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The Love Market in China !

The Love Market in China ! 

This is a good place I have always good luck here." For Ms. Yang, Joy City is not so much a consumer as a mecca for urban Serengeti she prowls for potential wives for some of the richest in China singles. Ms. Yang, 28, is one of the first love China hunters, a new matchmaker that has proliferated in the country's economic development race. The company she works for, Diamond Love and Marriage, meets New riches of China: men, sometimes women, willing to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to outsource research their ideal partner. In Joy City, Ms. Yang has given instructions to his team of eight scouts, one of six squadrons of the company was deployed in three cities for a millionaire Shanghai. This client had provided a list of requirements for his future wife, including age (22-26), skin color ("white as porcelain") and sexual history (yes, a virgin).

上海。此客户端提供了一个为他未来的妻子的要求清单,包括年龄(22-26岁),肤色(“白如瓷”)和性史(是的,是处女)。 “这些百万富翁是很挑剔的,你知道,”杨女士说。没有人能永远不够完善。 “然而,潜在的收益是巨大的杨女士:

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 "These millionaires are very picky, you know," Said Ms. Yang. Nobody can ever be perfect enough.? "" However, the potential gain is huge Ms. Yang: The hunter of love that is final customer choice receive a bonus of more than $ 30,000, or about five times the average annual wage in this area of ​​work. Suddenly, a signal came. On the other side of the atrium, a colleague of Ms. Yang has attracted attention and nodded to a woman in a blue dress, walking alone. Ms. Yang shook his colleague's suggestions several times during the day, but this time she circled behind the woman in question. "A perfect skin," she whispered. "Elegant Face." When the woman walked into H & M, Ms. Yang intercepted him in the driveway sweater. "I'm so sorry to bother you," she said with a bland smile. "I'm a hunter of love. Looking for love? ' Three miles away, in a park near the Beijing Temple of Heaven, a woman surnamed Yu Jia jostled for space in a grove of elms. A widow of 67 years, retired, she exuded a place on the ground for a sign that she had scribbled for her son. "Seeking to marry," read the sheet of crumpled paper, Ms. Yu held in place with a few fragments of bricks and stones. "Man. Unique. Born in 1972. Height 172 cm. High school diploma. Work in Beijing. " Ms. Yu is a different kind of hunter love a parent looking for a spouse of an adult child in the so-called marriages that have arisen in the parks of the city markets. Long rows of graying men and women sat in front of signs listing the qualifications of their children. Hundreds of others dragged by, sometimes stopping to inquire. Gross signs of Ms. Yu no frills: no photo, no blood type, no sign of the zodiac, no line on the income or assets. Contrary to the wish list of the millionaire, the sign was not even clear what kind of woman that her son wanted. "We do not have much choice," she said. "At this stage we can not rule someone out." Within four years, she sought a wife for his son, Zhao Yong, there were only a handful of prospects.

Even so, when a woman in a green plastic visor pause to analyze the sign that day, Ms. Yu has a bright smile and said beautiful character of his son and his good looks. The woman asked: "Is he owns an apartment in Beijing" Ms. Yu smile faded, and the woman changed. The new pairing Three decades of economic growth have reshaped combustion landscape of marriage in China. A generation ago, China was one of the most egalitarian countries in the world, both gender and wealth. Most people were poor, and tighter controls on life housing, employment, travel and family easier to find a compatible donor - what the Chinese call mendang hudui, which means roughly " the doors of the family of the same size. " Like many Chinese who grew up in the 1960s and 70s, Ms. Yu has married a man of her work unit of the plant, with the boss of the local Communist Party as an informal matchmaker. In 1990, researchers found that the vast majority of the inhabitants of two of the largest cities in China as of one person before marriage: their future spouse. The transition of China towards a market economy has swept many restrictions in people's lives. But of all the new freedoms of the Chinese people enjoy today - to make money, owning a home, choosing a career - it is one that has become an unexpected burden: the search for a spouse. This can be a time of romantic and sexual liberation in China, but the solemn task of finding a husband or wife proves to be a vexing proposition for the rich and the poor. "The old family and social networks that people used to rely on finding a husband or wife collapsed," said James Farrer, an American sociologist, whose book "Opening", focuses on sex, the date and marriage in contemporary China. "There is a tremendous sense of dislocation in China, and young people do not know where to turn." The confusion surrounding the wedding in China reflects a frenetic transition countries. The inequalities of wealth have created new fault lines in society, while most rural-urban migration in history has blurred most of the former. As much as 300 million Chinese peasants have moved to the cities over the past three decades. Uprooted and without relatives to help you organize meetings with potential partners, these migrants are often lost in the swell of the big city. Demographic changes also create complications.

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Not only do many more Chinese women postponing marriage to pursue careers, but the gender gap in China - 118 boys are born for every 100 girls - has become a world leader in wide, fueled largely by policy the only child of restrictive government. At the end of this decade, Chinese researchers say the country will have a surplus of 24 million single men. Without traditional family and social networks, many men and women have taken their research online, where thousands of meetings and wedding websites have emerged in an industry that analysts predict will soon exceed 300 million dollars annually.

These sites are mainly aimed million white-collar workers in China. But intense competition, with distrust of the claims of potential partners', has prompted a growing number of single line - rich and poor - to turn to other hands on matchmaking services. The tradition of matchmaking China dates back more than 2000 years, the first imperial marriage broker in the end of the Zhou dynasty. The purpose of matchmakers has since been generally families of pairs of equal stature to the greatest social good. Today, however, matchmaking distorted in a commercial free-for-all in which the marriage is often seen as an opportunity to jump on the social ladder or to proclaim his arrival at the summit. Single men are struggling to make the list if they do not own a house or an apartment, which in cities like Beijing are extremely expensive. And despite the gender imbalance, the Chinese women face intense pressure to marry before the age of 28, for fear of being rejected and stigmatized as "leftover women.

 Together, they help illuminate the factors that transform marriage in China. In one case, the son of migrant Ms. Yu reluctantly agreed to allow his aging mother to search for his bride his consuming mission. In the other, richer customer  diamond love deployed tens hunters love to find the most exquisite beauty with fair skin in the country, even as he gnawed being swindled by a bai jin nu or gold digger.

" Dozens service upscale matchmaking have appeared in China over the past five years, charging wholesale costs to find and sift the spouses for wealthy clients. Their methods can become showy spectacle. A company transported 200 so-called trophy wives at a seaside resort in southwest China to play a powerful tycoon. Another organized a caravan of BMW for rich businessmen to find young women in the province of Sichuan. Love Diamond, one of the largest self-service hunt, sponsored a matchmaking event in 2009 when 21 men each paid a $ 15,000 entry right. During the last year, I followed the progress of two twinning efforts at opposite ends of the wealth.

 Between these two extremes is Ms. Yang itself, whose success as a hunter of love has made her livelihood for his family. Despite his growing unease with the sexism that permeates the company self-hunting, she has sympathy for its super-rich clients. "These men are lost souls," she said. "They worked hard, made a lot of money, and left their old world behind. Now they do not have the time to find a wife, and they do not know who to trust. So they come to us. ' A very special guest When I visited the Beijing office of Love diamond last year, Ms. Yang was fretting about a love-hunt campaign for a potential customer: a divorced 42 year old real estate mogul who was willing to spend the equivalent more than half a million dollars. It would not be the biggest event in the history of the company, two years ago, a man paid $ 1.5 million for a successful hunt of 12 cities. But the pressure felt more intense this time. It was not only that Ms. Yang would compete with hundreds of other hunters love the bonus of a potential winner of $ 32,000. His boss had given him a central role in the campaign - the company the biggest of the year - with a client who was known to be a perfectionist compelling. The failure was a real possibility. Ms. Yang began working part time as a hunter of love while studying at university eight years ago. After a brief stint as a hospital nurse, she joined diamond love full time and is now the most seasoned scout Beijing. Despite a recent promotion to a consultant, in which it deals directly with clients and their fragile egos, it is often exploited to campaigns more-stakes. Its success rate is amazing. Three large-scale campaigns in the past three years, the main customers of the company ended up choosing candidates that Ms. Yang personally discovered. His success earned him huge bonuses - in one case, $ 27,000 - and a reputation as one of the most accomplished hunters love China. However, she said that the new deal was "almost impossible". Mr. Big, as I'll call it - he insisted that Diamond not like to reveal his name - is a member of fuyidai China, the "first-generation rich" who jumped a wealth of extreme poverty single bound, often dropping their first wives in the process. Guests Diamond Love also includes many fuerdai or "rich second generation" men and women in their 20s and 30s whose research is often funded by wealthy parents wishing to exercise control over their marital choices and the family inheritance. But fuyidai as Mr. Big is used to being the boss and may be the most intransigent clients. Mr. Big has an excruciatingly specific needs for his second wife. The ideal woman, he said, would resemble a young replica of Zhou Tao, a famous Chinese TV host: thin pure white skin, slightly pointed chin, perfect teeth, double eyelids and long silky hair. To ensure its smooth character and fortune, he insisted that his Wuguan - a feng shui-like reading of the sense organs on the face - perfect exposure harmony. "When customers start, all they want is the beauty - how big, how white, how thin," said Ms. Yang. "Sometimes the person they are looking for does not exist in nature. Although we find these customers often have no idea if it would make their hearts feel settled. It is our duty to try to move fantasy to reality. " Fantastic, of course, is precisely what Love diamond sells. The boss is a smoky female voice in a black leather jacket that used to trade in electronic goods. Inviting me to sit on a bright pink sofa in his office lushly carpeted, she explained how the company has "spread the culture of relationship" since 2005, when it opened in Shanghai.

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It now has six branches, with 200 consultants, 200 hunters love full time and hundreds of other part-time scouts, almost all women. Master Fei, as employees call it, runs a series of "how to be a better wife" workshops that women coach on the intricacies of managing a rich household, read the moods of their husbands and to "understand the importance of sex charges. "for two courses of 14 days is $ 16,000. But the head of the target diamond love are men, richer, better. Four million members of the company are mainly men who pay a few dollars a month for basic research to more than $ 15,000 for access to proprietary databases with personal assistance of a professional consultant in love . The richest, most paying business customers - including 90 percent of men - show little interest in conferences or databases.

True story 

 "She seemed open, warm, happy," said Ms. Yang. After a moment of indecision, Ms. Yang followed her inside, apologized for the intrusion and turned on the charm. Link arms with the woman - one of his patented moves - Ms. Yang walked away with her phone number, photo and some relevant details: she is 24 years old, a graduate student and a near-ringer for the TV hostess Zhou Tao. A proposal rejected One Friday last fall, I met Yu Jia and his son Zhao Yong McDonald in western Beijing. Now 39, Mr. Zhao has a young face unlined. However, he fears that the time it is happening. To save money and improve their prospects of marriage, he has two jobs simultaneously - a microwave sale, other cosmetic products - crisscrossing the city on his electric bike.

他的收入每月1,000元左右,有时还增加了80多美元每周末电影作为一个额外的工作。这是一个可观的收入,但根本不足以吸引新娘在北京。即使在农村,那里的男人的家庭支付彩礼,通胀猖獗。余女士的家人支付了3500美元左右时,赵先生的哥哥结婚10年前在黑龙江农村。今天,她说,新娘的家属要求为$ 30,000,甚至50,000美元。公寓,城市相当于彩礼仍是遥不可及。赵先生目前的收入,他将采取一,二十年之前,他能买得起北京的小户型,他开始在大约10万美元。 “我是一个老男人的话,”他说与悔恨的微笑。赵先生遇到几个妇女网上交友网站,但它已经失去了信心,在互联网上,很多女性对他撒了谎对他们的婚姻状况和家族史。然而,他的母亲,都挺过来了,他和女儿的女人,她遇到了在婚姻市场之间组织会议。我们的谈话后不久,麦当劳,赵先生遇到的女人在一间咖啡厅。这是,他后来说比大多数第一次约会,更加尴尬。一个农村移民和逐户上门的推销员,他一直在努力找到一个共同关心的话题,35岁的女人,一个企业家和一个土生土长的北京到达驾驶一辆宝马轿车。


He earns about $ 1,000 a month, and sometimes adds $ 80 more per weekend working as a movie extra. This is a respectable income, but hardly enough to attract a bride in Beijing. Even in the countryside, where the families of the men pay bride price, inflation is rampant. Ms. Yu's family paid about $ 3,500 when the elder brother of Mr. Zhao married 10 years ago in rural Heilongjiang. Today, she says, the families of brides asking for $ 30,000, even $ 50,000. An apartment, the urban equivalent of bride price is still out of reach. The current income of Mr. Zhao, he would take a decade or two before he could afford a small apartment Beijing, which he started at about $ 100,000. "I'll be an old man by then," he said with a rueful smile. Mr. Zhao met several women on dating sites online, but it has lost faith in the Internet when many women lied to him about their marital status and family history. His mother, however, came through, organize a meeting between him and the daughter of the woman she had met in the marriage market. Shortly after our conversation McDonald, Mr. Zhao met the woman at a cafe. It was, he said later, even more awkward than most first dates. A rural migrant and door-to-door salesman, he has struggled to find a topic of common interest with the woman, an entrepreneur of 35 years and a native of Beijing who arrived driving a BMW sedan.

 The lack of chemistry does not seem to bother the woman, who told him about his business profitable cameras and three apartments Beijing she had. Mr. Zhao did not find her attractive, but how was he supposed to say? Then, even before addressing the possibility of a second date, he said, the woman made a proposal: if they were married, he would not have to work again. "She said she has enough money for both of us," he said. "Can I get what I want." Marriage proposal stunned him. He had never heard a woman speak in such pragmatic terms, free.


When I last spoke to her earlier this month, she arranged the dates of his son with three new candidates for marriage she had found. "I'm optimistic," she said. After all these years, hope is what keeps its course. Slaughter prospects The love-hunting campaign for Mr. Big has given over 1100 new perspectives that met its general specifications, including 200 in Chengdu. "The process of the cruel slaughter" as Ms. Yang called, cut that number to 100, then 20, and finally a list of eight. (For the sake of diamond, a benefit in kind of love-hunting campaigns is that hundreds of potential partners can be cycled rejected in its databases -. Process recovery paid by its wealthiest clients) The firm submitted the finalists for another round of interviews and psychological assessments. Barely two months after the search began, Mr. Big has received thick dossiers on each of the eight, with detailed information about their families and finance information, habits and hobbies, and physical and mental conditions. Finally, a series of grainy videos landed in his e-mail in the box. The first showed the three best hopes of Chengdu, sitting and standing, walking and talking, smiling and laughing. One of them, a wise 24 year old with long black hair and black hot pants who seemed to pass before the camera was the graduate student Ms. Yang had continued on a hunch to the Master table Kong Chef. Hunting skills and tenacity of Ms. Yang had paid back, giving him two of the eight finalists, and one per cent chance of winning the bonus of $ 32,000 25. (To find two of the top 20, she had already won a share of a little bonus.) When I asked the award, Ms. Yang hesitated at first.

True Story 

他们想要一个独家的费女士冷冷地指为“新资源”:年轻女性谁没有被暴露在网上其他的追求者。这是热爱劳动,狩猎找到他们。除了给客户带来了显着扩大池婚姻前景,这些运动提供一种安全感。严格的背景检查,筛选,费女士被称为“淘金者,骗子和人的道德。”根据竞选费用爱情$ 50,000元以上1万元的钻石的大小。费女士没有道歉高昂的学费。 “为什么他们不应该付出更多找到完美的女人吗?”她问。 “这是他们生活中最大的投资。”即使大先生日前已签约,杨女士感觉到麻烦。她和他的同事杀害该公司的专有数据库,发现妇女作为模型研究猎人爱。与大先生,他们看着他们的第一个3000名女性的文件和图片。他拒绝了所有。 “眉的女孩即使只有半毫米太高,他发布了一张照片,并说,杨女士说:”他总是说,“没有好”,.. “拥有超过50万美元就行了,杨女士开始怀疑自己的能力提供,不只是为大先生。一天下午,我们见面时,通常繁华的杨女士瘫倒在沙发上,疲惫,她不得不花费一个小时,一个富裕的中国商人,在她的30年代后期。女人提出花费10万美元竞选找老公等于他的状态。“我不得不告诉他,我们不能把他的情况,说:”杨医生。“不富裕的中国人将永远不会结婚。他们总是希望年轻的人,用更少的功率。“我们沉默地坐着,一分钟前,杨女士再次谈到,”这是令人沮丧的认为,这些“剩女”,她说,“你有没有在美国吗?”寻找母亲御驾保持了第一的秘密搜索。她不想冒险去打扰她的儿子后不久,家庭的困难时期。余女士和她的丈夫,谁是生病与肺癌,已经离开了北方城市哈尔滨,希望能找到更好的治疗他的癌症在北京,他们的两个儿子曾经居住。丈夫挂了一年,在2009年之前,他的死亡 - 不长,但足够长的时间来清除最后的家庭储蓄25,000元。满目疮痍,余女士住在一个公寓与他的儿子在北京郊区 - 一个结婚,另外,赵勇36岁,仍是单身。但是有一天,余女士来到天坛附近的榆树下,蜂拥的人群。他的生活突然有了一个新的目标。 “我决定,我不会回家,直到我找到了我儿子的妻子,”她说。 “这是我生命中唯一剩下未完成的。”潜入一大群陌生人与他的标志余女士起初不舒服。他的两个大儿子已发现在传统的方式,由媒人,其他朋友的妻子。不过,赵先生,他的弟弟,也没有。失去他在哈尔滨一家电子厂工作后,他跟着他的爱,他的家乡北京。他们在恋爱,并计划结婚。但他的家人要求彩礼 - 在中国农村地区使用一种点 - $ 15,000。他的家人无法负担得起,关系结束。赵先生全身心地投入到他的工作,作为一名司机和卖家。他的前女友结婚,生了一个孩子。他告诉他的母亲说,他很少有时间想想结婚。外国人在公园里被连根拔起,从他们的家庭网络和传统的家乡,共享类似的故事,余女士在那里找到安慰。她意识到,这是许多其他家长甚至更加疯狂,他们只有一个孩子,因为中国的政策。 (余女士作为农村的母亲被允许有多个后代。)候选人在公园提供的婚姻,她发现,往往抵消shengnu(“剩女”)和胜男(“剩男”),从对面的两组社会规模的端部。胜男,像他的儿子,大多是贫困男子离开农村结婚年龄和社会地位的女性。这种现象加剧了中国的变形,泡沫过量的男性人口开始达到适婚年龄。寻找中国的合作伙伴称为盈余的妇女可能会更加困难,但他们往往缺乏精确胜男:金钱,教育,社会和​​专业地位。有一天,在天坛公园,我遇到了退休70岁来自安徽要求丈夫为她的大女儿,36岁的教师在北京节省。 “我的女儿是一个特殊的女孩,”他说,他的袋子拉的学术著作,出版的时候。 “这是推出了约15名男子在过去两年,但他们都拒绝了他,因为他的程度太高。”未能禁止强迫她最小的女儿去读研。 “没有人会想你,”他说。这个女孩是在安徽,现在结婚的养老金领取者忙着寻求配偶的姐姐在北京,很少看到一个年幼的儿子。俞夫人的儿子,赵先生很生气,当他发现她一直在寻找他的妻子。他不希望依靠的营销别人,特别是他的母亲。但从那时起,他心软了。 “我看它是如何工作的,所以我不能拒绝,”他说。余女士没有告诉他的儿子的父母,谁笑的时候,他们发现他在北京有没有财产或居住证。但少数年轻妇女,她被说服,以满足从来没有去第二次约会。去年夏天的一个下午,但是,也有一线希望。余女士交换信息,母亲谁没有拒绝他的儿子的手。女人的女儿35,具有良好的教育,收入可观北京居住证。在一些人的眼中,她是一个女人依然存在。余女士通过电子邮件发送赵先生他那天晚上的照片。女孩拒绝回答第一个。一个星期后,她回忆说:“是的,也许吧。”余女士很高兴。这是他的第一个固体率先月。高收费和秘密我第二次去通过热恋钻石的办公室去年,杨晶拉着我的胳膊,低声说:“我们有一个间谍”几天前,大先生在合同上签字,并开始他付$ 600,000费,一个女人从一个对手机构进行了接触。钻石之恋显示知识与他的合同里面,它已经提出要进行更彻底的搜索。大先生所谓的爱情的钻石在盛怒之下,他的机密信息被披露。在几个小时内,根据杨女士,出土的管理团队办公室和,驳回的摩尔办公室 - 秘书被招募为间谍竞争对手。但花了整整一个星期的借口,并承诺加强安全哄大先生终于在合同上签字。条款规定,他的案件将被销毁,“碟中谍”的风格,一旦他发现了一个妻子。 “我们将继续签署保密协议,”杨女士说,“但现在,我们作为一个秘密组织”。天先生大签名,杨女士航班到成都,四川省省会,将推出运动。他有20天的搜索期间,她曾反复出现的噩梦。 “在竞选过程中,我总觉得优秀,”她说,“但是这一次的焦点是疯了。” 10猎人队爱淘大学校园和商场三周,努力满足每天20个高品质的妇女或每人两个名额。杨女士提供了溢价约16美元,为每名候选人超过配额,并设定个人的目标,找到10“A级”女性本身。杨女士不仅困扰的恐惧让完美的候选人 - 分红 - 滑出她到达。泄漏的办公室也关注安全。另一种失礼和大先生博尔特。一天下午,在成都,啜表的首席康师傅牛肉面一碗后,杨女士已经注意到席卷一名年轻女子在她前面的餐厅,在手机上聊天。长长的黑发隐藏大部分的女人的脸,但也有一些关于他的笑和容易的过程耐人寻味。


They want an exclusive fee Ms. coldly refers to as "new resources": young women who have not been exposed to other suitors online. This is a labor of love, hunting to find them. In addition to significantly expand the pool of marriage prospects brought to the customer, these movements provide a sense of security. Strict background checks, screening fee, she is referred to as "gold diggers, liars, and moral." According to the size of the love of election expenses $ 50,000 more than $ 1 million worth of diamonds. Ms. Fei did not apologize to the high tuition fees. "Why they should not pay more to find the perfect woman?" She asked. "This is the biggest investment of their lives." Even if Mr. Big has contracted, Ms. Yang felt trouble. She killing of the company's proprietary database, and his colleagues found that women as a model for hunters love. Mr Big, they looked at the documents and pictures of their first 3000 women. He rejected all. "Eyebrow girl even if only half a millimeter too high, he released a photo and say, Ms. Yang said:" He always said, "No" .. "with over 500,000 US dollars on the line, Ms. Yang began doubt their abilities, not just for Mr Big One afternoon, when we met, the usually bustling Ms. Yang collapsed on the sofa, exhausted, she had to take an hour, a wealthy businessman, in her 30's The latter part of the woman to spend $ 100,000 campaign to find her husband equal to his state. "I had to tell him that we can not take his case, said:" Dr. Yang. "wealthy Chinese people will never get married. They always want young people with less power. "We sat in silence, a minute ago, Ms. Yang talked about again," It is frustrating that these "left women", she said, "Have you ever in the United States?" To find his mother royal maintained secret search. She did not want the adventure to disturb her son shortly after a difficult period for families. Ms. Yu and her husband, who was ill with lung cancer, has left the northern city of Harbin, hoping to find better treatment for his cancer in Beijing, and their two sons used to live. Husband hanging for a year in 2009 before his death - not long, but long enough to clear the last household savings of $ 25,000.

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Devastated, Miss Yu lived in an apartment with his son in the suburbs of Beijing - a wedding, Zhao Yong, aged 36, is still single. But one day, the Miss Yu came to the Temple of Heaven near Elm, swarming crowd. His life suddenly had a new target. "I decided that I will not go home until I found my son's wife," she said. "This is my life, the only thing left unfinished." Sneak into a crowd of strangers with his logo Ms. Yu was uncomfortable at first. His two sons have been found in the traditional way, by a matchmaker, friend's wife. However, Mr. Zhao, his younger brother, also. Lost in Harbin in an electronics factory work, he followed his love, his hometown. They are in love and plan to get married. But his family has requested that the bride price - using a point - $ 15,000 in the rural areas of China. His family can not afford it, the end of the relationship. Mr. Zhao threw himself into his work as a driver and sellers. His ex-girlfriend to get married, gave birth to a child. He told his mother that he had little time to think about marriage. Foreigners in the park were uprooted from their home network and the traditional home, shared a similar story, Miss Yu find comfort there.

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She realized that many other parents even more crazy, they have only one child, because of China's policy. (Miss Yu as the mother of the country are allowed to have more than one offspring.) Marriage candidates in the park, she found that often offset shengnu ("left women") and Katsuo ("left"), from the opposite side of the two sets of social The end portion of the scale. Katsuo, like his son, mostly poor men from rural areas age of marriage and social status of women. This phenomenon is exacerbated by the deformation of the Chinese, the bubble excess of the male population reached marriageable age. Women looking for Chinese partners called surplus may be more difficult, but they often lack accurate Katsuo: money, education, social and professional status. One day, in the Temple of Heaven, I met a retired 70-year-old from Anhui asked her husband for her eldest daughter, 36-year-old teacher in Beijing to save. "My daughter is a special girl," he said, his bag pull academic works published. "This is the introduction of the approximately 15 men in the past two years, but they have refused him because of his high degree of" failure to prohibit forced her youngest daughter to go to graduate school. "No one will miss you," he said. This girl is in Anhui, the now married pensioners busy seeking spouse sister in Beijing, rarely seen a young son. Mrs. Yu's son, Mr. Zhao was very angry when he found out she has been looking for his wife. He does not want to rely on marketing people, particularly his mother. Since then, however, he relented. "I see how it works, so I can not refuse," he said. Miss Yu did not tell the parents of his son, who laughed when they found him in Beijing property or residence permit. But a few young women, she was convinced to never go to a second date. Last summer's afternoon, however, there is a glimmer of hope. Miss Yu is the exchange of information, the mother who did not refuse the hand of his son. The chinese woman's daughter, 35, has a good education, substantial income and residence permit. In some people's eyes, she is a woman still exists. Miss Yu is sent by e-mail the Mr. Zhao photos of the night. The girl refused to answer the first. A week later, she recalled: "Yes, maybe." Miss Yu glad. This is the first month of his first solid. High fees and secret second time I went through the love diamond office last year, Yang Jing took me by the arm and whispered: "We have a spy" A few days ago, Mr. sign the contract and begin his $ 600,000 fee, a woman from a rival institutions were contacted. The Diamond Love of knowledge and the inside of his contract, it has been proposed to conduct a more thorough search. Mr Big so-called love of diamonds in a fit of rage, his confidential information is disclosed. Within a few hours, according to Ms. Yang, the the unearthed management team office and dismissed molar office - secretary was recruited as a spy competitors. But it took a whole week excuse, and commitment to strengthening security coax Mr. finally sign the contract. Provisions, his case will be destroyed, "Mission Impossible" style, once he found a wife. "We will continue to sign a confidentiality agreement," Ms. Yang said, "but now, we, as a secret organization". The days Mr. Big signature, Ms. Yang flights to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, will launch the exercise. He has a 20-day search, she had a recurring nightmare. "During the election campaign, I always feel good," she said, "but this time the focus is crazy." 10 hunter team love scouring college campuses and shopping malls for three weeks, and strive to meet 20 per day of high-quality women or per person two places. Ms. Yang a premium of about $ 16 more than the quota for each candidate, and set personal goals, find 10 "A-class" women themselves. Ms. Yang is not only plagued by the fear of the perfect candidate - Dividend - slide she arrived. The leak office also concerned about security. Another faux pas and Mr. Bolt. One afternoon, after Chengdu, sip table Chief Master Kong beef noodle bowl, Ms. Yang has been noted swept a young woman in front of her restaurant, chatting on the phone. Long black hair to hide most of the woman's face, but there are some intriguing about his laugh and easy process.

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A life of wealth and leisure sounded tempting. Yet in the end, he could not imagine being subordinate to a woman. "I accepted this position," he asked, "What kind of man would I be?" It took several days before Mr. Zhao, he worked the courage to tell his mother that he had rejected the offer. He knew how she worked, how she had counted on that. New frustrated Ms. Yu "Kids these days are too picky," she said. Even with this setback, Ms. Yu continued his daily pilgrimage to the wedding market.

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