dimanche 2 décembre 2018

JD partner with with WeChat mini-program for the logistic

JD Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui said the company has launched express delivery services for individuals. The logistics subsidiary of the e-commerce platform has been providing supply chain and logistics services since its launch in 2017. Echin. The service is currently available for individual customers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, although the company is planning to expand eventually to the entire country.

JD partner with with WeChat mini-program for the logistic

A mini WeChat program named "JD Express" (快递) currently offers the option of standard package shipping options, with a few exceptions. From the main page, customers can choose to ship the goods (achievements available) or check the progress of their packages. One option is to use a number, while another allows users to "scan a QR code into a mail". One last function, "use voice recognition for mail", is not yet active.
Currently, customers in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou can send items via JD Express to any location in mainland China.
According to the official website, JD Logistics currently has more than 500 warehouses discovered 11.6 million square meters in China. The size and size of its logistics network enabled it to record same-day or less-day deliveries on less than 90% of orders placed on JD.com.
Previously, JD.com had encouraged the use of drones to reach customers in isolated areas as well as autonomous distribution robots. This is a fast of the logistics of the Great Time. In addition to a public relations crisis following a charge of violence against CEO Liu Qiangdong, the company also announced losses of 2 billion RMB in the second quarter of this year.
In the field of express delivery in China, JD.com has to face the opposite agreement of its former opponent, but also to services such as SF Express, YTO Express and ZTO Express, among others.

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  2. Confused, this looks more automated than the set-up from Amazon. Obviously a better service for the people who buy things on the Internet.