mercredi 5 décembre 2018

What you should know about the Ecommerce in China?

If you want to sell your products in China, e-commerce remains a very effective solution. Different choices are available to you. The first solution is to create a site of your brand in Mandarin that is referenced on Baidu. The other option is to sell your products via Chinese e-commerce platforms. You have to choose between the two giants: Tmall or

The e-commerce market in China


The e-commerce market in China has surpassed that of the United States a long time ago. The broad economic development of China has undergone many changes in China's cities. Their inhabitants saw their purchasing power increase, which also influenced their consumption habits. Since the country has become more and more modern, the lives of the Chinese have become highly digitized. They have increasingly turned to e-commerce to make their purchases. In addition, delivery services are very fast. The choice and the prices are also more interesting. It is a great way for the Chinese to shop efficiently without wasting time in the store. Their schedule is too busy for that! They are also addicted to their smartphones. They spend a lot of time on their apps and would like to check the authenticity of a product on the internet before they buy it.

The Chinese Consumption Behaviors 

The consumption pattern of the Chinese has changed completely in recent years, they are more aware of the quality of what they acquire as a product, whether they have offline (store) or online (e-commerce platforms), with strong growth of online purchases that reach the 390 billion of expenses in a year! The Chinese are more and more connected and do not hesitate to fill their baskets "blinds" online, it is estimated that these expenditures will increase to $ 950 billion in 2018. One of the most obvious reasons is the increase in the average salary of the Chinese, of course, the purchasing power increases, the purchases are made more and more via virtual blinds, the Chinese consume more: what increases the Chinese e-commerce market enormously.

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