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Top and luxurious villa built on the Top of Builing in Beijing

Top and luxurious villa built on the Top of Builing in Beijing

A tycoon medicine spent six years building his own private mountain top and luxurious villa atop a high-rise building in the capital of China, winning the unofficial title of "the most scandalous illegal structure. "Now the authorities giving him 15 days to demolish.

While all land in China technically belongs to the state - with buyers simply given leases of 70 years - the rules are often vague, leaving the issues of rights of use and ownership problems. A city in Sichuan Province recently minor sensation when it was discovered to have reduced the duration of land leases in the normal 70 years only 40 years. The response of local government to public inquiries drew more jeers. The officials posted a statement online now that the law allows for rental periods of less than 70 years and adding: "Who knows if we'll still be in this world in 40 years Do not think too long term.".

  The steep complex will be destroy ! 

 The steep complex parts, rocks, trees and bushes hanging over the 26-storey building looks like something built into a cliff, the sea, and has become the latest symbol of defiance of the law in rich as well as the widespread use of illegal building additions. Angry neighbors say they have complained for years that the unauthorized, of 800 square meters (8600 ft. Feet) mansion and landscaping joined undermined the structural integrity of the building and its piping system, but local authorities have failed to suppress. They also complained of strong parties, late at night. "They have been renovated for years. They are normally at night, "said a resident of the 25th floor of the building, adding that all attempts to reason with the owner were met with indifference." He was very arrogant. He does not care about my complaints, "said the neighbor, who declined to give his name to avoid implications. Haidian district urban management official Dai Jun said Tuesday that authorities would tear the structure of two floors down in 15 days, unless the owner shall himself or present evidence, it was legally built. Dai said that his office has not yet received such evidence.

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