dimanche 4 août 2019

Hermès VIP Experience for Chinese Clients

Faced with an increasingly saturated market and a turbulent economic state in China, many luxury brands are seeking to release their marketing resources for residents of second and third tier cities. This includes the prestigious luxury house Hermes. On July 19, the brand launched a WeChat mini program, showcasing its expertise to new Xiamen fans.


This is a strategic move, from the choice of location. Located on the coast, Xiamen has been designated as one of the special economic zones of the country. It has become a shopping center for luxury lovers

WeChat Mini program

Enter the latest WeChat Mini program, named Hermès au travail, which is a digital tool enabling consumers to register for an exclusive Hermès event from July 26th to 30th. At the event, fans can have a behind-the-scenes glimpse. At Hermès, the products are handmade and give a rare insight into the transformation of an idea into a real product. The event takes place inside the brand's store, in the Wan Xiang shopping mall, a premier destination for luxury shopping with more than 30 leading brands.

The mini-program offers customers an overview of Hermès' know-how, but it's also an interactive game in which fans can guess the tools used to make their scarves and their iconic handbags. By selecting several tools and reading their use, fans can conceptualize the work needed to make the product. For example, producing 30 colors of a print can take up to 600 hours of work. Once both answers are correct, the customer receives a badge to "prove" their knowledge and potential to become a craftsman. Meanwhile, customers can also register to view a free documentary produced by Frédéric Laffont during the event. The film presents some of the global artisans and techniques they use to make Hermes products.

After four days of publication, the ticket garnered 8,959 page views and more than 41 likes. Last May, Hermes organized an ephemeral two-day flash sale store at Shanghai's Cha House for its fragrance. WeChat was the digital resource for directing visitors to offline events. Both events strengthened the brand's promise to Chinese consumers and continued to offer engaging and informative in-person experiences designed by Hermes.

Given the above, it seems that the new digital strategy Hermes works. In the latest release of its second-quarter results, Hermes announced double-digit sales growth, thanks in part to China.

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