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10 Step to conduct a market Research in China

10 Step to conduct a market Research in China 

An important part of the market survey in China , is to measure the feelings and preferences of Chinese customers in a given market. The size, design and purpose, market research companies and organizations use the data to decide what kind of products and services, and how to sell one of their main pieces.

Identify and define the nature, extent and size of the Chinese market. See more information on Focus Group

10 steps how to do a market survey, and optimize your results suggest basics.

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Before the investigation is carried out in a specific market, you need to know what your goal market. Select geographic and demographic parameters, determine the type of customer products and get an idea of ​​how many people in the market. Do you maybe know that Junior enterprise can do the Job

Advice from Daxue Consulting Market China

1 A brief list of the shrinking market research data: 

buying habits, for example, or the average income.

2Determine which market to investigate.

3Find where, when you are in the market can reach customers.

You may carry out the survey shows that, in the mall or on the street, by phone, online, or by e-mail. Your results may change according to the time of day, Select the most suitable method and time of your research.

4 Select the sample size.

Your sample size should be the same size, to maximize the accuracy of your results. You may want to create sub-samples - for example, "male", "18-24 years old", etc. - to reduce the risk of biasing the results of certain types of people.

5Prepare answer to the question, 

will you need for your market research data list.
Your questions should be pointed, specific. The answer to the question of the process, you can not predict. Do not ask the same thing in two different ways. Try as much as possible to use as little as possible.

6Devise a way to quantify your answer.

If you are asked preferences, you may have to ask the respondents to enjoy the value of their own feelings or keyword. If you ask a question of money, the use of the range of values​​. more information here If your answer is descriptive, decide how to group, after the completion of these investigations, so that they can be grouped in categories.

7Identify, may affect your results 

(usually the characteristics of people who are more likely to answer the questionnaire), and find out how to reduce its impact variable.

8Set investigation, 

it is likely to result in a time segment and the location of the largest sample volume.

9Prepare survey table.

10Conduct investigation, 

to maximize the size of the sample and the accuracy of the reaction...

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