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3 digital Marketing trends in 2016

One can not deny the importance of digital marketing in China. Nowadays, digital marketing is so important in China that every business needs a full-fledged digital marketing strategy in order to compete in the market. Many people have asked the question at a digital marketing agency in Shanghai China that way to market business furniture for the Chinese market. Answer the question.

Digital Marketing connect consumers

China has been a rapidly growing consumer market and it is not surprising to realize that an increasing number of companies around the world are looking for a way to market, brand and communicate with consumers Chinese. Since most brands in China are digital these days, if you market in China, it is highly recommended to know this market, become aware of popular trends and join those that will benefit you.
Digital marketing in China is changing, changing and incredibly dynamic; Obviously, it looks like digital marketing trends in Western markets. So what do we know about Chinese consumers, when it comes to their digital behavior? WeChat, Qzone and QQ are the most popular social media networks in China; Their popularity as mobile chat apps has increased among users. Besides instant messaging, people in China use mobile devices to check the weather, use mobile payment services and m-commerce and book their trips. Among mobile phone users, about 35% use their mobile phones to purchase monthly products and / or services; The peak season is before / during the Double 11 Festival. So in general, we are talking about the younger population.

mobile Revolution

The digital revolution began in China. The tastes and tastes of Chinese consumers have begun to change and all spend a lot of time on social networks, on their mobile and making the best use of a flotilla of digital tools.

If you are a good professional marketing then make sure you follow the marketing trends below mentioned. Internet is a significant medium in China In the coming years, in China, the Internet has become a very influential medium for about 600 million users. In China, the Internet has reached great coverage and is now available in almost all of China. It does not matter because almost all Internet users reside in coastal areas and large cities and are quite rich.

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Trip to Bali, my Tips for travellers

End of trip of Bali Here are my tips. 

 Know where you should stay in Bali It is everything of the place, the place, the place. There is undoubtedly it – where you stay is possible make or break your holiday here. The most splendid thing of Bali consists of the fact that he gives a sprawling range of lifestyle and knows according to where you stay. If you want to the party, the region of Kuta de Bali of the south is for you. You want anything of more class? Try Seminyak.

Card of Bali

If it is spirituality and good health you are afterwards, you would like to head for Ubud. The research of serenity far from the crowds of beach? The north coast of Bali is perfect. Trips with the family and security your primary concern? The appeals of the upper security of Nusa Dua are your stain.

 Make sure that you choose a stain in Bali who corresponds to the type of holiday which you search. Prove our indicator of region in front of Bali for a detailed description of regions different from Bali!

Trip of Bali N ° 2. 

By arriving in and by arriving around Bring some money with you on your flight in Bali – you will need 25 $ per capita for entry visas to be paid to arrival in the airport of Denpasar. The older 100$ bills will not often cut him – they accept only after the 100$ notes of 1997.

As for fact to arrive around Bali as soon as you are there – hold this public transport in the head am non-existent almost here. Unless you planned during stay in regions visited of the taxi of Bali of the south, the best method for fact to arrive must rent around a car or hire a car with a driver. To drive you, you will need a valid international Driver's licence, which you can pick up easily of your country of origin before you arrive here.

 Also, it is a good idea of making endorse your IDL by the local police in Indonesia as soon as you arrive. Most cops of the street are unaware of it, but IDL is not legal in fact without the stamp of Indonesian endorsement of the police. You will not need it probably, but it is possible to be legally involved in the rare case of an accident or of a statement of disaster if the endorsement is not made. The consideration of all what is needed to receive an endorsement is 15,000 IDR (1.50 $) and a promenade in a local guardhouse – you could take also this additional precaution. It is always better safe than desolate.

Remember to bringing some money on your flight back from Bali – there is a tax of exit of 150,000 IDR (15 $) per capita.

End of trip of Bali N ° 3. Financial business

The most cheap means to exchange some money while trips have to withdraw some money directly from your debit card while abroad.

lundi 7 novembre 2016

Digital Startups are expanding in China

China is the dream of an entrepreneur, 

China is the dream of an entrepreneur, with the new opening up almost every hour, "says GMA co-founder Olivier Verot." Purpose They are folding at a similar pace. Not understanding the market, growing very slowly, growing too fast. They are failing for several reasons, "he continued. For a company that specializes in digital marketing and advertising, GMA-growth has been steady for the past four years and now the agency employs 37 full time staff, who extends desk space in the office to the Jing'an ability. Instead of relocating the entire office,

Gentlemen Marketing Agency 

 Olivier and co-founder Philip Qian made the strategic decision to open a new office in Zhabei, leaving the sales and customer management teams in the Shanghai headquarters to accommodate the team. Growing digital operations. "It is convenient, it has an office located in the center of Shanghai. It is easier for our foreign clients as well as our international staff who like to be based in the city. "Our operations team is predominantly local and prefers to work in local areas where the cost of living is cheaper," explains Olivier. The choice of office space is Hutaizhi way was aussi decision was considered, looking forward.

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mercredi 26 octobre 2016

South Korean tourism stocks tumble on China travel curbs

South Asia Tourism Market 

the main Seoul bourse slid on investor confidence weakened after an announcement of Korea Tourism Organization that the Chinese government has ordered local travel agencies to reduce the number of tourists visiting Korea. The Kospi closed at 2,037.17 on Tuesday, down 10.57 points, or 0.52 percent, from the previous day. Retail investors pushed the index down by offloading 173.4 billion won ($ 152.9 million) worth of shares. Foreign investors also sold 61 billion won. Institutional investors prevented the index from falling further by purchasing 242.6 billion won in shares.

The automaker Hyundai Motor firmed 2.6 percent to 138,000 won on the back of his greatness model new flagship, he unveiled on Tuesday. auto parts affiliate Hyundai Mobis rode the wave, gaining 2.1 percent to end the day at ₩ 267.000. China's decision to impose restrictions on travel low cost and reduce the number of people traveling to Korea 20 percent received a significant blow to cosmetics companies, which rely heavily on Chinese buyers. the largest manufacturer of cosmetics in the country, AmorePacific, fell 7.12 percent to ₩ 345,500, and LG Household and Healthcare fell 8.34 percent to ₩ 846,000. Hotel Shilla also took a hit, falling 6.94 percent very ₩ 57,700 to.

The secondary Kosdaq fell for the fourth straight trading day to close at 640.17, down 7.71 points, or 1.19 percent, from the previous day. It was the lowest point in the index in eight months. pharmaceuticals entrained by the index, with 0.48 percent slip Celltrion to ₩ 103,700 and Medytox Komipharm and each loss of 0.24 percent and 3 percent and ₩ 41,500 ₩ 378.300. The Korean won weakened 0.2 percent to 1,133.5 against the dollar on investor concerns about China's tourism decision.

What CEO say about this trend

"The issue is painful," said Lee Seung-jun, the CEO of active investment in Samsung Asset Management. "The tax-free operators will bear the brunt." bond yields three-year government rose one basis point to 1.4 percent, while the yield on the 10-year bond rose three basis points to 1.64 percent.

source Nikkei Asian Review-

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Food in China, understand the basic of this Market

How can a brand effectively cut through the competition and succeed in the China market F & B? From the scandals of national milk 2008 and the trough scams oil 2010, a mysterious floating pigs last year in Shanghai, saying it has been a challenge for some years the market for food and beverages in China is an understatement . issues of food security aside, there are also complexities of marketing in China. Because of the long history of Chinese food is intertwined with regional flavors and very different cultures, it can be a difficult task for brands to reach a wide appeal of their products with such different geographical preferences. An expert of the Market conducted a series of research studies consumer food thoroughly to extract conclusive data and reveal the top positive triggers that respond to consumers in China. The forward trend report 2014 Food is based on interviews with more than twenty experts recognized throughout the country food and a survey of Chinese consumers more than 750 adults.

Here are 5 tips  to help you to market your brand  in China:

Natural products

Promote natural options The importance of living a healthier life will have a greater influence on decision-making purchase of food and beverages this year. 41% of Chinese consumers say they are paying more attention to additives to make a choice club, ranking it as their number one concern ahead of fat (30%) and salt (13% ). Consequently, the research reflects this sentiment with consumers indicating that seasonal products (65%) and local products (55%) are important motivators in buying groceries. Over 55% of consumers surveyed said they buy organic food often or always do. This is especially pronounced for products aimed at mothers, where more than 62% say they inspected the labels of additives and ingredients before buying. The bottom line here is that if the product contains beneficial organic or other natural ingredients it is best not only to promote this in the usual channels of communication, but also on the front labels and back of the product.

Do not forget ecommerce

Like shopping e-commerce continues to gain popularity among consumers in China, marks that might have previously relied solely on traditional retail channels should consider strategies to promote and sell their products online. The most often purchased online are non-perishable products, such as cookies and chips, with four out of five buyers (80%) say online buy snacks. However, the market size for perishables almost half (47%) choosing to buy dairy products line and no slouch. For foreign products, there are several specialized websites oriented food import and and that can be used to reach audiences special niche. Therefore, selling products on e-commerce web can be a great strategy to not only increase the amplitude of availability but also to provide further brand credibility and drive more online retail. The star power of celebrities and opinion leaders (KOL)

Trust is the key in F&B

Although not all brands in China will be able to recruit a celebrity A-List to become its ambassador, the importance of defense factor of influence among the top positions high in building a marketing strategy. The popularity of the defenders remains extremely strong among Chinese consumers with nearly three out of four respondents (73%) say they are more likely to buy a product or visit a restaurant endorsed by a celebrity spokesman or other advocate, such as KOL . More than half (56%) of respondents say that these endorsements influence to buy food or visit the restaurants two to three times or more per month. Strengthen food safety claims through alternative methods. When you start to have a brand that consumer doubt about it, you are almost dead. For example this online Supermarket in this forum

Food security

check these videos it is uggly
As food security issues remain at the top of the minds of Chinese consumers, buyers are looking for multiple sources of information for their purchasing decisions. For foreign food manufacturers, the good news is that the origination is at the top of the list with 84% saying that the origin is extremely important in the choice of foodstuffs. However, discussions on social media reveal that there are some suspicions about the authenticity. Therefore ensure the safety of import channels is as important as the promotion of safety at the source. Second, the approval of the inspection government agency was also considered important by more than half (56%) relying on government inspections, so that any promotion of national certificates of inspection and approval can help increase trust in a brand. Finally, as recommendations from friends (34%) and online reviews (26%) were also significant considerations for consumers to make decisions about food safety has never been more crucial to have a strong online presence and build a social community of fans and followers.

Link to the lifestyle, traditions and family

70% say that cooking and eating out are extremely important for social life, therefore, communication of how a brand can help reunite friends and family as part of a social campaign and lifestyle oriented can be very shocking. Moreover, family traditions remain a driving force for consumers when they take decisions about what and where to eat. Almost three quarters (74%) of all respondents agree that approval by traditional recipes is very extremely important. Therefore links to traditional Chinese recipes and foods can help increase behaviors and buying interest.

mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Cosmetics Marketing tips in China

Each sector has its specificities: sales vary for each sector to achieve or online. Actually a consumer to go to a website for mobile does not have the same needs as a person who would go to a web site beauty products.

Today we show 10 ways to improve sales in the field of beauty products for electronic commerce.

SEO, Search Engine Marketing

Good SEO is essential golf Atlanta divorce attorneys. In fact, when a search is executed in the search engines, you will find many results, and usually one individual pieces of the first web page and the following webpage times. SEO allows someone to rank higher in the search and come in the first few pages. In addition it can mean 2?% To 90% of their website traffic.

Online advertising in China 

According to this article, advertising  or search engine marketing techniques are ways to better classification itself too. But this time the right to disburse the mass as well as your website appears in the sponsored links. In cases like this particular keyword it is obtained, so when an individual does in fact an explore these keywords, you pay when you click the hyperlink. But SEM can be quite expensive, and is aimed at improving the image of the company's ongoing because the return on investment is often quite low.
make noise makeup industry is a field full of innovation. Indeed, his competition is tough, and many products are all correct time. You then need to mark the mind of the consumer, which is why creating buzz is very effective.

What companies make Chinese language:

The goal of creating hype is to draw the consumer's brain in a lifelong perspective, to be able to let the brand affiliated with anything other than the number 100 are sold. Creating buzz permission to touch a large part of the population on the other. Remember that there are in China nearly 600 million Internet users.


Social media marketing became necessary for brands in China. In fact, many web sites and forum now take the media as the main source of information of the original media in place. Consumers choose to rely on other Internet users who give their opinions on products. Exchanges among Internet are incredibly fast and very important, especially in the field of cosmetic makeup products.

more information
Contests permit you to obtain clients and improve the commitment of current customers. It’s in addition a sensible way to incite customers to offer information about their taking habits.
This tool gives you to get traffic to your internet site. Contests enable you to get easily email also, also to create a person data basic then. But you need to know that Chinese people don’t possess the same use of emails, plus they usually prefer instant messaging.
Chinese give consideration a lot of the website’s e-reputation. Actually customer service is vital for them, and shows how serious a ongoing company is. A good customer support can influence customers and incite these to buy from a brandname. In the cosmetic makeup products field clients have to be reassured especially regarding the components and the result of something.
Online deals are a sensible way to encourage Chinese language customers to make purchase. Actually they look once and for all discounts, and they prefer to start to see the difference between an in-store price and a web based price. Inside the cosmetics field there are a few rules to check out: the deals need to be obvious and clear, and there has to be an entire great deal of information justifying the campaign to be able to reassure the buyer.

vendredi 9 septembre 2016

Advertising in China is going Digital

Advertising in China is going Digital

“China is a business visionaries’ fantasy, with new companies opening hourly” says GMA fellow benefactor Olivier Verot. “Be that as it may, they are collapsing at a comparable rate. Not understanding the business sector, becoming too gradually, becoming too rapidly. They are coming up short for different reasons” he proceeded.
For an organization that has practical experience in computerized promoting and publicizing, GMA’s development has been relentless in the course of recent years and the office now utilizes 37 full-time staff, extending work area space in the Jing’an office to limit.

China has long been a big producer and exporter of electronic goods and it has become highly tech savvy in its approach for using Internet to market its goods. Chinese customers have become internet oriented for their shopping needs and 40% of their shopping is done online. They go by the best brand name in the market and they do extensive research to know how well the product works from customer reviews and opinions. The Chinese market is full of pirated goods and unless the customer exercises due diligence he or she will be taken for a ride.

Thomas L. Friedman in his book, “The World Is Flat” has advocated the idea that globalization has literally made the world a flat field for everyone to play. This has in a large sense been true as one can find that an Australian company holding its back office operations in India, a British company has its social media marketing team in South Africa, an American multinational has its manufacturing unit in China, an Indian company has its design department in Germany and so and so. All these have essentially made the world flat with anyone able to work for anyone from anywhere. This has in part been enabled by the information technology revolution that has taken place in the 21st century. This scenario is largely true in anywhere on the planet except for China.