mercredi 18 juin 2014

Jingdong 618: Save money fighter

Jingdong 618: Save money fighter

"Save Money" has been the theme of business promotion, in order to attract consumers in the marketing war, we must "save money" in a different way.

Jingdong latest on-line advertising 618 anniversary film, we can see Jingdong on the "save money" to abandon the concept of "how much money you could save," spread the inertia of thinking, but wonderful in the end by telling the audience can save money in life to what extent the province to achieve instant results attract attention.

This series is currently in "save money, so why" as the theme has started running commercials on television and major video sites, and synchronize promotion letters on weibo and other social media.

Jingdong few pieces of this TVC with a simple lens and humorous way, the "save money" to the extreme performance, the audience laugh at the same time, points out the "save money, so why" promotional theme.

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