jeudi 27 février 2014

2014 pattern of Chinese Social Media

Reason 2014 China Social Media : presentation

Recently, CIC has published a Chinese social media world map 2014 model , the 2014 version of the diagram is divided into upper and lower parts , namely " social marketing platform based " and " community of interest of consumer segments " Ring and Ring these are external platform benchmarking international distribution platform multi - screen , platform and marketing category proposed business strategy on these platforms. CIC since 2008 , he published the first edition of "China Model Social Media Overview ," up to six years. CIC will be updated every year , in the latest developments in China include environment based social media help marketers understand and master the complex Chinese social media landscape .

1 the basic platform for social marketing

The main platform for social marketing is the user with users on a large scale and takes a lot of time social media platform that can be considered as priorities for investment in brand marketing .
We believe that the proposal of several valuable marketing platform for social marketing to shape the core of the social value chain of China s market . We want "to know -> Content / Interactive -> Services / negotiation" This simplified value chain marketing for a preliminary sorting on these platforms.
The main services to "build awareness " of the platform, including instant messaging and music video, thanks both to a wider audience. At the end of December 2013 * , instant messaging and video subscribers reached 530 million , respectively, and 430 million people, or 86.2 % of Internet users in use and 69.3% , respectively. Labels for these platforms that the media can get the scope and exposure profitable. The main services in the "content / interactive" platform includes blogging, microblogging, social networks, forums . Of course, these platforms can serve much the same purpose, " awareness " , but its main mode of transmission is through marketing generated content platforms of social media to encourage consumers and the consumer or the consumer and the brand / interaction between the businesses, and ultimately build a community of fans of the brand . The main services of "service / operation" social network platforms , including mobile , social life and e-commerce . , As a micro-channel account of utility , by its very nature , is a virtual customer service window , so that operators are faced with their consumers by providing trade and services ; another example is public comment , a good relationship with local businesses and consumers, not only for local businesses to understand the needs and the evaluation of consumers, but also for local businesses to provide a variety of promotional tools . The future , we believe that more platforms will gradually expand its value chain plays a role in this , such as music videos , marketing being interspersed primarily based advertising , but it can also be a function of transaction and direct service , such as VIP , clicks generated video content service provider of electricity. However, for now , on different platforms , or the value chain plays a role in their own good , and the brand can be synthesized based on the above characteristics of the various platforms and products for the construction industry the value chain of social marketing.

2 community interest consumer segmentation

Community of consumer segmentation of interest, including: meetings, business networking business , social networks, blogs , light , images of social networking, social video short , Wikipedia questionnaire electricity supplier socialization social platform , the new class . These equivalent vertical groups of platforms interests of consumers. You can choose according to their brand positioning of the product and the target market for the platform and the user base to develop proper strategies and projects targeted marketing .
We should emphasize that , despite the type of vertical communities of interest can be very naturally divided into a few categories of consumer groups, to provide a relatively precise marketing for merchants, however, part of the platform and its downstream supply chain partners is not yet fully mature , the market should be treated with caution.

3 panel multi- platform distribution

Mobility is a global trend , the distribution on the screen is an important feature of this year's social media landscape map of China, there will be all kinds of social media platforms : this office table + mobile terminal , the mobile terminal only . Although the " desktop + mobile terminal " is still the primary way to access the most social media platform of choice, but some of the popular platforms have started to move gradually emerging lateral access . We believe that this marketing trend has sent an important signal : move priority.

Finally, in 2014, the Chinese model of development of social media that show another movement , division , services , operations, trend data integration , which will bring more opportunities for social media marketing and social business . For example , Chen Kun members microchannels , the nature of the mobile side closed loop community - based, supplemented by mobile payments and management of CRM . This innovation can provide inspiration for " Mobile First " strategy of the brand and how to develop social services and trading platform. Meanwhile , the brand is always a micro-blogging platform can become important for the rapid dissemination of marketing and widely discussed . Many vivid case tells us that successful marketers must advance with the times , followed by social media platforms and business practices change and innovation.

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