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Learn Chinese to study the Market!

Learn Chinese to study the Market! 

More than 33,000 French are learning Chinese. A figure that has exploded in ten years. With, the key to this learning, cultural background, but also employment opportunities! Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, with 900 million speakers.

In Europe, learning the language has become significant, with more than 33,000 students who learn in 593 secondary schools.
 source Chinese institute Paris

This represents an increase of about 13% compared to last year, an increase of 400% over 10 years, according to a note Joel Bel Lassen, Inspector General of the Chinese Ministry of National Education.

And courses will soon throughout the country, since the autumn 2013, the Chinese should be taught in Corsica last academy metropolis not proposed yet. A very recent phenomenon

 Chinese is an exotic language

This phenomenon is relatively recent: in a few years, China's rose from 9th to 5th place, behind English, Spanish, German and Italian. Another surprising fact, the number of primary school children attracted by this complicated language: more than 4200 students are learning now.

The appeal of Chinese youth is in part due to his playful side, "exotic,"
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For him, the language allows students to "think outside the usual paths." But attention to the fashion effect: do not decide to learn Chinese lightly because it is a difficult language, which is not suitable for all. An issue at several levels Today, 90% of young people who are learning Chinese have French as their mother tongue.

There are nearly 17,000 students have chosen, three-quarters are not specialists. This language is taught in 150 universities, institutes and schools. But with few teachers, it must nevertheless meet the demand. Another shortcoming: a lack of training. A craze that poses a challenge not only at the national education but also higher education!

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