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Working Visa China

The working visa China is issued to foreigners, as well as their family members accompanying them, to come to work or hold a position in China, in order to give performances of a commercial nature or participate in projects of assistance and cooperation.

It should provide the following documents:

The passport with at least two completely blank pages of any entry, its validity must be at least six months from the date of the request.

An "Application for visa" (fill directly on the Internet / after downloading) accompanied by a color photo for stuck where indicated. The information provided must be truthful and complete. If the applicant has a Chinese name and first name, it must be noted in Chinese characters. The visa may be refused in case of false or incomplete information, or if illegible handwriting.

Documents authorizing the work to be done:

·      The professional technicians and foreign managers working for the Chinese government or public bodies must provide: A. the original and the copy of the "Authorization to work in China for foreign experts" issued by the National Administration of Foreign Experts of China Bureau. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      The chief representative of a permanent representative office in China and representatives must provide: A. the registration certificate of the permanent representative office of a foreign company issued by the Chinese Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce, or the authorization of the opening of the permanent representative office of a foreign company issued by the Office of Trade, or the rep card for a representative office of a foreign company issued by the provincial bureau of commerce, or a work permit issued by the provincial employment office. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      The foreign technicians who come to China for drilling operations offshore oil must provide the "Letter of invitation for foreign operations offshore oil drilling in the People's Republic of China" issued by the China National Offshore Oil Corp..

·      Foreigners traveling to China to do volunteer work and foreigners who receive compensation granted by an organization located abroad (including experts, volunteers and persons working for a charitable organization) must have an invitation from the Chinese visa issued by authorized body.

·      In accordance with the Intergovernmental Agreement establishing non-governmental organizations established in China (including commercial representation offices, representative offices of tourism and civil aviation), workers in these organizations must provide a note or letter official from the concerned departments to their country of origin.

·      To provide entertainment to commercial in China, should be provided: A. The original and the copy of the reply from the Chinese Ministry of Culture. B. the original invitation visa issued by the Ministry of Culture, the Provincial Office of Culture, the Office of Culture of the Autonomous Region concerned or the office culture of the municipality.

·      The foreign personnel working in foreign cultural centres must provide a "letter of confirmation of appointment as a foreign worker in the state of accreditation" issued by the International Liaison Department of the Chinese Ministry of Culture as well as an invitation.

·      The visa applicants traveling to China to work in the framework of assistance and Sino-foreign cooperation projects should provide: A. conventions or agreements signed by the Chinese government with foreign governments or international organizations. Cooperation projects and bilateral or multilateral exchanges. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      The family members who accompany the worker in China must provide visa invitation issued by the competent body or Chinese origin and a copy of any other document proving their relationship (such as the marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc..) and a photocopy of the Z visa issued to a person working in China and that of his residence permit.

·      The personal representative of small musical groups (up to 5 people) going to China to perform in hotels, theaters and other places of entertainment for a period less than six months must submit the invitation of Foreign Affairs Office of the province (district municipality)
·      Non-Belgian nationals must provide "Visa Application Form" (to be completed directly on the Internet / after downloading), the original and a photocopy of the residence permit in Belgium. Persons temporarily residing in Belgium must apply for a visa in their country. Consulate deal on a case specific situations and decide or not to issue the visa.

·      An applicant for a work visa, the situation does not correspond to the cases mentioned above, must provide: A. the "Work permits for foreign People's Republic of China" issued by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Protection. B. the original invitation visa issued by the competent Chinese organization.

·      An applicant who wishes to obtain a stay of more than six months must provide "details of medical examinations for foreigners" (health certificate) issued by a Belgian hospital.

II. Steps to take and collect the visa

1. Steps to take: the visa applicant can make himself approached the Centre or assign this task to an intermediary or a travel agency. For filing the Centre, it should make an appointment on the website of the Centre. Should Embassy deems that service is required, the applicant must attend.

2. Delay the withdrawal of visa: the normal period of visa is the fourth business day following the filing of the case. The Centre offers an express service with the ability to get a visa on the third business day following the filing of the case and a super express service with the possibility of obtaining a visa from 11: 00 on the second business day following the deposit of the folder (the deposit must be made before 12: 00). The center also offers a postal service.

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