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Which opportunities for French start-up in China?

With its million of users, the Chinese digital technology is an opportunity for the French start-up. But it is necessary to know how to manage its development in this specific market. What are the opportunities for French start-up in China?

Understand the market

Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent … These names are less known than those of their counterparts of the Silicon Valley. But the Chinese giants of digital technology handle millions of subscribers and show strong appetite for technological innovation. The billion users of mobiles and the 565 million Internet users attract the French start-up. The big deal for the Frenchy is to understand how to penetrate into this market.

Generally speaking, the Chinese companies prefer to work with very big companies, which already have a strong history. According to them, it is less risky to conclude a market with IBM rather than with a start-up. But things are changing. The Chinese companies are really push to success on the field of technology and innovation. Furthermore needs for technology of the Chinese groups are wide (Security of payments, e-commerce, data management). 

But in another hand the market is much less mature than in Europe. Is it too early to come in China? At leaset, it is better to firstly study well the market. The practices are very different. The key to success is to adapt as much as possible its model business regarding to China customs. It is vrey seldom to be able to sell in the same way than on other markets. China is also a market where it is better to be present than export. Chinese ask you to be responsive and it is better to have someone to respond or even just to meet the client every time he requires it. The European way to deal with client, mainly by email and phone call is not working in China.

French start-up are appreciate in China

However, if you develop a relevant and adapted solution, everything can go faster than somewhere else. China is a land of opportunities where knowing the right person and showing expertise and relevant business model can lead to to growing success.

Therefore, China stands out as an ideal market for the French start-up today and those should not miss the boat. Young and fresh French newcomer are quite popular in China and their companies are successful with Chinese companies which appreciate their dynamism and their expertise in a multitude of domains such as : design, modelling 3D, post-production. 
In this area, France has a playing card. French are not the most successful regarding pure technology but the French expertise is very renowned regarding creativity or design for instance. The skills of the French start-up are very sought for the 3D modelling, the post-production or the editing.

For instance, MySimax is one of these French start-up which met the success in China. Its strategy? Using the local network of its owner JX Paulin, designing high quality product to uphold the goodreputation of the French investors on this market and adatp its business to the needs of its customers.
start up in China

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