never dig water wells .

15 , the propagation direction of the social media era , to borrow the words of a senior seniors : EQ big ideas , big data intelligence .

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