dimanche 4 mai 2014

The apps market in China

A substantial growth of apps market in China

According to market reports, the volumes of downloaded applications are going to know a remarkable increase in Asia in particular in China in 2014. Indeed, thanks to the lightning growth of sale of mobiles, vaster fixed prices, the number of download made a spectacular boom. We plan that China is going to become the second market after the USA in terms of volumes of download. We have already observed a clear increase of the volumes of data downloaded in China, by comparison with the other countries Asian as the Thailand or still India. However, these two countries have of their known sides a respective growth of 27 % for India and 40 % for the Thailand.

How apps market increase in China?

In spite of this remarkable growth, the Chinese market of the applications is not still capable of overtaking the American market or the European market. However, the proportion of Chinese download is relatively important. We could analyze this small gap between the Asian market and the American market by the price practiced on the Asian market. In China, the average price of download of application is higher with regard to that practised on the American market. In America, it borders 1,48 dollar by application whereas in China are needed 2,62 dollars to download a program. What makes that the Chinese income of the sales of applications represents hardly two thirds of the income in the USA.
So, even if we find only 11 % of paying applications in China, the platform knew a spectacular jump of 73 % in one year. The platforms of independent downloads could have a weight importing in the future but for the moment Chinese content themselves applications which we download directly on the site.
Let us note to finish that in April, 2011, the sale of IPhone in China knew an increase of 250 % in one year, against 155 % in the USA.

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