lundi 29 juillet 2013

Inequalities in China is not a priority

The boss of Wahaha Group, Zong Qinghou, is considered as the richest man in China. He has recently announced that there was "no need" to focus on the growing gap between rich and poor in China. But China is one of the most unequal countries in the world. Why Zong Qinghou considered that the fight against inequality should not be a priority for China? The fact is that Zong Qinghou  prefers that everyone be able to get rich by its own means, what’s why he promotes entrepreneurship and no the  distribution of wealth by the state.

Less taxes, more support to investors

For him, the way to get rich and to succeed in life is indicated: "if everyone was richer, the Chinese society would become harmonious and more comfortable," says the richest entrepreneur of China. Zong Qinghou has built his fortune, estimated $ 11.3 billion, by selling non-alcoholic beverages. For him, his principal enemies are not his direct competitors (other company of non-alcoholic beverages), but the egalitarianism. "If the state put into place the egalitarianism (...), everyone would not eat one’s fill. It’s better to encourage people to create wealth," said the boss of Wahaha, who prefer decrease levels of taxation to stimulate investment and no to promote the distribution of wealth.

China is one of the most unequal countries

According to the international indicators, the gap in China between the richest and the poorest, begin to be more and more important. The centre for Research and Investigation on the family economy, financed by the Chinese government had put China in December among the fifteen most unequal countries in the world. According to the worldwide Gini coefficient, China would be at 0.61, knowing that the number 1, is the highest possible. Experts tell that a score greater than 0.4% marks the risk of social instability. Facing to these figures, Chinese authorities are very suspicious, what’s why Beijing, has made the reduction of inequalities one of its priorities.

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