jeudi 25 juillet 2013

Baidu advertising Market

3way to do Baidu advertising

Baidu is the leader of the engine research in China.
Baidu offers three main options:
  • Simple Search Banners 
  • content network Baidu
  •  Brand Zone 

Find an ad Service trought that Baidu paid work in the same way as Google. Customers select keywords and offer the price they are willing to pay per click (CPC). If a user enters the keyword and the customer provides the maximum price for that keyword, the results of their research appear in the first position. As low competition keywords from the subject of research in the world, Baidu offers competitive rates for the purchase price of keywords.

CPC costs

Average CPC is generally lower than that of Google. You pay only when a consumer clicks on your ad, which means that you only pay for performance. Start with Baidu The screenshot below shows a typical results page of Baidu. Words highlighted in red indicate areas of paid search results. The other links on the page display organic search results.

 banners (content network Baidu) With more than 300,000 websites and a detailed algorithm audience targeting, the banners that appear Baidu are a great way to achieve exactly the right users with exactly the right content to generate traffic and bring brand recognition .

Baidu track where users go, the sites they visit, the search terms they use and what they "handle" on social networks. The result is a highly detailed that advertising customers can use profile to target exactly the right audience for their products. The banners have an advantage over simple search results, as they can use images, flash, text and interactivity levels that a user is more likely to percepter. This product is also ideal for customers whose campaign goals include expanding the brand awareness.
If you do not want to pay per clic, you can choose a SEO strategy in China. See more information here.

Baidu Brand Zone

The use of logos, colors and pictures do a better job of expanding the scope of a client's brand in contrast to results of simple research. Video banners can even be used as a "pre-roll" while Baidu users are now wait to download games online. Baidu can advertise your banners on its network of more than 300,000 websites. Banners can include: photographs the flash Text and interactivity
more information here 

The brand zone campaigns can show:
  • a title,
  • a description with in-text links,
  • the brand logo,
  • additional category links,
  • an image
  • video
  • tabs (like a mini website)
  • animated gifs
  • site index with addtional links 

The use of logos, colors and pictures do a better job or expand the scope of the brand of a client in contrast to results of simple research. Customers can choose to target their announcement: region part of the day, industry keywords, Internet traffic or specific websites. The average CPC for banners Baidu is only $ 0.20, making it a great choice for customers with a limited budget. There are currently more than 300,000 websites in the content network through a wide range of genres. To see the most recent list, please click here (be sure to see this site on Google Chrome to translate from Chinese) The ads can mimic offline campaigns or specific online e this, tsans limit, no matter what the advertising clients alike. The screenshot comes from and displays five different banners arranged as Content Network.

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