lundi 9 juin 2014

Interaction with followers on sina weibo

Interaction with followers on sina weibo

When a company decides to create a weibo account, the brand building and selling products are the main goals. And no matter which is the priority, you should have a large number of followers. How to interact with them and maintain the influence among these people become essential for the company.

Pay more attention to the followers. Some are really customers, and some of them might not be potential customers, but they do keep in touch with your brand and products. There is a great chance that they might provide an access to your targets. So keep patient and select some tweets to reply or retweet which is easy to explain your products or raise a good reputation of the brand. Make it a continual move and cover utmost followers, showing your respect and sincere.

Act professionally and interesting. The brands well-known as their good performances on weibo like durex and T-mall. They tweet interesting pictures and some jokes created by themselves adding their own styles. Creativities and interesting things keep followers’ attention and professional tweets and replies help build brand reputations. Some companies could give advice for unique products’ features, and that will help to establish the authority in the industry and develop closer relationship with the customers and followers.

Target clearly. The account should find a group of potential customers or people who cares about these products. Understanding what they really want to know, and release the exact information they need. Thus it will be efficient to spread the right content to the right people.

Bring benefit to your followers. There are all kinds of activities online, they encourage and reward retweeting spreading the brand or a certain product. This will bring a large scale of attention for some time. Followers look through your content and retweet to their friends, appealing more audience for your public account. Maybe you can get an opportunitiy to release some QR codes or discount in the online shops,

Set up some groups to guide. Groups are rarely seen on the weibo marketing, but when you as a public brand account reply some questions directly explain the confusion coming from potential customers professionally, it will show an image that your company is mature skilled and willing to help. And when a company is not advertising blindly all the time, the audience will think of it trustworthy and helpful, which is good for it to run some activities in the long term.

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