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3 Top News about China Market August 2019

Top News about China Market 

Guide to doing Business in China in 2019 

Successfully breaking into the Chinese market may seem like an impossible task for foreign companies with limited or no business experience.
This White Paper aims to highlight some of the key challenges facing foreign companies entering the Chinese market for the first time and offers some practical recommendations that will help a company enter into China’s market penetration strategies and expansion plans. Can be integrated.

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emailing is dead in China 

Email and cash are dead in China, as I write my new book: China’s Titan Titles. It helped China that during the PC era it got better ipped and went straight to mobile.

The Chinese digital universe is more social than the West. The social trade market originated in China, and became popular there. Chinese shopping site Xiaohongshu, which translates to Little Red Book but has nothing to do with Chairman Mao’s quotation book, combines online shopping with social media and key influencers. The Shanghai-based cosmetics and fashion shopping app allows regular consumers and opinion leaders to post reviews and share shopping experiences, hobbies, and lifestyles. It has reached 200 million users, and with 3 billion posts a day, this number will be a moment in the West.
China has already proven that it can innovate and work harder. The next step is to expand our reach to new areas. Already, China’s tech titans are entering India and Southeast Asia ahead of their business model Great Wall (that can’t be reached on Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter) and adopting the latest technology. ۔

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