dimanche 20 juillet 2014

12 million yuan to buy the name of Chinese Fast Train

12 million yuan to buy the name of Chinese Fast Train

China began to sell to companies the right to baptize high-speed trains in the country, state media reported Wednesday, while the rail industry seeks to become commercially viable.
To their astonishment, passengers boarding a train station in southern China have recently discovered that their train was called "China Unicom" - one of the three major telecom operators in the country - has reported Shanghainese daily Dongfang Zaobao.
But he could also be called "Bank of China" - the name of one of the giants of the financial sector - or "Lüziyao," according to a food company known for its mushrooms, peanuts and seasoned fish these two groups also paid to see a high speed train show their name.

A city of northeast China, it has a train called "Majestic rivers and mountains of Zhangjiakou" to extol the charms of its natural environment.
Each time, the new name appears on the display of trains departing panels.
China's railway sector - under the influence of a heavy public monopoly - was pushed in recent years by a series of scandals and accidents highlighting the corruption of his administration.

In March, the government, saying concerned with efficiency, decided to merge the Ministry of Rail to a state agency, and transfer its business to a newly created group, China Railway Corp. (CRC). It is the latter who started to sell the names of trains. 

An expensive privilege:

 a year of "sponsorship" - that is to say, the right to associate his name with a train - does not cost less than 12 million yuan (1.42 million), said Dongfang Zaobao.
"Use of the resources of the market" has become a priority now that rail operators are responsible for their profits and losses, told the daily Shanghainese anonymous sources.
China with the network of high speed trains the largest in the world, users expect amusing developments.
"Let the passengers are preparing: the high-speed train Durex is about to enter the station Durex wishes you a delightful journey." Imagined a surfer in an ironic microblog, referring to the condom manufacturer.

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