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Definition of market report

Why do a market Market Report in the Chinese market ?

Recently we talked about market research in China, now we will discuss about market report.

When you need vital market information on a sector or an industry, you need a market report. There are 4 main situations when a market report is needed:
- a company wants to test its market strategies
- a player tries to enter into a market which already exists
- an organization wants to know its position on the market
- a company seeks to rate its frontline staff about their performance

A market report is based of market research from one side and detailed analysis about different research areas (for example rules and regulation, existence of key players, global trends of the market, profitability and cost etc.) from another side.

Market Report in China

China is now a powerful market and its really interesting to go there. But the problem is that this market is really unknown because it’s a difficult market to understand. Companies need key figures and information to know and understand where are they going to make business. Those information could be :
- cost and profitability of the market
- how its competitors are distributing their products
- demographic and economic information
- market strategies of the competitors

These key figures and information are provided by a market report. When doing a market research you have to be careful about different elements such as the objectives of the study, the time frames of the study, the profile of the clients etc.

How to make the research ?

Daxue consulting helps us to understand the methodology.

There are several criterion which will help to realize the report.
The first one is research information in different support such as newspapers, magazines, books etc.
Secondly, interviews and questionnaires are a good way to know more what people think and what information they can provide you. The interview will be more with open questions and the questionnaires with closed questions.
Then focus group could be also a great way of acquires some strategic information. A focus group is when you ask a group of people a list of questions and their opinion.
Finally store check and mystery shopping complete this list.

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