samedi 18 avril 2015

5 Top Social Media Sites Used by Chinese

China has undergone drastic changes in its spending habits these past 10 years. The main factors contributing to the change in Chinese consumerism is the rise of disposable income, social pressure and everything going digital. It used to be that men held the wallets and gave their credit card to their wife/girlfriend/mistress(es).
Now, things have changed, girls and young women do it themselves, and they already have deep-rooted habits.

Girls go online, and they hold the wallet now!

5 Top Social Media Sites Used by Chinese Girls
As a Fashion or a cosmetic brand, you need to be aware of the young ladies behavior to use the right place to send the right message. Two words here: social networks. This is especially true for the 18 to 30-year-olds that truly love shopping online. Wide offers, lower prices, tons and tons of advice on how to best use the products they use and wear. The Internet is THE way for them. It has been shown that they have become the biggest spenders in relationship to their wages . Lastly, Chinese women see e-commerce as a fun part of their lifestyle. Now, where do they go to get information before actually buying fashion or cosmetics?

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