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Chinese Tourist spending in New Zealand

Chinese Tourist spending in New Zealand

Spending by Chinese visitors to New Zealand continues to grow, a new survey shows visitors entering. Chinese visitors spent $ 673 million in New Zealand in the year to March 2013 Top 42 percent over the previous year, according to the latest survey by the International Visitor produced by the Ministry of Commerce, Innovation and employment. Mbie sector Performance Manager Peter Ellis said this increase was the continued strong growth in New Zealand had been in the Chinese market over the past two years. "In 2012, China overtook the United Kingdom as the second largest tourist market for New Zealand after Australia.

This quarter, growth has continued, while visitor spending from the UK fell by 25 percent, "said Ellis. "The net effect of these and other, smaller changes is that spending by international visitors remained stable in the year to March 2013 at 5.5 billion dollars." The average expenditure per person per trip is $ 2,300, while the average expenditure per person per trip was $ 1,400.

 The number of visitor arrivals in the year to March 31 was 2,610,000, a decrease of 6,553 or 0.3 percent over the previous year. This total included 1.17 million Australian visitors, the level of March 2012, 210,240 Chinese visitors (up 31 percent) and 189,472 visitors from the United Kingdom (down 15 percent). The International Visitor Survey is based on interviews with 5200 tourists per year from New New Zealand airports.

 The top five markets for international incoming expenditure for the year in March are Australia with $ 1.6 billion spent, down 3 percent from the previous year, China with $ 673 million, an increase of 42 percent, and the United Kingdom with $ 428 million, down 25 percent. To complement these markets spent by visitors from the United States totaling $ 410 million, down 10 percent, and Japanese visitors spending $ 273 million, up 22 percent.

 New Zealanders are 2158000 departures abroad, an increase of 31,417 or 1 percent compared to the year 2012 in March. Kiwis the most visited countries are Australia (988,140), the United States (122,160), Fiji (105,020) and the United Kingdom (93 530). Kiwis on home front made 31.1 million trips a day in New Zealand in March 2013 years, a decrease of 4 percent, and an overnight trip 16.8 million, down 6 percent compared to the previous year. They took a trip on an average day from $ 118 and an average travel overnight, going from $ 372, including spending an average of $ 124 per night.

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