lundi 8 juillet 2013

China, The World's Largest Auto Market

China, The World's Largest Auto Market

Sales of passenger cars in China, the largest automobile market in the world, increased by 12.3% in June from a year earlier to 1.29 million vehicles, the government published China Daily said Saturday. The newspaper cited figures of passenger cars in China Association on Friday.

An increase of 13.4%

June's increase was less than an increase of 13.4% yoy in May.

Sales in June, which is traditionally a slow month for the industry, was also 3.4% compared with 1.33 million units sold in May, the newspaper said.

For the first six months of the year, sales of passenger cars in the country increased by 16.7% to 8.18 million units. Big U.S. automakers in China earlier released last week an increase in sales in June Ford, enjoying the release of new Model


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