jeudi 22 mai 2014

WeChat began to restrict the marketing of personal accounts

WeChat began to restrict the marketing of personal accounts

To prevent WeChat become a marketing platform, Tencent WeChat yesterday's announcement, it will add a lot of friends in business by marketing personal WeChat number limit their contact number.

"WeChat circle of friends is a niche circle of acquaintance chains, it is not marketing platform", WeChat said, do not encourage the use of personal WeChat number for marketing. In order to protect the user experience, purification platform environment, in addition to limiting the number of contacts, but also for users to report more involved fake and commercial infringement WeChat No. accordance with relevant laws and regulations for processing. WeChat official also suggested circle of friends for harassing message appears, the user can take the message shielded circle of friends, unfriend, or to a single message to report such an operation.

Earlier rumors, WeChat personal account of the number of friends who will be suppressed in 5000 less. WeChat official responded by saying that in order to avoid personal circle of friends to do the malicious use of false marketing, WeChat product mechanism will indeed make adjustments, but the specific program is still testing.

Concern for ordinary users, Tencent, said these initiatives in order to curb the marketing behavior is actually a circle of friends, the number of ordinary user account and add friends and public interest groups do not have so many, so the requirement does not prevent ordinary users Use WeChat.

WeChat growth also brings fiery WeChat marketing campaigns, many companies or individuals were to start purchasing, sellers and other marketing activities through the public accounts, WeChat group, circle of friends, etc.. Even individual practitioners friends crazy marketing as many as people, fraud and other criminal incidents breeding. Beginning last year, WeChat constantly marketing chaos remediation, first blocked a number of "Taobao off" marketing public account; followed WeChat5.0 version of the service class of the public accounts for message sending limit. These initiatives directly limiting the public accounts of the marketing behavior, marketing, personal account of chaos began to WeChat group, circle of friends metastasis.

Tencent has been opposed to WeChat become a marketing tool. "Father WeChat's" Xiaolong repeatedly announced that, WeChat will keep it simple, "doing something valuable to users." Not long ago, WeChat upgraded to a business group establishment, and receives the original Tencent O2O business electricity supplier, was sent to outside commercial expectations.

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